How to appear on Google Shopping

How to appear on Google Shopping

Don't know how to appear on Google Shopping? Relax, we give you the steps and the keys that you must take into account to achieve it.

Logo to know what Twitter is

What is Twitter

Do you want to know what Twitter is? Here we tell you everything you need to know about this popular social network.

hashtag symbol

what is a hashtag

Have you ever wondered what a hashtag is? Well, here we bring the answer to that question along with everything you need to know.


WeChat: what is it

Do you want to know what is WeChat? Here we leave you everything you need to know about this messaging application.


Best time to post on Instagram

What if at 10, what if at 2 in the afternoon, what if on Sundays, what if Monday... Do you know what is the best time to post on Instagram?

mail marketing

Mailchimp or Mailrelay?

Mailchimp or Mailrelay? These two email marketing programs are widely used, but did you know which one is the best? We compare them.

Girl recommending a store through referral marketing

What is referral marketing

Do you want to know what referral marketing is? Here we explain everything you need to know about referral marketing.

History of Facebook

History of Facebook

Have you ever wondered what the history of Facebook was like? Here we leave you all his trajectory from its beginnings, until now.

workplace: what is it

workplace: what is it

One of Meta's tools is Workplace, which is an application for collaborative work. But what do you know about this one? We teach you.

Instagram story

Instagram story

Do you know the Instagram story? Do you know how it all started and the changes that were applied to it? We'll tell you then.

how do youtubers make money

how do youtubers make money

Do you want to know how youtubers earn money? Find out what they do to make money through their videos and views.

how to verify instagram

How to verify Instagram

Find out how to verify Instagram easily and step by step. It doesn't matter if you're not famous or an influencer, you can do it this way.

What is Twitch

What is Twitch

Do you know what Twitch is? Meet the new streaming platform that is succeeding more and more and where many youtubers leave with their videos

email marketing tools

email marketing tools

Do you want to know what email marketing tools you need to start communicating with your subscribers and make them buy from you?

How social networks work

How social networks work

Do you have an idea of ​​how social networks work and what you should do to make them work for you? Shall we explain it to you? Find out!

Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing

Have you heard of lead nurturing? Do you know the importance of eCommerce and how to put it into practice for your benefit?

what is remarketing

what is remarketing

Find out what remarketing is and how it relates to those searches you do and why you get personalized ads.

rebranding examples

Rebranding: examples

Do you know what rebranding is and examples of it? Find out what that term refers to and how it transforms companies with a simple change

out brain

Outbrain: what is it

If you have a page with content and you want it to reach more people, have you tried the Outbrain platform? What is it? Find out.

content marketing

What is content marketing

You don't know what content marketing is? We give you the keys so that you understand it and know how you should use it in your business.

what is cpm

What is CPM

Do you know what CPM is? Discover the meaning of the acronyms and why it is so important for eCommerce when you want to advertise.

offline marketing

Offline marketing

Find out what offline marketing is, why it is still important and what benefits it brings to an eCommerce or online store.

How to sell on Wallapop

How to sell on Wallapop

Do you know how to sell on Wallapop? And how do you really do it in a matter of hours? Discover the tricks to be successful on the platform.

relational marketing

What is the relational marketing

Have you ever heard of relationship marketing? Know its concept, the difference with traditional marketing and how to carry it out.

Instagram advertising

How to advertise on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is one of the means to reach more people. Increasingly on the rise, discover how to advertise on Instagram

on-page seo

SEO on page

Do you want to know what on page SEO is? This is an important issue for the positioning of your eCommerce. Find out why!

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

Are you looking for what is a marketing strategy? Do you want to create one for your company? Do you know that there are several? We explain everything to you!


Ecommerce website security

E-commerce websites have to take all necessary security measures to ensure the protection of their customers' personal and financial information.

sales funnels

What are sales funnels

Do you know what sales funnels are? We talk about their concept, why they are important and how to create them for your store.

meta description

How to make a perfect meta description

The perfect meta description is not easy to come by, but it is not impossible either. With these tricks you will know how to make a meta description of 10.

What is a digital trafficker?

What is a digital trafficker?

Meet the new fashion profession on the Internet, that of the digital trafficker. You will be able to know what it is, the types that there are and the formation.


