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Service to send advertising by WhatsApp

The massive sending of mobile messages for companies is already possible thanks to la WhatsApp advertising, a service designed for the development of B2C campaigns by advertising agencies and marketing agencies. Thanks to WhatsApp Marketing, companies can have direct communication with more than 25 million users in Spain and more than 400 million worldwide.

The new WhatsApp Marketing platform offers a new communication opportunity for companies, many of which were already using WhatsApp to communicate with their customers. WhatsApp Marketing thus responds to a need and a demand present in the market.

Since Whatsapp appeared in 2009 with a revolutionary way of sending messages through mobile devices, communication is no longer the same. In fact, there are currently more than 450 million users in the world who use this tool as a means of communication, of which approximately 20 million are in Spain.

The sending advertising messages by WhatsApp It is very easy to use, and it is only necessary to import a database or the contacts from a mobile phone and create one or more contact lists, compose the message, include images or photos, spread it through WhatsApp.

Can you send advertising on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Marketing offers a lot of possibilities to companies and advertising and marketing agencies, since through mobile databases it is possible to do, among other things, the following:

  • Send offers that also include images, text and videos
  • Conduct sweepstakes, including links to websites
  • Send news and updates about a certain brand
  • Send viral videos, audios, locations through GPS and geolocation, other viral content easily shareable by the recipient of the message with their contacts
  • Send content with links to mobile optimized pages

As we can see, WhatsApp Marketing combines the Possibilities of the massive shipment of SMS traditional with the power of the app Whatsapp, that allows you to send a large amount of content and information in a single message, content that any user can share with their contacts simply by connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

A great advantage of use WhatsApp to send advertising compared to email marketing is that mobile devices are consulted many times a day, and it is much easier to read a WhatsApp message than an email on mobile. In addition, mobile device users tend to pay close attention to everything that reaches their terminals, especially if the information arrives in image or video format. This last feature is precisely the added value of WhatsApp to SMS, and why this service has been so successful.

Who is behind the sending of advertising by WhatsApp

SHOUT, the online marketing agency responsible for this new system, explains that «Not only would it be possible to reach a greater number of potential customers who use mobile telephony, but also with a single message with images or viral videos, from the platform, they would arrive instantly through a mobile notification to each WhatsApp user ».

The agency explains that its mobile phone databases is segmented by age, gender, personal taste, place of residence, annual income and even if they buy by Internet. With which it is much more efficient to increase the rate of conversion, in any action that arises. «Users end up being interested in acquiring the product or service in question. Something that well-known brands such as Pringles and Toyota have already carried out, and that has been a great success.

How to advertise on WhatsApp?

As of today, advertising campaigns can be contracted by WhatsApp from € 0.026 per message for packages of 5.000 shipments. The price per message decreases as the number of messages in the package increases.

Click on the link for more information about how to send advertising on WhatsApp

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  1.   maria said

    I think doublecheck is better

  2.   Carlos Ruiz said

    Be careful with the WhatsApp Marketing company, they charge you for a service that they do not provide, they are already denounced by different users as a SCAM before the Civil Guard and the Malaga Courts, I say it in very good ink since we have also been deceived and filed a lawsuit Against the company and its administrator and sole owner Mr. Gonzalo, who once charges you and it does not work tells you that they have fired him from the company

  3.   Ana said

    Hello, at the Office we are using a very good tool for mass sending of text, audio, image and video messages through WhatsApp. It's called Whappend and we've had excellent results.

  4.   antonio said


    my name is Antonio. I have a company with a customer database, where I have their phone numbers and also some characteristics that make it possible for me to direct some offers of my services and others to others, and my idea is to make different groups of wassap and send them those offers.
    But the point is that doing it from the phone I see that it is somewhat tedious and time consuming, and what I would like is to be able to select a group of X clients from my computer and database, and send them a massive message. But this can be done from the computer and comfortably.

    Do you know if there is any application for this that is capable of sending an SMS from my computer taking the data from the phone number of a database that I have on my computer?

    Thank you

    1.    Chesarito said

      I installed a server in linux, there is a demon to recognize the BAM (Broadband Internet), and I put apache and MySQL, with that you have a web server, through php you can receive requests like that, and with a little code, the sms demon understands the message and sends it, that's simple, if you want to send with php information you have to read the mysql info and then send the sms, the truth is not difficult and very fun as well as functional

  5.   Elaine basanta said

    Good morning, We have a mass messaging company sms, and we are interested in doing it also via WhatsApp, is it possible that we can buy the delivery system? We live in Maracaibo. Venezuela

  6.   America said

    Good morning, in Mexico there is a similar company that uses Hotspot for mass marketing, with its antennas they know more about customers and stay in contact with them. It's called Hostpot Mexico, and it's interesting how they use hotspot for business.