Kickstarter Spain, the financial option for your project

Kickstarter Spain

Thanks to the amazing impact that e-commerce has had, they have detonated thousands of credit and financial tools that are proposed to achieve the goals and purposes of their users, an example of this are the Kickstarter.

El electronic commerce is the activity of sale, purchase, distribution, advertising and source of information regarding products and services through any device with an Internet connection.

The term used to be applied to the realization of sending data by means of electronic devices. However, with the growth of the Internet in the 90s, the concept began to be used to sale of services through the network, using as payment method plastic money like credit cards. Since then, more and more companies are added to the huge online market that exists.

Many people have found a new way of doing business, as well as an opportunity to undertake, without the risks that a physical store entails. In the ECommerce there are no limits, borders, Since anything can be shipped by parcel anywhere in the world, the limit is your creativity.

The ECommerce sites can be found individually by brand or be part of a larger sales site, called virtual shopping mall, which are apparently similar to Catalogs displayed by category, item search areas, brands, and payment settings, in which many brands have a presence and advertising within a website with more servers, obviously more stable and capable of supporting greater influx of people.

Most important companiesAre present on the Internet either through a web page or through a social network, They do not necessarily offer the services of sale and distribution of their products online, many times it is just a catalog or details of the products and services they offer, but the purchase option is face-to-face.

In most cases of this type, web pages offer very brief information of the articles, the essentials for advertising, but with the main objective of motivating visitors to contact the store in person, or by phone call, and thus put themselves in a class of more direct contact with potential customers.

What is a Kickstarter?

Kickstarter Spain financial option

Kickstarter it is very simple financial tool that serves for an aspiring inventor, or an entrepreneur to get the financing they need to make their project a reality, also known as Crowdfunding, the Kickstarter is booming in Spain having lots of success stories.

This also works for those investors who want to look for a new way to find innovative ideas, compatible with phones and tablets, which are waiting for a considerable investment to start operating.

How much work does it take to create a project for Kickstarter?

According to the testimony of a successful creator of a mobile phone application he says that approximately three months, with a daily dedication of between two to four hours. Initially focused on research, prototyping, followed by very strong video advertising, creating advertising and marketing material. And finally, working for about five hours a day in the last month, to fine-tune all the details and make a big impact when it comes out.

Kickstarter started working in Spain since last year and through this tool, anyone with an innovative idea, but with a small budget, can raise money for it. It's divided in 15 categories for your type of project, among the most prominent are music, film, journalism, technological development and fashion projects.

Thanks to this tool, in 2014 a total of 22.252 projects were financed and developed around the world, which in its time meant an investment of approximately 475 million euros, financed by 3,3 million people who thought it would be a good idea. The projects financed in Spain are carried out in euros, the requirement to register an idea is to be of legal age and resident in Spain.

The tool offers various options such as start a project on behalf of a legal entity or company that has a certified company number. Kickstarter does not feature a charity funding option, only for the categories it features.

If the project managed to be fully funded, Kickstarter charges a commission of 5% of the total; If the quota is not completed, nothing is charged. Stripe is the company for which payments are made, this charges 3% of the total collected plus 0,20 euros per contribution, but in the case of donations of less than 10 euros this amount is reduced to 5% plus 0,05 euros.

Examples of financial success

Examples of a success story is that of Oval Sound that raised more than triple the target, this to create a unique electronic instrument. This was one of the ideas that received the most money on the Kickstarter platform during 2015.

What happens after getting the financing?

Kickstarter financial option

A UFO with sensors inside capable of recreating different instruments and musical scales through an application. It was Oval, that peculiar electronic instrument, that many were stunned when viewing and listening, wanting to play some melody with his bare hands on the Oval.

In just 2 and a half days, its creators raised 100.000 euros, amount that was your goal previously, a figure that tripled to raise 348.000 euros.

The Kickstarter version for Spain is a section within the global Kickstarter platform worldwide.

Kickstarter has undergone many changes constantly, continuing as a world leader in the crowdfunding sector, es closely followed by other platforms that do not stop innovating and offering new services, and Indiegogo, whose commitment to creation has grown a lot in recent years.

Tips to easily get sponsored on Kickstarter:

  1. Get the calculations needed for your project right when you put it on Kickstarter.
  2. Video projects are more colorful, record one that is short and concise.
  3. Be as precise as you can with all the details or measurements of the project, since any small detail can make a difference.
  4. Keep in touch with the people who have sponsored your project with the progress you make.
  5. Never overestimate your product, or undervalue it, try to find the balance in the price.
  6. Ask yourself when you see your final product as if you were the customer, would you buy it? Do it as many times as necessary until you say yes, without a doubt.
  7. Offer some rewards for funding your idea, so that people will be interested in sponsoring what you offer.

The categories in which you can submit ideas on Kickstarter are as follows:

Kickstarter financing Spain

  • Film & Video
  • Music
  • Comics
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Crafts
  • Food
  • Games
  • Journalism
  • Technology
  • Photo
  • Advertising
  • Theater

There are basic rules that all projects uploaded to Kickstarter must respect to stay on the platform:

  1. In each project, something new must be created to share with others, an innovative idea that helps create more productive things for the world.
  2. Projects must be presented honestly and clearly. Since Kickstarter is based on the trust and communication of those who compose it. Projects cannot mislead or misinform collaborators and creators must be honest about what they intend to achieve.
  3. Fundraising for public charities through projects on Kickstarter is prohibited, the money must be used for the purpose described.
  4. Financial incentives such as shares or assets of the next company cannot be offered as a result of financial success.
  5. No prohibited items can be offered in projects.

Here is a detailed list of items that are completely prohibited to develop on Kickstarter:

  • Any idea that is intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent a common disease or condition.
  • Projects that incite discrimination, intolerance or some type of aggression towards a certain population sector
  • Live animals
  • All kinds of contests, bets, remittances, coupons and raffles.
  • Energy drinks
  • Fundraising for political campaigns.
  • Nicotine, drugs, vaporizers and related items.
  • Offensive material that incites negative emotions.
  • Genetically modified organisms.
  • Offer financial services, credit; travel services; prepaid telephone services; or marketing services.
  • The original project must generate its sales, the resale of other products is prohibited.
  • Pornographic material or not suitable for minors.
  • Projects that share existing ideas with new packaging without adding anything new to it.
  • Weapons or weapon accessories.


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