Tips to make your Blablacar score good

Tips to make your Blablacar score good

Do you have a Blablacar account and are you trying to make your trips cheaper? The problem is getting them to "buy" those seats that you have free. Therefore, how about we give you some tips so that your Blablacar score is good?

Some you surely do, but others Maybe they help you get better opinions, which makes more people trust you. Go for it?

Tips to make your Blablacar score good


Below we are going to give you a series of tips that will help you encourage those who trust you to leave positive reviews. And, as you know, the profiles with the most reviews and the best scores have a better chance of being chosen.

Some of the tips we leave you have to do with travel, that is, with already confirmed passengers, and look for those who leave you a good review. Others focus on the previous moment. We begin.

Don't set abusive prices

One of the reasons why you may not cover the seats on the trip is the price. We recommend that you Look at the competition a little and see how much they put in per seat. That way you can set a similar price.

If you are new, we recommend that you put a little less than that average price because this way you will have a better chance of being chosen. It will depend on you whether they leave you reviews and if that happens you can increase the prices. But up to a limit. If you get very expensive and there are other options, people will go to these if they see that the reviews are also good.

Pay attention to questions

It is possible that, at some point, that passenger contacts you. And the worst thing you can do is not respond. So if there are questions, try to answer them as best as possible. And if you don't know the answer, far from inventing it or thinking of one, it is better to be honest.

Keep in touch

If they have taken a place in your car and it is confirmed, if possible, Send him a message of thanks, of introduction... something that makes that person, even for a moment, feel important and appreciated. These types of gestures are always good for building customer loyalty.

And in this case, if from the moment you "connect" through Blablacar you are already paying attention to that person, it will make them more receptive during the trip and their opinion will be more positive.

travel by car

Start pleasant conversations

We know it's difficult Communicate first with a stranger with whom you are going to be locked in a small space for a period of time. But it is necessary. So one of the tips to get a good Blablacar score is to talk.

Try to find a topic that you have in common. But be careful, because if more than two people go, it needs to be a conversation that everyone cares about so that no one gets bored.

And what can you talk about? Well, for example, from a series on some platform, from musical genres, from movies... Topics that are not too invasive of privacy or that could be controversial. Especially since everyone will have an opinion.

Prohibited topics

Related to the above, there are certain topics that you should never discuss as a driver or passenger. We speak, for example, of religion, of politics, of sports (football), and even of education.

That's right, these topics, plus the opinions that each one has, can make the person or people in the car feel identified or not. And in that case, when they are contrary to what you think, I would force a more neutral or even negative review. Even if it is positive, if they make a comment regarding your opinion, many may not choose you because of it.

drive with caution

It is true that everyone wants to reach their destination as soon as possible. Even more so when you are uncomfortable, when you go with people you don't know... But You shouldn't run too much. Try to offer a calm trip, without "stepping on eggs" and safely.

If that person feels comfortable traveling with you, and everything has gone well, the moment they need transportation again it is very likely that they will look for you.

Be nice to passengers

It goes without saying, but whenever you go with people You should be kind to them and try to make the time you are going to spend together pleasant. (There is nothing worse than a trip in which the members dislike each other).

What can you do? Well, take into account if they are comfortable, if they need something, if they want to stop for a moment...

Ask if they want to hear music

Another point to take into account is the music. Not everyone is going to like the same musical genres, so before playing it, ask if they want to hear music. The same if it is the radio, whether it is news, music, talk shows, etc.

Of course, do not set it too high, but at a tone suitable for those inside the car. If there is a conversation, it is almost better to turn it down or turn it off altogether.

Be careful with air conditioning or heating

As with music, You should ask if the air conditioning is too strong, cold, if they prefer another temperature… If your car allows individual control, great, but tell the people and let them customize this.

This will help make the trip more comfortable for everyone.

On the other hand, if there is no such option, what you can do is try a medium degree so that everyone is happy.

Take the shortest paths


Finally, another tip to ensure that your Blablacar score is good is to make the trip as short as possible. Yes, short but safe. Here we are not directly talking about going very fast, but rather about always choosing the shortest paths.

And since this can vary from one moment to the next (due to accidents, traffic...) it is advisable that Bring an application that helps you make the trip in the shortest time possible.

Now that you have seen all these tips so that your Blablacar score is good, you can apply them to try to get good reviews and that will open up more opportunities for you to cover all the places every time you take a trip. Can you think of more tips?

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