How is the new Primark website: all the news it brings

New Primark website

We recently got a new Primark website. If you are one of those who buy in this store, you may have noticed the change. But if it is not like that, because you know that they do not sell online, Are you curious about what's new?

If you want to know the changes you have made to your website, if it has changed to think that it is totally different, or you just want to see what a change in the design of the website would be like, then we will explain everything to you.

Can a brand radically change its page?

store display

One of the biggest fears of any online store is changing its design. It always has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the latter, many argue that it is better not to change to avoid users thinking that they are not where they should be, Or that navigation is too difficult for users, with a negative impact on the sales you generate through eCommerce.

On the other hand, a new design allows it to adapt to changing trends, improving the web, the user experience and, ultimately, everything related to improving web browsing.

In the case of large brands, the times they have changed their design they have always kept the colors that represent them and have even made minimal changes over time so that they can gradually adapt to them. That's why nothing happens to change the page. But they never make too drastic a change, let alone overnight. Although we do have an example of this. We are talking about Amazon Prime. This one has changed radically. It kept its main colors but gave priority to the carousel banner that it has at the beginning and varied the different options that appear below (prioritizing the paid content against the free one, which has not been very liked).

And what happens in the case of Primark? We study it below.

How is the new Primark website now?

shop mall

If you enter the new Primark website you will realize that there is not much change, at least in terms of the menu. The page icon remains the same, as does the white background and the blue lettering of the brand. But in this case we have a large pink banner with words in black: We are Primark. There's also a subtitle, with an error in capitalizing all words: At Primark, there's something for everyone.

Again the same menu that you have above that banner is repeated, in this case with example images of dresses, shirts, t-shirts, candles or balls that represent women, men, boys and girls, baby, home and beauty, respectively.

And there is no more. On the main page, which used to have a little more content, they have minimized it to the maximum to offer only the menu on two occasions, one more visual and the other only textual.

Primark's different menus

If you click on any of the Primark menus, for example, the women's menu, you will see that it takes you to a page where, with a white background, color prevails so that it serves to divide "zones". Thus, you have a main banner and several menu options so that you can go directly to what interests you, but also different options on that website to highlight some of their products (such as nightwear, elegant clothes, etc.).

The same happens in the men's section and other parts of the web.

What news has included the new Primark website

store with discounts

One of the most demanded suggestions to Primark is to be able to buy online in its store. However, we are sorry to tell you that it is not possible to do so yet. Primark follows its line of not selling online so that people who want to get a garment or a product from your store have to go to it in order to get it (if it is still available in it).

Now, yes, he has thought about this problem, and for this he has organized the products so that, from the web, they allow checking the availability of stocks in the store that you want or can go to.

In this case, play with the colors, in such a way that, if it is:

Green: It means that there is enough stock for you to find it in the store.

Orange: implies that it is running low, so you should hurry.

Red: already sold out, or out of stock.

Gray: is not available in the store you have searched for. That does not mean that it is not in another store (although if there is only one in your city, you will have a problem).

Another of the novelties that the web has is that, if you register, it will allow you to choose the store from which to see the products, thus finding the stock that it has in order to know if you have to go before or after. Besides, you can create a wish list by selecting the products you like by simply clicking on the heart of the images to add them and, thus, when it comes to shopping at the store, have a list of what you have been interested in buying.

The possibility of subscribing to the email newsletter is another of the improvements that Primark has implemented in order to be able to send the latest brand news as well as previews of collections or trends.

Finally, a substantial improvement has to do with the product sheets, which now contain more information about them. Before there were only labels and packaging, but now they have given priority to images (there is no longer just one but several) and information (although it is still concise and technical, they do not seek to "fall in love" with the texts on the pages).

As you can see, Primark's new website hasn't changed much beyond improving the user experience. However, it still has a way to improve and surely from time to time it will have new changes that help users to be more and more happy to learn about its news. What would the web lack to be better according to you?

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