How to get followers on Pinterest: the best tips

How to get followers on Pinterest

If you have realized that the Pinterest social network can be very good for reaching customers, Surely right now you are wondering how to get followers on Pinterest.

We are going to give you some tips that will help you increase the number of followers on this social network. Depending on the resources you have, as well as what you can do, you should bet more on some than on others. But in general, all of them are good. Shall we start?


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Imagine you start the business and make a weekly publication. It doesn't take long and you also see that people respond and like it. But, over time, you decide not to post or leave the profile abandoned.

This, for a business, creates a bad image. And it is that, if you do not worry about social networks, How can they trust to buy a product if they don't know if you are really going to send it to them?

Well yes, they can think the same thing, and that is why you should take this into account. It is important to put together an editorial calendar of each of the social networks in order to be constant in the publications.

It doesn't mean you should post every day, but it does you have to give new content at least once a month in the case of Pinterest because that way you will be an active profile and followers will have new content whenever they want.

Do not leave the profile empty

When you start the business you want to be everywhere. So you create the profile on Pinterest, on Instagram, on TikTok, on Facebook… Shall we continue? The problem is that you can't reach everything and in the end you focus only on one or two social networks.

The rest remain empty. But people can look for you there and see that it's all empty makes you give an image of neglect and that you don't take care of things.

So Only create the Pinterest profile if you're actually going to do something with it. If not, better not do anything.

sort the boards

pinterest logos

Another of the tips that we can give you to get followers on Pinterest is this. Pinterest is made up of pins and these are categorized into boards. But you can have different.

If you are an online store, you can create a board by product category, another for questions and answers, another about who we are (so you can present the team that makes up your eCommerce), etc.

By giving it an organization you help whoever visits your profile to know where to go at all times to see what you have.

If, on the other hand, you made a "potpourri" with all the things at the end it would be so chaotic that it would be difficult for them to locate what they are looking for. Apart from that one well organized and playing with designs and colors it will be much more attractive and that can get you more followers.

Quality content

Imagine that you have a plant store. And that your main feature is that customers can choose their own plant. In your store you have several photos with number. But these are blurry, they don't look good, too far away... Is that quality? The most normal thing is that they ask you for other photos because the plants do not look good.

Well, the same thing happens on Pinterest. You have to take care of the quality of the images you upload, but also that it is useful content for those followers. Otherwise they will have no reason to follow you.

For example, in the case of plants, You could place a board for each one and offer different options in terms of photos. In addition, you can place a pin on the main care, pests, problems with the plant... which will always be useful for plant lovers.

follow other users

It has always looked bad for a company to follow its competition. Because it is considered that either they are going to copy the content they have or they are going to investigate how they do it to improve it. What you never think is that, in addition to being competition, they can also be lovers of the same thing and following each other is not a bad thing. On the contrary, you can establish similar contents and that they are combined, make collaborations, etc.

The same can happen with other users who are related to your business. Think that you have an eCommerce of nutrition products. They can be interesting for parapharmacies, for gyms, for beauty centers, etc. and all that gives you contacts.

In addition, the same as you follow users, they can be interested in your content and they can follow you, thus gaining followers on Pinterest.

A good copy works miracles

How does this social network work?

Have you heard of copywriting? It is one of the sales techniques that works best. And no, it is not because it is fashionable now, it has worked since the human being sold things. If we also combine it with storytelling, it can be a bomb.

But, for this, it is necessary that you know how to do it well so that it provokes reactions from those who read it. If you are not good at it, it never hurts to hire professionals specialized in this subject.


The same thing that you want people to like on your pins, comment on you, etc. others want too. So when you get a comment try to reply. Or if you're browsing other boards and like what you see, make it clear.

It is important that you not only expect users to come to you, but that you can also go looking for them. Now, be careful because it is not allowed to spam or try to get everyone to go to your board. The best thing is to build a good relationship and, over time, people will go to your profile.


And finally, another way to get followers on Pinterest is by advertising on this social network. It's not nonsense. If we take into account that it is not as exploited as others, and that its performance has always gone uphill, it may be interesting to invest in advertising on it to get potential users so that you can sell to them.

Yes, We recommend that you do it only when you have a complete profile and that you have been working on your editorial strategy for some time. so that, when those people arrive, they see that you have quality and useful content for them. This will ensure that they not only follow you, but also that they stay and can be active (commenting, liking, etc.).

As you can see, getting followers on Pinterest does not differ from those of other social networks. But you do have to focus the strategies on this to be successful. Have you ever considered having Pinterest?

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