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  • Encarni Arcaya

    My name is Encarni Arcoya and I have been working online since 2007. Over the years I have worked with companies and eCommerce helping them improve sales. I have also trained in digital marketing, SEO, copywriting... and I have learned techniques to improve online or eCommerce stores. That's why I am a freelancer and I help companies, brands and businesses with work related to content and SEO. My training and experience has led me to learn about some of the common problems and doubts of those who set up an eCommerce business, to compare business projects and get the best out of each one. Therefore, I share my knowledge with topics that may be interesting to readers, whether because they have an online store or a personal brand. If this is your case, I hope my topics help you.

Former editors

  • Susana Maria Urbano Mateos

    I have a degree in Business Sciences, with a specialization in Marketing, Advertising and Marketing. My passion has always been the dynamic world of e-commerce, where news flows as fast as changes in the market. From the latest technological innovations to the most unusual curiosities, I immerse myself in every detail to provide the most complete and up-to-date information. As a financial specialist, I have a deep understanding of Forex, different currencies, the Stock Market, and I am always aware of the latest trends in investments and funds. But beyond numbers and analysis, what really moves me is my love for markets, both national and international. This passion is what drives me to tirelessly seek out the most relevant stories and the most practical advice for my readers.

  • Jose Ignacio

    My fascination with e-commerce stems from the conviction that we are witnessing a revolution in the way the world conducts financial transactions. It is not just a passing trend, but the core of our modern economy. As a writer specializing in this field, I am dedicated to exploring and understanding the changing dynamics of the online market. Every day, I dive into the analysis of the latest e-commerce platforms, digital marketing strategies and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, which are redefining the rules of the game. My goal is to not only stay up to date with these trends, but also foresee where they will take us in the future. With every article I write, I seek to not only inform, but also inspire entrepreneurs and consumers to embrace the limitless possibilities of e-commerce. I firmly believe that by staying informed and adaptive, we can make the most of the opportunities this exciting sector brings to us.