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The most coffee-loving people know very well that there is a big difference between buy coffee from the big brands and purchase it directly from the source. It is a question of quality, rather than price. In the topic of this article, there are also other interesting elements that can be added to this equation. Like the social impact, thanks to initiatives such as the one offered to us EthicHub.

Normally, producers tend to leave the marketing of their product in the hands of the large online coffee sales platforms. Only some try their luck by opening their own e-commerce channel. But for most of them, to be able to achieve this sooner it is necessary to make an investment. For many of these producers, this would be impossible without the help of EthicHub and its project to connect investors with producers, the details of which we explain below.

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In addition to all this work, EthicHub account also with its own sales channel, LLAMADA CryptoCafe, where you can purchase all the varieties of coffee that are produced thanks to this joint effort.

It must be said in this regard that EthicHub does not act as an intermediary, but as a partner of the farmers themselves (a fundamental difference), so it does not obtain any direct benefit from these sales.

Green coffee, the star product

The star product is the green coffee, grown in the Sonosuco plantations, in the Mexican region of Chiapas. The climatic conditions of the area, the altitude and the good work of the coffee-growing communities combine to achieve a high-quality product, with a score of 80-90 according to the parameters of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). In short, a select coffee destined mostly for export to countries like Spain.

Green coffee social project

EthicHub is also committed to investing in coffee plantations in other countries such as Brazil, Honduras or Colombia through the same formula: small-sized farms (up to 5 hectares), with a high degree of specialization and, above all, with the laudable intention of achieving a social and economic impact of great value in agricultural communities.

Just take a look at all the projects that are kept going in these countries thanks to the investments made through EthicHub to understand the true dimension of their work.

The EthicHub formula

EthicHub bases all its activity on the idea of ​​making available to these small farmers the financing they need to continue working their land and selling their coffee in direct markets. In reality, it is the only resource they have, since in their countries they have closed access to credit through conventional channels (banks, credit institutions, etc.).

The proposal of this collaborative financing platform consists of build a technological bridge between investors and farmers, a formula in which both parties win: the former obtain returns of around 8-10%, while the latter ensure access to credit that allows them to work and grow.

How is that possible? ‍EthicHub is a native platform for Blockchain technology through which any individual can make minimum investments of 20 euros, either through cryptocurrencies or with credit and debit cards linked to a bank checking account.

An important point to highlight is the security of the investments, which are backed by a double guarantee system: on the one hand that offered by the real world asset, that is, coffee, and on the other hand that of its collective collateral system. , with the support of Ethix token. That is, by the way, another way to invest in the platform (buying tokens) and at the same time contribute to carrying out all the initiatives.

To date, after more than 500 funded projects, investors have recovered one hundred percent of their investment, in addition to the profits obtained. It's not a bad cover letter, really.

Investments with impact

But the great added attraction to the idea of ​​EthicHub is that investors, in addition to making profits, know that they are collaborating in the development and maintenance of the coffee-producing communities in which they invest. Their contributions generate an important socioeconomic and environmental impact, while making it possible to market a product of exceptional quality.

In addition to this, EthicHub actively contributes to nine of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 agenda promoted by the United Nations. A commitment to building a new economy, more inclusive and supportive, without losing sight of the idea of ​​respect for the environment and care for biodiversity.

This is how it is possible that this delicious locally produced coffee can be sold through the internet and reach our homes. If only for that reason, it is worth giving a vote of confidence to EthicHub.

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