Where to see the measurement in cms of a shoe?

Where to see the measurement in cms of a shoe?

Surely you have gone shopping for shoes more than once. And whoever says shoes means sneakers, boots, heels, sandals... The normal thing is that, when you see a model that you like, you ask if they have your size. But what if you go by centimeters? Where to see the measurement in cm of a shoe?

Although you may not believe it, in reality, This is the best option when buying shoes or buying them online because each manufacturer can make a larger or smaller size.. But what is clear is that whatever your foot measures will be the minimum that your footwear should measure. Go for it?

How to know how many centimeters your foot is

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Before telling you where to see the measurement in cm of a shoe, it is necessary that Do you know how you can measure your foot in centimeters?. And since we were little, when we go to buy some footwear, we first choose the size by eye, and then we see if it fits us well or not. As adults we know that size doesn't change much, so once we find the right one, we always order the same one.

But centimeters is a better idea, because you adapt the shoe to your foot, and not the other way around.

How to measure your foot in centimeters

To do this, you must get some key elements. On the one hand, a sheet of paper. Let it be white, have nothing written on it and let it be bigger than your foot. Because if it isn't we have a problem. Along with the paper you need a ruler and a marker.

And what do we do with those three things? You see: the first thing is to find a wall where you can stand. You have to do it on your back and touching the heel of your foot against the wall itself (your foot resting on the floor). Place the blank sheet of paper just below, and also against the wall.

Now, the situation is that your foot will be on the white sheet of paper. Make sure the heel hits the wall (or molding). When everything is good, move on to the next step.

This one needs the help of another person. You have to take the marker and mark on the sheet of paper, with a horizontal line, the place where the longest toe ends. And be careful, because that longest finger is not always the big toe. Sometimes it is the heart or even the index finger.

Once it has been marked, take the ruler and draw a straight line along the sheet of paper where you left the mark. Likewise, draw another vertically to the end of the page that you have stepped on with your foot.

With that same rule, measure the distance from that marked point (where your longest finger reached) to the end of the sheet of paper. Those centimeters will be what your foot measures, but not what your shoes should measure.

In reality, you have to add about 0,5 centimeters extra to know exactly how many centimeters you need your shoes (for clearance).

Of course, two paragraphs:

  • The first is that, this same You must do it on both feet. Each foot can have a specific measurement and sometimes it can happen that one foot has one size and another another.
  • The second, when measuring, try to do it thinking about the type of footwear. We explain it to you. If the footwear you are going to look for is sandals or shoes that you are going to wear with your bare foot, take the measurements with your foot free (without socks, tights, tights...). But if you are going to wear the shoes with socks, tights, tights, thick socks... then when measuring, do it with them on. It is the way to obtain the exact and appropriate measurement for your foot and thus find the size.

Equivalence of centimeters to shoe sizes

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When buying shoes online, you have surely been surprised more than once to see that not only the European or Spanish sizes appeared, but also those from the United Kingdom, or even those from Italy. And each one has a measurement and what here could be a size 36, maybe there, for example, is a size 3.

Now, We leave you what is the equivalence in centimeters of the shoe sizes most common to know the exact size.

equivalence sizes and cms men source railé

Source: Carrilé

equivalence sizes and cms men source railé

Source: Carrilé

equivalence sizes and cms men source railé

Source: Carrilé

Where to see the measurement in cms of a shoe

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Now you have your size in centimeters. And also the equivalence in sizing to go to a shoe store. But where can you see the measurement in cm of a shoe? There can be several places:

  • The product sheet. If you buy shoes online, you may be able to find the centimeters of a shoe depending on the size you choose. This way you will know if it is the right one for you or not.
  • The shoe itself. Inside this you may find a label (sometimes sewn, other times glued) that tells you the size as well as the centimeters. They can even have sizes from different countries.
  • The sole of the shoe. Finally, another area where you can see the measurement in cm of a shoe is the sole itself. Normally, only the size appears, but more and more manufacturers also add the centimeters to which they are equivalent.

When purchasing, you should also take into account some important factors:

  • Your foot type If it is Greek, Egyptian, square, triangular... because there will be shoes that are uncomfortable because they squeeze your fingers or do not allow you to have a normal shape of your fingers.
  • When you go to buy sports shoes, such as sneakers, try to increase the centimeters, instead of 0,5, to 1 centimeter or more. And when you play sports, your foot dilates and your footwear can bother you.
  • Each foot is free. That is, you may not have the same length in both. If so, always try to choose the size that suits your longest foot. Also, never forget to try on both feet. Because sometimes that's the problem of not liking to use them afterwards.

Have you ever had this problem? Now you know how to measure your foot according to centimeters, their equivalence and where to see the measurement in cm of a shoe. Do you have any doubts?

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