Why don't I sell on Wallapop?

Why don't I sell on Wallapop?

If you are one of those who likes to get rid of what is no longer useful, or you don't like it, or you dedicate yourself to crafts or gardening, you may have an account at Wallapop. But, after several weeks, have you asked yourself the question why I don't sell on Wallapop? It is something natural and sometimes it can come from possible causes that have a solution.

But what are these causes? How can you sell on Wallapop? That is what we want to talk to you about today and offer you a practical guide so that you know what you should not do to avoid selling. Shall we start?

Poor quality photographs

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If you go to Wallapop you will see that all the ads have, at least, a photo of what that seller is selling. This photo must match what is being sold. For example, if you sell a chair, you are not going to put a table or a lamp, because then it would make no sense and you would not be able to sell that product.

Although Wallapop recommends that you upload as many photos as possible, the better, in order to have them in their repository in case something happens. Also the reason is that, By putting photos from different views of the product, you will be helping the buyer to get an idea, since you see that this product has, or does not have, defects.

The photo limit is 10. But more than increasing quantity, you should bet on the quality of the photographs. The higher the quality, the sharper and the better it looks (in accordance with what you are going to sell, no filters, backgrounds, etc.), the better. Forget about putting screenshots or even photos that are not of your product. That will only make people who find you distrustful and they will not buy from you.

The price

Another point to take into account and that may be the answer to the question why I don't sell on Wallapop is the price. If you set it too low, they may think it's a scam, and they won't answer you, although depending on the product you can use it up in hours or have it stay forever.

But where it will affect sales the most is if you set a high price. For example, if you are going to sell a second-hand product that cost you 40 euros, putting it at 35 will make no one want it, because the savings are really minimal. Even less if, in addition, new, it costs less than those 40 euros that you spent when you bought it.

Here we can give you two pieces of advice: the first, that try to find out what is the average price of that product you sell; the second, try set the price a tad high. This way, if they haggle you, you will have more room to do so (and look good to the buyer),

Incomplete descriptions

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Uploading products to Wallapop requires time. When there are many, you tend to do it as quickly as possible and in the end you end up giving up on the descriptions. You put the most basic things, a few lines or words and that's it, on to the next one.

The problem is that if the descriptions are incomplete you will have to deal with several situations:

  • That they write to you and you have to tell the same thing over and over again. This will take up your time, and not always the person asking is interested in the purchase; In most cases it doesn't say anything in the end.
  • That the description, not being interesting, does not encourage anyone to buy your product. Keep in mind that sometimes doubts arise and these could be resolved if you pay attention to these descriptions.

Speaking of them, keep in mind that the more original it is, the better. But if you also use keywords that you think can be used by buyers, it will make your ad more relevant and appear to them sooner.

Not replying to messages

Except in exceptional cases, those interested in a Wallapop product usually contact the seller through the platform's chat. Each seller has an average period for which they respond to messages.

This means that, if when you receive a message you go in to respond, and you do it several times, Wallapop will indicate that you are quick to respond, which will give you more credibility. On the other hand, if you leave it unanswered, it takes hours, or days, for that potential client They may have already looked for other options or may no longer be interested in what you sell.. Keep in mind that it is your “business”, and if you don't worry about serving users well, all you will do is lose business.

Do not give guarantees

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Although it is Wallapop that gives the guarantees when buying or selling, you can also give them, for example by establishing when you are going to send the product, if you are going to notify the buyer (although Wallapop also notifies it), being aware that receive it and like it, etc.

As What you shouldn't do is try to close the deal outside of Wallapop. On the one hand, you expose the buyer because in this way he loses his guarantees; and on the other hand, you can give the image that you are trying to sell without offering guarantees or that you can scam them.

Bad titles

Finally, another reason why I don't sell on Wallapop may be the title of the product. Something similar happens with the descriptions: you go so fast uploading the articles that you put any title, and that doesn't help your sales.

To begin with, That title should contain keywords by which they can search for your product. Of course, without going over the extension. Try to make it creative and original, but at the same time directly reflect what you sell. This way people won't waste time with you to find out; and neither do you in having to respond.

Answering why I don't sell on Wallapop is not easy, because each seller may have reasons for not selling. Analyze everything we have told you and, if they are not the problem, you may need to review the type of articles you are uploading. Do you have any more tips to sell more?

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