Does my store need an app?

If when you find our page and realize that it is not compatible with mobile browsers, we can assume that this is a lost customer.

Types of e-commerce

E-commerce platforms are well known throughout Spain, however, if you are thinking of opening one of these stores

Advertising in e-commerce

Advertising campaigns are very important in any phase of commerce, whether electronic or traditional, however, in electronic commerce

Customer service in e-commerce

Differences between traditional commerce and electronic commerce with many, and more important to consider due to its importance is customer service

Ecommerce Berlin Expo 2017 event

2.000 visitors and 70 speakers and exhibitors participated, the Ecommerce Berlin Expo event will take place in a new edition this coming 2017.

Walmart buys Jet

According to various reports on the Internet, Walmart is about to buy online retailer Jet, as part of its expansion on the platform.

Pros and cons of an online business

Advantages and disadvantages of an online business, an Internet business is relatively simple, because investing in a physical store if we have Internet

PDF files and SEO

Advantages and disadvantages of PDFs on corporate web pages. A list for everyone to adapt the use to their needs.