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puntronic tries to offer a new concept of sale of electronic products online. A full service sale with additional cost, personalized assistance at any time, products with all the information and well-described and interactive characteristics to make your business more interesting. experience within the web market.

It works directly with manufacturers and its own warehouse, but without paying expensive rents for commercial premises or employees who attend them, so the prices are much lower than in other places.

This proposal is part of Candelsa, SA, a company that has been dedicated to household appliances for more than 40 years in the sector and with an excellent relationship with leading brands in the market.

Puntronic has the "Commissioning" service, That includes the delivery of the item to your home, but not in the building portal, but they are in charge of the installation, the start-up and testing, as well as the removal of your old appliance to a nearby clean point.

El service price It may vary, depending on the product you buy, as well as the address, but it will always be much more productive than having to find a way to get rid of the old appliance and how to install the new one.

Puntronic user reviews

puntronic customer reviews

Anna Munoz: Great prices on the products, the shipments that I have ordered from Puntronic have arrived quite quickly. Two or three days nothing more. And with many delivery and collection possibilities for all of Spain.In addition, you can pay by card, PayPal and various payment methods to facilitate the way of paying.

Adrian Moreno: They have a varied catalog, but the ones I have reviewed it offers prices as competitive as most of its rivals on the Internet. Apart from this, there is little else to comment: Good things, such as the possibility of contracting the extension of the guarantee of your purchases, or its menus, simple and practical. Contact by phone is slow, but nothing that could seriously affect this impressive e-commerce store.

Julius Duarte: My experience with Puntronic was the best, the way to buy is very easy and the home services are very effective, since they offer personalized attention and get rid of old equipment that you no longer need, an unparalleled service that I would use again without doubt, as well as recommend it.

Alicia Lisbon: It is a unique interface, I always get what I am looking for thanks to its large catalog, I can find everything I need, organized by very specific categories, so it is a very good option to buy.

Alicia Jimenez: I love the Puntronic store, it is easy to use, incredibly inexpensive and of excellent quality, so I was delighted with my first purchase, the very efficient customer service, as well as a very fast service, I would definitely buy again.

Diana Mendez: I usually travel constantly and I buy most of my things online, so I love that you can order 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, since, as it is not based on a physical store, you can access it at the moment you want and from where you want.

Alvaro Garcia: All products in one place, a large, well-organized online store, I could not describe it differently, with many options and services that make it easy to buy quality electronic products at a good price. Puntronic is a trusted store when I need any appliance in my home, I do not hesitate to recommend it.

Juan Duran: I found excellent prices, there is no way to describe the magnificent experience that was buying for the first time at Puntronic, since I had made purchases on other platforms and in addition to the complexity of these they were characterized by poor delivery services that left the products out of my building, here I had the opportunity to hire a full service so that they removed my old freezer and installed the new fully functional one, which ends up being much cheaper than hiring someone.

Alan Marquez: Since I met the Puntronic platform, I have not bought electronic items elsewhere, here I have everything at hand, organized and fast, with very good prices and constant promotions, as well as very efficient and complete services that leave an excellent level of satisfaction to those we buy, for which it is appreciated when the store strives to do things right.

Thaddeus Aragon: I love the online store, it has very good prices, I recommend it completely, especially the payment methods, since it allows you to pay in multiple ways, in addition to having installment financing on the products, excellent for those of us who do not have as much money as to pay in a single exhibition several necessary products.

Hugo Beltran: Puntronic became my favorite online store, I left behind those stores where both the sellers and their products have unknown and untrustworthy origin in most occasions, instead with them I had the best attention, and total assurance that my product was on the way and without any inconvenience, they installed and tested the new washing machine that I bought, I had no idea how to do these things, installation is not my strong suit, so Puntronic services convinced me not to buy again from another store, since I can get everything here, at a better price.

How to order?

Puntronic frequently asked questions

You can order from the website the 365 days a year at any time. Add to cart the product you want or check the Notify me box of any product that is not in stock, to inform you as soon as it arrives.

Anyone can buy, you just have to declare that you are of legal age and have the possibility of paying through the payment methods.

What are the payment methods available?

Credit or debit card

You can pay immediately putting the front numbers, the back three digits and the expiration date to verify it.

Puntronic.com offers its clients the total security that their information and transactions will be protected at all times, by complying with the highest levels of electronic security.

Through PayPal

The way more fast and secure payment For online purchases, as the payment in this method is made immediately, your order is managed at the moment you make the payment. In this type of payment a commission of 3% is added.

