What insurance do you need for your ecommerce?

The management in an ecommerce requires a series of insurances to protect the interests of this professional activity in online format. Where it is a very important instrument so that you can be in complete willingness to protect, not only your professional interests, but also your assets and IT equipment. Where the most important thing is that everything works with complete correction.

From this general context, it should be noted that insurance for online stores is usually commercial insurance whose main purpose is to protect both the premises or warehouse, as well as the goods or stock before different risks (fire, theft, electrical damage, water, etc.) and the civil liability of both the premises and the business itself.

In any case, if your online business does not have a premises because you provide services and do not sell products, the usual thing is to contract a general civil liability insurance that covers the civil liability of exploitation, employer and products and the legal defense against these claims.

If you have an online store or have thought about setting it up, this information is essential.In any case, it will help you put your store on the internet the easy way and as safely as possible for your interests

Ecommerce insurance: asset protection

The price of insurance for your online store or business depends mainly on whether or not you insure the premises, or only insure civil liability. One of the most demanded is the so-called purchase insurance, which is a policy for companies dedicated to the sale of finished products directly to the consumer.

This product has adapted coverage to this type of establishment. The guarantees of technical advice on quality and safety and the extension of civil liability, among others, to complete the protection that you and your Internet business need.

Another of the necessary policies for this kind of business is that of ground transportation. In the sense that it helps to have the most complete protection, whether you are a shipper, broker, transporter or organizer of art exhibitions. Likewise, it offers a modality in which it is mainly aimed at meeting the needs of merchandise owners. This policy obliges the insured to notify each of the trips made, establishing a rate for each of them based on the merchandise insured by this financial product.

IT insurance

On the other hand, this important benefit is also present within this offer. Where users, freelancers and SMEs can subscribe different types of policies to preserve the proper functioning of their computers or computer equipment Through products that include coverage for the repair, installation and maintenance of computers, loss of data and physical damage to its components and, which are even intended for laptops; although, however, individuals can always resort to hiring home insurance which includes coverage to correct possible deficiencies in the use of computers, as well as a computer assistance service.

Another variant that users can also subscribe are the policies to insure electronic equipment for both professional and private use that are installed at home or in offices and that are intended for individuals with the interest of insuring them, both for professional and private use. This type of insurance generally covers short circuits and other electrical causes (overvoltage, induction or poor insulation), lubrication defects, assembly failures and poor workmanship, among the most common.

It also covers external damages such as fire, explosion, direct lightning strike, theft and other natural phenomena, among other contingencies. Through them, we start from a basic guarantee that affects equipment damage and other optional ones that refer to damages that could be caused by external carriers and the increase in the cost of the operation. The price of this kind of insurance is calculated based on the characteristics of the electronic equipment, its age and practical use within the home, office or professional office.

Securing the offices

For its processing, it is advisable to know the policy that you wish to contract, since it may include coverage that the office owner it does not contemplate insuring, either because it does not need it or because it does not compensate it financially, hence some insurers choose to launch "à la carte" insurance on the market, more personalized to the interests of each owner.

An insurance must be sought that protects the particularities of each office with guarantees, so for example, those that are located on ground floors must include, among the contingencies, those derived from meteorological disasters (floods, pipe breaks, etc.), that it cannot affect the premises located in plants that need other requirements.

By their nature, this class of policies are especially suitable for professionals or self-employed workers who have the urgent need to protect their space and everything in it is kept, hence they can also be extended to professional offices.

Civil liability

Many insurance companies have developed general liability insurance, a very comprehensive insurance due to the diversity and breadth of its coverage and flexible to suit the needs of each company. This CR Insurance guarantees maximum protection against third-party claims in any sector, including professional, recreational and leisure activities.

In this sense, the General Civil Liability Insurance It will allow your company to continue being economically viable after having suffered claims from third parties for liability derived from the activity, the products or the work carried out. In addition, it will offer you the widest range of guarantees to adapt to your needs.

With the aim that its managers cannot avoid the possibility of taking any measure that endangers business assets or causes losses to third parties. For this reason, it is very favorable that within the digital sector a policy of these characteristics can be formalized. To be aimed at managers and administrators that offers protection against possible damage to third parties.

Among the main coverages offered by this insurance product are some as relevant as the ones that we are going to show you below:

  • Civil liability for insured persons
  • Surety
  • New subsidiaries
  • Defense in pollution claims
  • Rehabilitation of public image
  • Administrative fines and penalties
  • Civil liability on the part of the founder
  • Bankruptcy guarantee

 While on the other hand, the so-called Multi-risk company insurance is also enabled and it is designed so that no incident causes stop your business activity. Any company is exposed to certain risks for which it is convenient to be aware.

If you have any questions, leave us your phone number and one of our advisors will contact you to give you all the information you need.

These are some of the most relevant situations with multi-risk coverage developed by various insurance companies, among which the following stand out:

  • Water damage
  • natural phenomena
  • Glass breakage
  • Vehicle fire
  • Replacement of molds and files
  • Robbery or theft

Insurance for workers

Although in this type of insurance products it is normal for them to be contracted individually (retirement insurance, daily compensation or illness), there is also the possibility offered by some insurance companies that provide them jointly to their clients through a "pack”Insurer in which cover all contingencies previously mentioned. Although their global rate is higher, a certain saving can be achieved than if they are contracted one by one, in isolation, even through several insurers.

This strategy has not yet been implemented in the current offer, but you can always opt for an insurance model that meets these characteristics (or similar) and that has as its main recipients the self-employed, who on the other hand are the ones with the greatest deficiencies They have to receive this type of social benefits and, therefore, the most sensitive to receive these health and social services.

Comprehensive plans for professionals

Another solution available to the self-employed to protect their interests is through a comprehensive plan aimed at people who are self-employed, with which they can compensate the income that is lost in the event of sick leave. It can also be contracted to ensure the sick leave or accident, and thus reduce the expenses that this entails, the self-employed receiving compensation during the time that they remain without working. One of the advantages of going to this insurance proposal is that you can optionally subscribe a medical coverage plan, as well as the guarantee of hospitalization for any reason.

With your hiring, the risk of not obtaining your regular income due to sick leave is eliminated, and thus protect your assets and that of your entire family by completing the Social Security income. It also allows obtaining a daily compensation that can range between approximately 20 and 50 euros, as well as obtaining new services or medical benefits at no additional cost for their holders and, in some more complete proposals, even the possibility of receiving a telephone legal guidance service and completely free medical guidance. In what is formed as an insurance solution for online companies.

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