Use of videos to boost your ecommerce

Video is the format it generates more trust among customers or users and there are around 40% more conversions thanks to them according to reports. Depending on the sector you work in, it will be easier and more convenient to create small illustrative videos of the products. If, for whatever reason, you cannot include videos of each product, we recommend that you include the odd video on your website, in order to strengthen your brand image and the trust of customers.

And with the growing number of competitors in e-commerce, getting into video now might not be a bad idea. According to a Brightcove study, 46% of consumers revealed that they purchased an item by watching a video.

Looking for ideas to use video to grow your ecommerce business? In this article, I'll share 11 creative ways for eCommerce companies to market their products with videos. Let's get started.

Close-up of the product

One of the easiest ways to increase sales is to use video for product demonstrations or to show products more clearly. Videos showing products from multiple angles and close-ups can give people a better understanding of what they are buying, which can increase sales conversions.

According to a survey conducted by Wyzowl, 80% of people said that product videos gave them more confidence when buying a product online. The video gives customers a better understanding of what the ring looks like, showing it from different angles and providing a close-up view. The sparkles also add to the perceived beauty of the item and probably increase the chances that someone will buy it.

Show how to use the product

Some products are innovative and showing people how to use them can help people understand the value of the product.

This video begins by showing what the item looks like in its original packaging and what is included. He then shows the viewer how quick and easy it is to assemble it, how to cook in it, and how to repack it when you're done. The video further demonstrates that the product is easy to clean and portable.

These features would be difficult to display using only static images and text. But a short video can allow customers to quickly and effectively understand what the product does and how to use it.

Tell a story that evokes emotion

Good storytelling and movie making can arouse emotions in people, and people often share emotional content. It can also be a great way to create a powerful brand image.

In fact, a Google study revealed that women ages 18 to 34 were twice as likely to think positively of a brand that displayed powerful ads. They are also 80% more likely to like, comment on, and share such ads after viewing them.

Pantene launched an ad campaign called Chrysalis that featured a deaf girl who dreamed of playing the violin. After being bullied and ridiculed by one of her peers, she almost gave up on her dream. But then she befriends a skilled busker who is also deaf and encourages her to keep playing. The girl faces adversity along the way, but remains persistent. Beat the odds and triumph in the end, surprising everyone, including the person who almost convinced her to give up.

Entertainment Videos

People love to be entertained, so using entertainment can allow ecommerce videos to be shared and sometimes go viral.

One of the best known examples of using entertainment to grow a brand is the "Will It Blendtec" video series. In 2005, Blendtec had a great product but a weak brand awareness. The Blendtec CEO and research team tested their mixer by mixing wooden boards to test the durability of their product. George Wright, Blendtec's chief marketing officer, came up with the idea to videotape the operation and post the videos online.

With an investment of just $ 100, Blendtec posted videos of its blender mixing items like a garden rake, marbles, and a rotisserie chicken on YouTube. The videos generated more than 6 million views in just 5 days. Blendtec's campaign was an innovative way to showcase the power of their product while entertaining anyone who viewed their videos.

Blendtec continued to produce these videos and in 2006 their sales increased by 700%, bringing the company's revenue to around $ 40 million for the year.

Creating an entertaining video takes some creativity, but it can be a great way to boost your brand awareness and ultimately generate more sales.

CEO Message

Having the CEO or a senior executive create a video can be a great way to personalize a brand and develop a deeper connection with the community. Videos featuring executives can build trust and rapport with the audience while getting to know the people behind the company.

In fact, an Ace Metrix analysis showed that ads that feature a company's CEO perform better than those that don't on average.

The video was a great way to introduce the product and let people meet the CEO. It is presented as a genuine Raspberry Pi communication rather than a commercial one.

Ben Brode worked for Blizzard Entertainment and was the lead designer for Hearthstone, one of the most popular online card games. In addition to working on the game's design, he also played a significant role in marketing the game by appearing in the videos for new expansion releases.

Keep in mind that not all ads with a CEO on it did well. Some of the keys to successful CEO announcements include:

People must feel that the CEO is genuine and authentic.

The CEO must commit to this long-term strategy. A consistent ad campaign will generally perform better than a single ad.

The CEO must be a good communicator and charismatic. Not all CEOs will have the right personality to engage the audience through video.

Interactive video ads

As video marketing becomes more competitive, making interactive videos can be a great way to stand out. According to a study by media group Magma, interactive video ads led to a 47% increase in engagement versus non-interactive ads and also increased purchase intent by up to 9 times.

Interactive video ads are pretty new, so you may not have seen many around here. But as more companies realize their effectiveness, they are likely to continue to grow in popularity.

Here are some examples of interactive video ads ...