Bank Transfer

This form takes effect in cases where you do not have any of the above and you have to do it by means of an electronic or physical transfer in a bank branch, so it takes a few days to be approved, the advantage is that your product will be reserved, so we will not sell the unit, until the payment period on behalf of the user expires, a situation that will happen within five days after setting it aside and not paying it.


The method designed for the most distrustful, if you are not one of those who like to write down their credentials online, or put your credit cards, you can still get Puntronic products, all you have to do is ask for the Cash on Delivery method, in which you will pay the item, at the moment you receive it at your home, to the person in charge of taking it, they will receive the money and they will sign accordingly.

This payment method is not valid for deliveries made in a collection, unless this is the Post Office. It has a 3% commission with a minimum purchase of € 4.


Together with CETELEM we offer incredible tailored opportunities to finance your purchase for months without interest.

Only in orders over € 150 you can use this service. All you have to do is fill out a short form, in which you will be quickly informed if CETELEM accepted or declined your financing.

Once approved, you can choose the months in which you want to pay, ranging from 3 to 24 months without interest.

What guarantees do Puntronic products have?

Legal Guarantee

All products sold by Puntronic They benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity that lasts for two years on all products once they are out of the store.

Manufacturer's Commercial Warranty

All products that Puntronic sells include the official manufacturer's warranty, which in addition to manufacturing defects also covers possible defects or failures that occur during the warranty period.

Puntronic will always apply the conditions that each guarantee establishes previously.

How do warranty extensions work?

In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, at Puntronic we offer you to extend your warranty so that you have the opportunity to cover your products for a longer time.

  • Warranty extension up to 4 years:
  • Products: White range (Kitchen and appliances)

It is responsible for covering all those failures that may occur in the equipment, also those caused by common wear and tear. It includes the labor of the technicians, the parts and the displacement of the equipment, you will not have to pay anything extra.

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  1.   justice said

    Don't even think about buying from puntronic, it's a disastrous brand, they serve badly and at the wrong time, now they sponsor the soccer sabadell, and the tennis sabadallenc cercle, they have to sponsor something because nobody knows them and they don't sell anything and, you just have to look at their numbers are in red every time they sell less online, they do not have stock, and they charge they do not work, the person who carries the pink alsina page is an inept one to carry the page, but worse they are the gerenal director as he calls himself an angel Castro Sanchez, which is useless for this, since since he took over the company it is sinking it with the help of Pau Chaves Flores, one who was already in unecsa and bankrupt and now goes the same way with Candelsa, Euronics Catalunya, Tien 21 Catalunya, and they have the commercial director xavier peig lopez a posh that while they give him a car and a salary he already has enough that to work it does not work, he also brought the financial director lorenzo morales molina from unecsa, be careful they only have a look give these people

  2.   Maria Jose Guerra placeholder image said

    The Premium service is a joke. No prior appointment, they meet at a time of 6 hours, letting you know 30 minutes before, they do not appear, they remain for the next day and they leave you until the end of the cast and they still do not know when they will come. And that still needs to receive the appliance and that it arrives in good condition ...



    At the beginning of April 2020, in a state of alarm my refrigerator broke down, I bought one from a reputable brand, the refrigerator arrived scratched on the top, but due to the special delivery circumstances in that period I did not realize until after a few hours once it was properly unpacked ... From here I contact PUNTRONIC I receive a variety of instructions and unfulfilled commitments: send photographs, we contact the technical service, I send you a door without the logo of the brand ... we will consult with the brand ... until they have managed to BOR ME, NEFASTO EVERYTHING.

  4.   ERICA said

    I bought some appliances for my parents, on 4/01/2021, and of the 3 (microwave, washing machine and dishwasher) they only had 1 in stock, the microwave; the washing machine arrived on the 12th and the dishwasher in a few days without confirming. (awaiting information from the manufacturer)
    In the middle of the month they confirmed the reception of the washing machine, and we said to wait a few days to see if the dishwasher would arrive and thus make a single shipment and installation.
    As of 01/02/2021 they tell me they have no delivery date for the dishwasher and I tell them to cancel the dishwasher and give me back the money and tell me the delivery date of the other two appliances.
    The answer: an email where they tell me that the washing machine is no longer available until the 12th and neither does the microwave and they do not have a delivery date (BUT IF THEY WERE MINE THAT WERE ALREADY PAID)
    They have sent me a message informing that they were going to cancel the order and return the money, but they have not given me an explanation as to why they do not have my appliances and they have sold them.