How to fill out a Curriculum Vitae with web templates?

Curriculum Vitae

One of the main tips you can follow to fill out a Curriculum Vitae with web templates es avoid in their entirety misrepresentation and spelling mistakes, since a lack of this type would show that you are careless and unprofessional. Check that all your information is included in the CV, the most essential thing is that the contact details are correct, check them twice preferably, since if they try to communicate with you it is essential that nothing fails. Uses a style you can identify with among the hundreds of templates what's on the internet preferably with neutral colors and some bold details, graphs of level of learning in certain sectors, white background, black letters and legible fonts. Do you want to see more information? Well, below you will see everything you need to know to complete a resume template as a professional.

Tips for fill out a Curriculum Vitae with web templates

  • Put the courses and related diplomas with the job you want to profile yourself for.
  • Never lie or exaggerate Your skills in the Curriculum is a very common activity to get to the desired positions, but when you have to demonstrate the aptitude at work, everyone will realize that you have lied.
  • Avoid narcissism And talking about you being a perfect employee will only piss off the reader that you probably won't get the job.
  • Organize your other jobs in chronological order, don't try to omit dates or lengths of contracts. If you had a bad experience with a job, it is better not to put it, since, if they contact the company, they will offer a bad reference of you.

El resume is possibly the most powerful tool that we have when looking for a job, in it we reflect all the achievements and learning that we have acquired over the years, and how these can contribute to the company you are applying to improve in various areas, and meet the needs of the position you are applying for.

The human resources manager of the company you want to enter, will judge the appearance of your resumeIf your job is lacking in originality, you may not even be considered among the final candidates for the position.

What Curriculum Vitae template do I have to use?

If you are not sure which Resume templates to fill out, downloads several, put your data in these and verify which one is seen with more formality, professionalism and originality. Although it may seem like a waste of time, it is extremely useful to make several CV formats to identify the one that gives you the best appearance in general terms.

You must consider that the CV is like an advertisement, of yourself and your abilities and skills to play a valuable role in the company. The key is that this contribution provides information in a clear, concrete, well-defined and complete way.

How to fill out the resume templates?

Curriculum Vitae errors

There are thousands of templates different to organize the information of your CV. You must choose the one that best suits the type of job you want to obtain, as well as the one that best suits your lifestyle and personality, although the most basic thing is always to preserve the legibility of the text and the clarity of the information.

To be able to write an excellent CV you must be very clear about what you should and what you should not include.

There are three general ways to write a Curriculum Vitae:

  • Chronological: the information is organized as it happened on the date
  • Functional: The information is organized by topic
  • Mixed: It begins with a type of functional CV and ends by chronologically explaining the facts.

The information content that the Curriculum Vitae must have is crucial to obtain the job:

You must include in this section, the basic identification information, such as Name, Age, your Place of birth, Contact via mobile, mail and social networks, Maximum degree of studies, as well as the count of vocational training and Experience that you have acquired, that is, you must not only include previous jobs but also include courses, workshops, social service among others.

Management of Languages, Management of digital programs or specific software, as well as the percentage of knowledge of it, record it by means of graphs or with a numerical percentage, the important thing is that you never exaggerate, nor do you forget your skills, they can guarantee you employment.

Give it a creative spin. Most people write their CV in the Microsoft word processor, known worldwide for its usefulness, we are talking about Microsoft Office Word, characterized by offering solutions in character representation, but also known for its somewhat outdated editing options, at the minus the predefined templates, that is why many very original templates circulate on the internet that will make a difference.

In the same way you must look for originality in any situation, if you can use programs like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, is the best, they offer a wide number of graphic and vector representation options, which will give your presentation the highest quality, but require a bit more knowledge, although they are handled very similarly in the matter of text editing that is what we only need, at the end of all the editing of your information, is a lot greater presentation and graphic quality, saving and sending your CV in PDF format.

If you do not handle any of these programs, there is no problem, with the templates that abound online for Word, you can also make a difference.

Be brief. Although your work history may be extensive, try to be concise in what you say and simplify your experiences and knowledge, remember that less is more.

Describe the activities of each job you have had, as well as the responsibilities and obligations you had.

Avoid in your curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae website

Describe your entire school career, It is not necessary to include where you attended Primary School, the reality is that including your maximum degree of studies reveals a lot that you must have completed the rest of the degrees to get there, the most important perhaps may be High School if you have already finished it or the you are studying, and the University, whose respective renown can offer you an advantage over graduates of other schools.

Put the amount you hope to win, The reality is that many times the salary that you are paid depends on the responsibilities and importance of your position in the development of the company, do not put what you wait win, better put the changes than you wait perform to improve the company.

Make your religious, political and social ideology known they are irrelevant in your CV so omit any paragraph regarding this.

Lying about your career path, As already mentioned before, lying will never be good, because you will be discovered sooner or later.

Place photo

A part that many overlook, but that you must take care of a lot, is the photograph you put on your resume. Do not choose the one you think you are most handsome in. It is advisable, choose precisely the photograph you want to place on your CV, well lit, where your face is seen from the front, clean, with your hair combed, with the cut that identifies you, but just made, and it is very important that the background is white.

You must convey a serious and professional image, that only you appear, it is not a group or party photo somewhere.


Curriculum Vitae tips

Another important part is include direct links to your website, personal blog, your Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and those that you think are necessary to maintain a closer professional relationship.

As a header phrase when starting your Curriculum you can put a title that defines you as a professional, I'm not talking about what you put - honest, hard-working, punctual etc. We are not talking about adjectives, but the words that describe what you do. For example, if you work in construction: Architect, specializing in Urban Planning and the Environment, Director of Constructora Garco.

In the work experience you must include:

  • The name of the position you held.
  • The name of the company where you worked.
  • The period of time you worked, as well as a brief description of the job you performed.

Do not use technicalities, or words that are too bombastic, It is important that you remember that it is likely that your CV will first reach the hands of Psychologists or Sociologists in Human Resources, who will analyze your human and Psychometric profile, before your remarkable knowledge, in the technicalities, so it is better that you be clear and concise that far-fetched and confusing.

Ideally, your resume shouldn't take up more than one page. In the event that you have a long career and many studies, diplomas and courses, the synthesis work will have to be greater.

Job Search Pages

Once you have your finished resume, the next step is to spread the word.

Sign up for best job websites, since large companies are managed by this means, such as Indeed, InfoJobs, LinkedIn, CompuTrabajo among others.

Don't skimp on sending your CVYou never know which company will accept your job request, do not give up if they do not answer the first 5 or 10, keep trying and the right job will arrive, in which they will look exactly for your profile and your abilities so that you can perform doing what you most like it.

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