How Linkedin works

Linkedin can be classified as a professional social network, but do you know how it works? Find out since you have several ways to use it.

what is retargeting

What is retargeting?

If you want to know what ecommerce retargeting is and how to do it, as well as the types that exist, take a look at this.

The essential elements of a landing page

How to make a landing page

Discover everything you need to do to create an effective landing page and obtain positive results in any campaign you carry out.

How does Shopify work?

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Canada that develops software for ...

How to buy online safely?

One of the most desired objectives for a good part of the clients or users is to make their purchases ...

What is voice commerce?

Another aspect that you should take into account from now on is that Voice Commerce is the transactional aspect of voice searches.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is an innovative way of modifying the relationships between digital media and customers or users.

Success strategies to boost an eCommerce

If in the coming months you are going to develop a business of these characteristics, it is very important to have a strategy that defines and guides your actions.

Customer profiles in e-commerce

Not all clients or users are the same or of the same nature, and especially when what is being talked about is electronic commerce.

How is the Spanish online consumer?

To define the future of the online business or formalized through the Internet, it is very important to know what the real profile of the Spanish online consumer is.

Procedures to start an ecommerce

Any breach of these requirements can be very expensive through the penalties that can be imposed in the administrative procedures.

Who is the real ecommerce customer?

According to different studies on digital consumption, there are some characteristics that define the ecommerce customer: young people with medium purchasing power.

What is Google Pay?

To configure and have the Google Play system, there is no other solution than to download the corresponding application from the Google Play Store.

How does ecommerce pay taxes?

To try that from now on we do not have problems with the Treasury, we are going to explain what taxation is like in businesses or online stores.

What is SPAM?

SPAM is a concept linked to the terms junk mail, unsolicited mail and junk messages and that refer to unsolicited messages.

What is Google Pay?

If you are a Google Pay user, you have a virtual account number, and this accreditation is an identifier of the user's real bank account number.

What is branding?

Branding can bring you many things and of course many more than you can imagine from any commercial scenario.

Business models in ecommerce

Before undertaking any digital business, you should know what the business models are in which they are immersed and you will understand that they are varied.

How to sell on Instagram

Selling on Instagram is one of the options available to owners of a digital business and it is more effective than in other marketing channels.

6 keyword search tools

Having several keyword search tools that in the end will allow us to better position ourselves in digital media.

Business models in ecommerce

Electronic commerce can be adapted to a wide variety of business models that are very particularly suitable for marketing.

How to sell on Instagram

Sales on Instagram have become one of the most innovative trends to boost e-commerce due to its flexibility.

Step by step to create an eCommerce

The invoicing of electronic commerce in Spain during the last year has increased by 28% year-on-year to reach 9.333 million.The fact of creating eCommerce is a process that cannot become very complex if simple guidelines are strictly followed. performance

press releases and communication

Press releases and communication

Sending press releases announcing your products or business is vital to make yourself known on the Internet. Do you know how to make a proper communication plan?

products to prestashop

How to import products to PrestaShop

We will explain how to import products to PrestaShop because trying to upload products is sometimes confusing, especially when it comes to uploading a catalog

Amazon warehouses

Amazon warehouses in Spain

Amazon in Spain makes use of a series of strategically located warehouses Where are these Amazon warehouses in Spain and how does their logistics work?

How Facebook works

How does Facebook work?

Knowing how Facebook works should be something almost mandatory since it is part of the current social culture and a greater knowledge of it

history tuenti

How to recover photos from tuenti

Methods by which we can request our images stored in Tuenti. If you do not take this action, within a period of 1 year and 6 months you will lose them.

Wallapop what is it

How Wallapop works

Wallapop, is the ideal application to buy and sell second-hand items on the internet, now we will explain everything you need to use it

create youtube channel

How to create a channel on YouTube

If you want to create a channel on YouTube, read this article carefully and we will show you how to do it, the steps and tips you should follow.

free hosting

Why we should not use a free hosting

Website with a free Hosting can be very tempting since you basically do not have to invest money and the configuration does not represent much of a problem

Amazon's entry into the Swiss e-commerce market is imminent. The American e-commerce giant signed a cooperation contract with Swiss Post

Amazon available in Switzerland

Amazon's entry into the Swiss e-commerce market is imminent. The American e-commerce giant signed a cooperation contract with Swiss Post