For what are the social network good for

For what are the social network good for

If you have an eCommerce or are setting up one, surely one of the first things it does, sometimes automatically, is to create the Facebook page, the Instagram page, Twitter, TikTok... in short, all the social networks you want to use. have a presence. And when you have been on them for a while and you see that there are no results, you wonder what social networks are for.

In this case, We are going to focus on them so that you can see them from the point of view of an eCommerce. And from now on we tell you that they are worth it, but you have to know how to work them properly. Shall we start?

What are social networks for an eCommerce?

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An online store, what you should worry about the most is in the store itself, that is, on its website, because what you need is for users to come to it and be tempted to buy the products you have.

However, social networks for an eCommerce are also important and fulfill several important functions. Which is it? We tell you about them.

They are a channel of communication

The first function that social networks have is to serve as communication between the company and the client. Obviously, You will have your phone, address and email as a channel, but sometimes many people decide to contact through social networks to answer questions or because it is more comfortable for them.

Of course, these channels must be active. That is, you must monitor the messages that may reach you, as well as the comments, and be answered as soon as possible.

When a person sends a message and is not answered, it creates a bad image because that user who has sent a query wants it to be answered, and if they do not do so, they may think that they do not take care of the company.

For example, imagine that you have seen a video game that is one of the classics and they have it cheap. The normal thing is that, if you have doubts, you ask and you decide to send him a message on Facebook because that is where you have seen that ad. However, hours go by and he doesn't answer you. And the days and neither. Would you trust buying from a store that doesn't seem to respond to you?

If we talk about the opposite case, that is, that the message is received and answered shortly, the client will be happy that they have answered him, but also that you resolve the doubt. Somehow, you give him the push he may need to make the purchase.

Therefore, if you are not going to have time to deal with social networks, it is best that you only choose one or two to have a presence and that you can control.

They retain people

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Another function and reason for what social networks are used for is to retain people. Many times customers can find you on social networks, or even in searches they do. The normal thing is that at the beginning they place the order and that's it.

But if they have felt satisfied, and they repeat, sooner or later they will visit your social networks and even like them or become followers. There they have taken the first step.

And from that moment on, The function of social networks is to retain them. You need them to stay with you and also provide them with content that you know will interest them. At the same time, you also have to make them see that they are important (with a discount, with surprises or even with raffles). This helps to connect with customers and build their loyalty, so that when they have to buy something that you sell, they come to you, and not to the competition (even if your prices are higher).

They are another sales channel

Have you ever heard the phrase: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket"? Now think about your eCommerce. Your sales channel is the online store, yes. But it doesn't have to be the only one.

You can sell through social networks. Or even through other platforms.

In the first case, social networks such as Facebook or Instagram allow you to sell your products on the platform by creating an online store within the networks. Yes, it means that customers do not go to your store, but they are sales channels that can sometimes work very well (and by not leaving Facebook they would not have to hide you from your followers).

They serve to reach more customers

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In the sense of advertising. By being able to segment the public, advertising campaigns are better adapted to those clients you are looking for. It is not the same to launch a campaign to everyone who is on Facebook than to unite a certain party (for example, women who are interested in pregnancy (if you sell products related to it).

they give you data

Well, yes, social networks provide data in terms of user profiles, visits, income... All this information helps you to carry out good marketing campaigns and to know what your customers are looking for or what they like so you can focus on that content.

But what you may not know is that also It can tell you if you have made a good choice of your ideal client. We explain ourselves; Imagine that you have a sneaker store and in your research you have determined that your ideal customer is men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 who often go for a run and play sports on a daily basis.

However, it turns out that after being on the networks you discover that the profile that visits you the most are young people between the ages of 20 and 30 who do not play sports but who really like the designs of the shoes.

It doesn't mean that you ideal customer profile is wrong, but you have not considered others that can open more markets for you to focus on.

All this can be obtained in the reports that the networks give you and with them you can find out if the progress of eCommerce is going well and how to reach more people through these payment campaigns (so that they are more effective).

Is it now clearer to you what social networks are for in an eCommerce?

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