Podcast for entrepreneurs

podcast for entrepreneurs

It is increasingly common to listen to something while doing something else. Audiobooks emerged for that reason, not having to read and listen, which allows us to carry out two activities at the same time if we want. And with podcasts for entrepreneurs it is something similar. It's like you're listening to the radio.

But What are the best podcasts for entrepreneurs? Why those and not many others? Well, below we are going to give you a list of them so that you can evaluate why they are the best and why you should not miss them. Shall we start?

TED talks

TED talks are short interventions by professionals who tell you about their experience and who, with motivation, encourage you not to throw in the towel. But the originals are in English, although they can be found subtitled.

Even so, there is also a TED Talks podcast for entrepreneurs, in Spanish, which They help you understand those ideas that have made many succeed, how they have done it and give you inspiration to replicate with your own ideas.

The truth is that it is one of the most important podcasts for entrepreneurs and that we can recommend the most because the speakers, far from boring you, are quite entertaining and interesting, in addition to touching on topics that, sooner or later, you are going to have to go through such as failures, the accounting or financial system, etc.

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Remote work: optimize the advantages of teleworking

For those Entrepreneurs who work from home or in the teleworking model, having a podcast for entrepreneurs who focus on their business is something to be appreciated. And that's what happens with this one.

Offers advice and interviews to other professionals who also work remotely. Best of all, you can discover a series of tricks with which to improve your productivity with remote work or improve the procedures or work you do.

Far East: for those who want to do business with Asia

Doing business with China, with Asia, is something that more and more entrepreneurs now do. But the truth is that These deals are not as easy to make as if you were in Spain or Europe. Asia has a "different" way of doing things.

And that is why Adrián Díaz Marro's podcast focuses on helping you find business possibilities in Asia, finding suppliers, detecting problems and solving them, etc.

And now not everything is the same as it was known before in Asia, but they have evolved and you will be able to know more about that country you have set your sights on.

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Entrepreneurial Self: The Definitive Podcast for Businesswomen

Laura Urzaiz is the person behind this podcast for entrepreneurs, focused above all on female entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Thus, it has quite relevant guests who will tell their own experiences but will also give ideas for starting up and promoting businesses that have already been created with the aim of obtaining better results.

This is how we do it: countless tips for starting a business

This is one of the podcasts for entrepreneurs carried out by two entrepreneurs, Joan Boluda and Álex Martínez Vidal. Both follow different careers, although they touch on some subjects, such as graphic design and digital marketing.

But the best thing about the podcast that we recommend is its relaxed and fun style to tell experiences, give advice and, above all, feel that you are not alone in entrepreneurship.

Now, we must warn you that This podcast has two versions: one free and one paid. The payment is about 10 euros per month. As we know that, if you haven't heard it before, you don't know if it will be worth paying those 10 euros, know that you can always start with the free and see if they convince you.

The boss tank: be your own boss

Álvaro Rodríguez is the creator of this podcast for entrepreneurs, one of the best known and which has many followers. It is not just a podcast to tell business experiences, but they do it in a way that It motivates you to fight, to do what you have thought about and to obtain support, financing and also faith in what you are doing., either to succeed or not to give up if there is failure.

It has high-class guests, professionals already established in entrepreneurship who have well-known companies.

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Masters of the scale

If you want to know first-hand the experiences of Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, Palantir... then you should know this podcast because it is one of the best that exists and that focuses on scaling businesses so that they obtain better results (at all levels) .

Thanks to the interviews, which are very specific in the topics, You can find very good advice and practices that you can replicate for your own company.

He did it his way

And if you are an entrepreneur and want a podcast for female entrepreneurs, then this is one of the best. In English she is she She did it her way and she focuses on bringing successful businesswomen to learn how they achieved the success of their businesses, telling ideas, stories, advice, giving tools or examples so that others can apply them and benefit from the results.

Businessman on fire

In this podcast for entrepreneurs you can find interviews with some of the greats such as Tim Ferriss, Barbara Corcoran or Seth Godin. And so on until more than two thousand They will help you with inspiration and give you strategies from those who have succeeded before you.

The valley of the stubborn

This podcast by Diego Graglia and Fernando Franco brings us closer to Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs who They are located in Silicon Valley so you can see how entrepreneurship is experienced there. But not only will their interviews be useful to you, but you will also have tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration that you could carry out in your future company.

As you can see, there are many podcasts for entrepreneurs. Our recommendation is that you listen to a few and stick with the ones that suit you. But don't just stick with one example episode of each one, try listening to several so you'll know which ones are the best in your endeavor. Do you recommend any more?

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