Twitch is a popular platform for gamers who want to stream popular video games, and one of the ways they make money is by allowing viewers to buy "bits" so they can cheer on their favorite Esports team. However, they also allow viewers to earn "bits" for free by watching interactive video ads.

Influenza Support

Businesses can partner with influencers through video to target specialized audiences. Since influencers have already built credibility and trust with their followers, collaborations with influencers can be a quick and effective way to reach potential customers.

Add videos to product pages

When building the product pages of your e-commerce website, please add a video description of the respective product. According to a survey by Animoto, a cloud-based animation tool, online shoppers are four times more likely to see a video description of a product than to read a text description.

A text description can still be included on product pages, but a video description must also be added. If a buyer is unwilling to read the text description, they can choose to watch the video. By adding video descriptions to your product pages, you will achieve a higher conversion rate for your product.

Share the product explanation videos on YouTube. Creating product explanation videos and sharing them on YouTube is a very effective way to boost your ecommerce website sales.

Product explanation videos are a subset of product merchandising videos that, of course, explain how a product works. They can be live-action or animated, but their main purpose is to educate viewers on the inner workings of a product.

When a consumer has heard of one of the products on your e-commerce website but is not entirely convinced that the investment is worth it, they can search for an explanatory video of it online.

Although product explanation videos can be shared on a variety of platforms, YouTube usually gives the best results. When you share product explanation videos on YouTube, they will not only appear on YouTube, but also in Google and Bing search results. Consumers can search for product explainer videos using any of these three search engines.

And, to further highlight the power of YouTube, everyone knows that Google is the most popular search engine, but what is commonly overlooked is that the second largest search engine in the world by search volume is YouTube. .

Knowing this little fact, it's no wonder Google bought YouTube before it was profitable; however, it still amazes me that there are many savvy ecommerce merchants that I run into in 2019 who are not exploiting this fact for more profit on their online store.

Include video testimonials on your website

You can also use video testimonials to promote the products on your e-commerce website. When buyers see past customers talking about their positive experience with your online store in a testimonial video, they will tend to feel more confident engaging in your business and purchasing your products.

Testimonials are created by previous customers, so they offer an unbiased opinion of your ecommerce website, meaning that buyers tend to trust them more than ads or other marketing messages. And video testimonials are even more effective than text because they show the previous customer talking about their experience.

Testimonials help conversions on your site because they fall into a category of psychological phenomena known as social proof. And, according to Robert Cialdini, in his book Influence, social proof is a weapon of influence.

After getting some video testimonials, add them to your ecommerce website. If this is a video testimonial about your online store in general, please add it to your home page. If it's a video testimonial about a specific product, please add it to the product page.

Upload product promotional videos directly to Facebook

When sharing promotional videos on the Facebook page of your e-commerce website, be sure to upload them directly to the social media network.

Facebook allows users to share videos in two ways: embedding them or uploading them directly.

When you embed a video on Facebook, you are basically linking to a URL that it is hosted on, like YouTube or Vimeo.

Users can view your promotional videos on Facebook regardless of how you share them.

However, of those two supported methods, you will attract more views by uploading your promotional videos directly to Facebook.

The social media network favors native video content over embedded video content, so uploading videos directly to Facebook usually results in more views.

Native videos will rank higher in your followers' newsfeeds, which means more users will watch and watch them.

Embed videos in emails

When using email to communicate with your e-commerce website audience, consider including relevant videos in your emails.

Research shows that emails with the word "video" added to the subject line are 19 percent more likely to be opened than other emails.

Most people prefer watching the videos to reading the text, so adding this single word to the subject line of your emails can greatly improve your open rates. Of course, you should only use "video" in the subject line of an email if the email contains an actual video.

Invest in paid video ads

Aside from production and editing expenses, you won't have to spend a fortune to promote your e-commerce using video. Video marketing is an inexpensive and time-tested way to promote your online store. All you need to get started is your smartphone in your pocket and an internet connection. With that said, you can increase the selling power of video by purchasing paid video ads.

To get started with paid video ads, create a Google Ads account and set up a new video campaign. Video campaigns consist of video ads, which you create and upload to Google Ads, that play on YouTube as well as other websites on the Google Display Network. Although costs vary, you can expect to pay around 10-20 cents per view.

If you're still embarrassed to get started with video ads, you can search YouTube or elsewhere for tutorials; But, when you want expert help and get up to speed quickly, the best course I have found is the one produced by AdSkills, it's called BulletProof Youtube Ads.

Product videos for merchandising

You can't expect buyers to find your ecommerce website unless you promote it. Video marketing is a proven promotional strategy that can attract more buyers to your online store while helping you achieve higher conversion rates in the process.

Just remember to create high-quality videos with your ecommerce website's target audience in mind. And don't forget to optimize your ecommerce compliance and shipping that is sure to increase in volume once your videos start to gain traction.

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