Google Meet: how to create a meeting step by step on PC and mobile

Google Meet create meeting

If you work from home, or have several workers who are remote, from time to time you will have needed to arrange a time for a call or video call. While many choose Zoom to do it, there are others who choose Google Meet. Creating a meeting with this Google application is quite easy. And quality. But not everyone knows how to do it.

Therefore, if you are one of those who needs to have online meetings with workers, clients, suppliers... and you do not want to use another program on your computer (which you have to install for it to work), Here we help you learn how to create a meeting on Google Meet. Shall we start?

What is Google Meet

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If you have been using Google for a while, you surely remember that you could make video calls through your email to contacts who were online. These were of very good quality, both video and sound, and rarely cut out (despite the fact that we are talking about more than ten years ago).

Over time, Google decided to give this tool a face lift and for this He removed it and put Google Meet in its place.

This is also used to make video calls, but it also has other features as we have already seen in another article.

How to create a meeting in Google Meet on the computer

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Let's focus on two assumptions. Imagine first that you are reviewing something in your eCommerce and you need to have a conversation with a worker. So you send him an email, message, etc. to see if it can be that same day and at that time.

The other person answers yes, so you need a space for the meeting. And this is where Google Meet comes in because you can make a video call right away.

The steps to do them are as follows:

  • Log in to your Gmail account. Or, if you already have the browser programmed so that your session does not close, as soon as you enter the Google search engine you can click on the nine dots icon and search for the Meet app. Get into it.
  • Now, select New Meeting. Here you will have three options: create a meeting for later, start a meeting now and schedule in Google Calendar.
  • Since what you want is for it to happen immediately, you must click on the first button. The meeting will automatically be created and your microphone and camera will be activated. You will already have the meeting ready but without people.
  • So on that screen a section will appear for you to add other people or for you to copy the meeting link so that you can add those who should be there.
  • Another scenario that you may encounter is that that worker cannot be attended to at that time, and the meeting must be postponed to another time or day. If that happens, then what you can do is leave the meeting scheduled. As? You will see:
  • We start at the step where we are already in Google Meet and click on the “new meeting” button. As we have told you, you have three options: create a meeting for later, start a meeting now and schedule in Google Calendar.
  • If before we have started the instant meeting, now we have to create a meeting for later.

That will give us the meeting link that is created. However, it does not ask you at any time for the date and time of that meeting, leaving only that those who should be there have to remember it. And you have to share the link with the people who should be in it.

What you can do is schedule the call in Google Calendar (the third option). Once you have the meeting link, you can schedule the appointment and add in the description the link that Google has previously given you so that it appears to everyone you want to invite to that video call.

How to create a meeting in Google Meet on Android

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There are times when perhaps you are not in front of a computer, but what you have at hand is your cell phone. But you can also create a meeting on Google Meet through it. As? We explain it to you.

The first thing you need is to go to the Play Store, search and install the Google Meet application if you don't have it on your Android device. If you have it, you just have to open it.

Next, in the lower right corner you have a camera icon. Press the clip to create a new meeting. This way you will get the link you need to send it to the people who should be there. Of course, this method is the only one to create it, that is, you do not have to take a few steps for the meeting to be at that moment or later. For everyone it is the same link and you decide when to call it.

What you can do is schedule the meeting on the Google calendar. Here it is as if you put it “for another time.”

How to create a meeting in Google Meet on iPhone and iPad

Finally, in the event that you have an iPhone or an iPad, although the steps are similar, we want to leave them to you so that you do not have any doubts.

The first thing is to have the app installed on the mobile or iPad. Once you have it, open it.

Now, go to the bottom right corner and press the camera icon. Hit the link to create a new meeting. That will give you a link that you can copy and send to everyone you want to click on it.

However, it may be the case that you do not want the meeting to be at that time. With what in that case better give Schedule in Google Calendar. Thus, you can choose the day and time. The details of the link, title, time and guests will appear by default and you can modify whatever you want. Finally, click Save and the guests will receive the link in their emails so that, that day and at that time, they can connect through it.

Creating a meeting in Google Meet is not difficult, as you have seen. But there are always more things you can do with this tool so we encourage you to take a look at it and practice to get the most out of it (and not just to meet up once in a while and see each other to chat, but for strategies, teamwork…) . Do you often use this application?

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