WANNAAI, the eCommerce of paintings created with AI

WANNAAI, the ecommerce of paintings created with AI

Artificial intelligence has burst into all sectors with force. To the point of creating businesses related to AI. That's what happens with WANNAAI, the eCommerce of paintings created with AI. Do you know him?

On this occasion we want tell you about this entrepreneurship so that you have it as a source of inspiration and you see that, from everything, you can get a business idea. Shall we start?

What is WANNAAI, the ecommerce of paintings created with AI

As explained in the subtitle, WANNAAI is actually an online store. Specifically one of artistic innovation. And it is that The art sold on this website is not created by people, but by technology itself (specifically, artificial intelligence).

Now, really, that's not the case. And, for AI to design the paintings, human creativity itself is necessary, as well as the understanding of intelligence to get it to do what you want. In other words, operation requires designers and experts in AI algorithms or prompts to achieve the expected results.

Thanks to this merger, The paintings that can be found are of very diverse styles, from landscapes, vintage paintings, colorful, sensual, animals...

Who created WANNAAI

colorful paintings

The people behind WANNAAI They are José Gorchs, David García and Martí Segundo, computer scientist, art director and marketing director respectively. They were (and are) friends since childhood, and when artificial intelligence knocked on everyone's door they came up with an investment that they hoped would pay off, as it has. Of course, they didn't quit their jobs, but rather did everything as a second job.

In their own words, «when a good idea arises that excites us and motivates us and with which we know we are going to have fun in the process». And the origin of WANNAAI was due to Martí Segundo. At that time he couldn't find any painting that he liked to decorate his house. So, discussing it with his friend David, he asked him to do something with the AI ​​to see if he found the key.

As a result of this need, They saw a business that could be interesting for others who, like Segundo, could not find a business that truly fulfilled them.

The idea was brewing since mid-2023 and at the end of that year they launched the eCommerce of paintings created with AI. Of course, it is not enough to just create a store and that's it, it needs to be known, which is why they established contacts with hotels, interior design studios, etc. with the aim of presenting your product to them.

And the truth is that they are not doing anything bad.

How does WANNAAI work?

Wannaai ecommerce pictures

As we have told you before, WANNAAI works with designers, AI experts and, of course, technology.

The first thing they do is think about what they want to create. This can be determined by the client themselves, who requires special customization, or by themselves, who create different paintings. Once the objective to be achieved is clear, it is the experts in AI algorithms who get to work to build the appropriate prompts that result in a picture that is closest to what you have imagined. Of course, and taking into account that AI makes mistakes, especially when it comes to people, all paintings are inspected so that they come out perfect. But also when printing or using the appropriate materials for high quality.

In the words of Martí Segundo: «Artistic creativity has no limits. We want to offer the client the opportunity to find the painting they want and, if it is not in our catalog, we create it in a personalized way. Transforming your home or business is easy and affordable with WANNAAI, changing pictures frequently thanks to the variety and accessibility of our prices, optimized thanks to the use of AI by our creatives.

How much are WANNAAI paintings worth?

One of the characteristics of eCommerce is that the prices are affordable. It is true that you can find various prices, depending above all on the material used (methacrylate, canvas, aluminum) and the size of the painting.

To quote you some prices, black and white paintings can be found from 22 euros. Others start at 12,60 euros. The most expensive? 22 euros for a small size, and much more for a giant size.

What is the catalog like?

collections of paintings

As of the date of writing this article, in WANNAAI you can find 480 articles, or paintings made by AI.

Within them, They are divided into different collections such as:

  • Urban.
  • People.
  • Abstract.
  • Interiors
  • Landscapes.
  • Scenes.
  • Colorful.
  • Sexy.
  • Vintage.
  • Engine.
  • Sports.
  • Pie.
  • Black White.

How to buy at WANNAAI

If after seeing the store you have succumbed to his art, the next step is to buy the painting. Once you have decided which one you want, you will see that in the product page lets you choose the material (canvas, methacrylate or aluminum); the size (square, vertical or horizontal in different sizes each) and the amount you want.

Depending on how you change these characteristics, the price will rise more or less than that minimum that you saw at the beginning.

You just have to add it to the cart and proceed to the purchasing process. Of course, you should know that shipping costs are included in the price of the painting, you will not have to pay them separately.

As for delivery, it is not as fast as with other eCommerce. They will not deliver the painting to you in 24-48 hours, but it will take about five or seven business days to do it (keep in mind that they have to print the painting, assemble it and then package it). This shipment is made through Correos Express or another courier company, but you will have a tracking number to know where it is going at all times once it leaves the store.


Buying a painting made by artificial intelligence or not will depend on each person's tastes. Although we may think that this would be unique, the truth is that, since they have that product for sale, just as you buy it, someone else will buy it. Which means that they are not exclusive designs.

It is true that The fusion between originality and creativity makes them very tempting, as well as the price. But it will depend on each person to find the one that satisfies the person's personality and taste.

Would you dare to buy from WANNAAI, the e-commerce for paintings created with AI?

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