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When creating an Instagram account, the first big question you face is choosing a username. But, What usernames for Instagram would be better? The name of your company, an anagram, something original?

If you have that doubt and you don't want to screw up, what we are going to tell you can help you get the best name. Especially to be remembered. Go for it?

How to choose usernames for Instagram

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Many times we think that the username for social networks has to be the same as that of our eCommerce or our service. But in reality, sometimes this name does not fit, it is taken, or it is even better to use another one that is easier to remember.

When choosing usernames for Instagram, some tips you should keep in mind are the following:

that is representative

That is, that the name you give yourself represents you. For example, imagine that you have an online children's toy store. And you put the username "ricoricoyconfundamento". Normally, when you see that name, you think of cooking, food, food, etc. But not exactly in toys.

You should Choose a name that is consistent with the sector in which you are going to move.

short is always better

If you have to remember a name, the shorter the better, right? It is not the same to have to learn a name like "Americia custom fabrics and repairs store" than if you only put the username for Instagram "Americia".

If you put the name short it will be easier for them to recognize you and above all that they can look for you because they remember that name.

What is Instagram Live

Use the same name on all social networks

This is the best because so they do not have to remember several names according to each social network. Of course, this is sometimes not easy because that name may already be taken. Therefore, when choosing, if you are going to start with only one social network, it is best that you check all of them, and even register, to have them "insured" for when you start with the others.

Originality and simplicity above all

First, you need to capture interest, and for this an original name is always better. Second, keep it simple, because you need it to be catchy, easy to remember, and to suit your industry and style.

Avoid certain aspects

When choosing usernames for Instagram, there are times when the networks themselves suggest names and we think they are fine. But really it's not so.

So, as much as possible, in the usernames for Instagram, do not put:

  • long numbers. They confuse and are difficult to remember.
  • Dashes and dots in between. Most people don't realize it, or find it more difficult to remember what these symbols are.
  • Random characters. You will make it difficult for them to remember the username.
  • Matches with others. Yes, we know this is the worst, because almost everyone has an Instagram account and creating an original name is not easy. But as far as possible try to find one that does not have more than your profile. So they will never be confused.

Instagram Username Ideas

The reason why Instagram is called Instagram

Once you have the keys to choose usernames for Instagram, the next step is to get down to work. And for that, you have different options that you could consider. Specifically, the ones that seem most appropriate for an eCommerce are the following:

Use your name

If you have a personal brand, that is, you are known, and you have set up an eCommerce, you have two options:

On one hand, Create an Instagram account with your name linking it to your business. For example, if your store sells fitness products, you could put "LuisMartinFit" or "LuisFit", in such a way that you give your new account more visibility by being related to your personal brand.

On the other hand, you can create an account with the name of your business. Continuing with the example, we would have that your store is called... "Xforza Fitness". Well, you can put that same username, or a shorter "XFitness" or similar.

The goal is for the name to represent the sector and the online store. For this reason, a word related to the sector is usually added (fitness, beauty, hair, glamour…).

Names or words that rhyme and are familiar

A veces looking for something funny, as long as it is in line with your sector, can help you give it personality to business.

For example, imagine that you have an online makeup and perfume store. As a username for Instagram you could follow the above. But something more original could be your name + Lifeguard. Because? Well, because there you are going to give tips and tricks to apply makeup and perfumes and, incidentally, you will promote the ones you sell. And yes, you save lives in the sense that you are going to help others with practical things.

The rhymes are remembered a lot

It is true that it is not easy to find them, but if you do, they are remembered much more and also attract attention, which is just what we want to happen.

Of course, be careful with easy rhymes or rhymes that have a double meaning, because they can do you more harm than good. When choosing the name, try to be as objective as possible. Even if you like it, it is convenient that you see it with the “eyes of an entrepreneur and a client”.

Use anagrams or merge

When the name of your eCommerce is very long, or you want to put a lot in a short name, the best thing to do is anagrams or merge words.

In the case of a business, you have to include the name of this, but also words that identify your brand. And since that can make it very long, shortening it with acronyms, anagrams or merging is the best option.

As you can see, choosing usernames for Instagram takes some work if you want it to go well. When your own name is representative and is not taken, it is easy, but if you want to be more original, you will have to do some research and put the different alternatives on paper until you choose the one that best suits your eCommerce. Have you ever thought about the choice of the name for social networks in this way?

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