What is Evernote and how it can help you

What is Evernote

You may never have heard of Evernote before. Or that you are one of those who uses this digital tool. Either way, it has become a perfect solution for managing information. And taking into account that today there is a lot of it, and that we work with a large amount of it, it is the right instrument.

If you would like to know what Evernote is, what uses it has, the advantages it brings, and above all, how it is used, be sure to take a look at all the information that we have prepared for you. And, by the way, you can save it in your Evernote.

What is Evernote

Evernote is a instrument that allows you to store information, both the one you see on the Internet and the one you create yourself. In other words, we could say that it is your workspace in the cloud, since you can save there everything that is important or that you will need to work, enjoy, relax, etc. without having to always carry pen drives, discs or using your computer's storage.

What can you save? Multiple documents, from web pages, emails, documents, images, books ... The advantage it has is that all this can be classified, in such a way that you will have a hard disk but external in the cloud. In addition, it helps you manage all the information that you receive and that is generated, and you will be able to classify images, audios, videos, captures, documents ... in the same place.

For example, imagine that you have to document yourself for a job. Instead of having to copy all the links to pages where there is information, you could have Evernote do it for you, in addition to taking screenshots.

What is Evernote used for

For what do you use it

Evernote may seem like just a notepad to you. But the truth is that, although at first it could be considered that way, now it is no longer like that. It has been evolving and getting more functions. In fact, today it is capable of doing many things such as:

Collect information from the Internet

As we have commented, it is capable of saving the urls of the pages you want, but also doing Capture content, or save voice or video notes to see them later.

Share information with others

Do you work with a team? Well, nothing happens, you can get that information that you have to see others. In fact, here you will find two variants: if you have a free account, what you will achieve is that other people see it, but they will not be able to edit it; If you have the premium account, then yes they will be able to see and edit with all those who share that document (or the folder itself).

You can use it as a personal diary

Or notepad. In other words, it's not just storage to put things in; you also have the possibility of create and write notes or documents (in others you have to create the document before and then upload it to the cloud).

Create a workspace

Not only because it can include information, but because Evernote offers you an email account that you can use to forward to it everything you want to be saved. That you have an important email and you need to save it and not get lost? Well, nothing, you forward it (or you put it by default that all emails are forwarded to that email) and so Evernote receives it and saves it in the folder you want.

Thus, if they are work things, you will always have a backup.

You will be able to scan documents

Who would say, right? The best thing about Evernote is not only that it scans the documents, but that it recognizes the text and could create a document or a pdf with the text (so you forget about having to transcribe what is in the image).

Advantages of using Evernote

Advantages of using Evernote

Now that you know what Evernote is, and the uses you can give it, surely you have got an idea of ​​the advantages it brings you in your day-to-day life, not only on a work level, but also on a personal level. But we are going to highlight the most important of them:

Being able to access your data from anywhere

Imagine that at work you have a computer, and this is not the same as the one you have at home. However, you need the data from that company computer because you have saved something important and you have forgotten to transfer it to a USB. Well, Evernote is there because will sync on all computers where you have it put all the changes you make.

In other words, you will access your data from any computer, just using your account.

In fact, it will not only be availability between computers, it is also for Android, Windows Phone, Apple ...

Is free

We are not going to tell you that everything is free, because it is not true, but to use it on all devices it is free. The problem is that this version is "limited", although sufficient for personal (or even average professional) use.

When more is needed it also has paid versions.

You have an internal search engine

So you don't have to remember where you put things, or with what name. With a search engine you can get to what you are looking for easily. And that will show in the time you will allocate to achieve results.

Types of plans in Evernote

Types of plans in Evernote

If you go to the main Evernote page, you will notice that it has three types of plans (although only one is free). These are:

Evernote basic plan

It's the free plan. Among its functions, it will let you make annotations, attach pdfs, receipts, files and documents; captures Internet pages; manage your Evernote space (except searches within documents or check versions of documents); share with others ...

Of course, keep in mind that you only have 60MB of monthly load and you can only use two devices with your account (it won't let you any more).

Evernote Premium Plan

Account 6,99 euros (7 euros) per month. Its functions are somewhat higher than in the basic one, since here it will allow you to search the documents, but not share notes and notebooks with any member of your company. Nor will it let you create workspaces to do team projects, or have a tool with a virtual bulletin board, or edit notes in real time.

Here the monthly load goes up to 10 GB and you have unlimited devices.

Evernote Business Plan

For a minimum of two users, and its price is 13,99 (14) euros per month per user (that is, if there are two of you, you will have to pay about 28 euros together. As for its functions, they are much more open (you will have the entire tool). It has 2 GB per user and an unlimited number of collaboration spaces.

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