Tips to improve the security of your website

One of your most important objectives from now on is to provide web security so that you do not have any kind of incidents in your online businesses. Because do not forget that any failure can mean a lot of money and in any case more than you can foresee from the beginning. To achieve this long-awaited goal, we are going to offer you rules of action that will make you comply with this desire and above other kinds of considerations.

Security on your company's website should be a priority goal because nothing more than your online business is at stake. In this sense, it should be noted that in this way what at the end of the day we are going to offer you is to teach you some simple techniques that we can apply on our website, to improve its security and that of all those users who visit it.

Because in fact, you cannot forget that this situation usually produces a very bad image, since it gets information compromised of the site and also to the visitors who access it. With the real possibility that some incidents take place that will end up affecting the development of your online store or commerce. As for example, the ones that we are going to show you below:

Web security: install security certificates

This is undoubtedly the first measure that you should apply on the website. In this sense, the use of security certificates would not improve the security of our site, but it would help to improve the security of the information that moves through it, especially in electronic businesses where sensitive user data is usually sent.

What this type of security certificate does is to encrypt the information that is sent through the web page, preventing someone who intercepts the traffic from decrypting the sent data, unless they also get the encryption key. With its implementation you will avoid that from now on very few desired situations can arise. With the logical disruption that it can cause in your professional activity at any time.


As strange as it may seem, not everyone does them. In case of suffering some type of attack that have infected our site, the safest way to end it is by resorting to a backup that we have made of our portal.

These backups also guarantee that we have saved our information in the event of suffering some type of catastrophic event. Of course, do not make the copy on your own computer, but on some external medium that is stored in a different place than where we have the server.

At the end of the day, applying a backup will be one of the best solutions to avoid any kind of incidents on your website. And that in the end can have a very negative impact on your business. While on the other hand, it will be a performance that will not cost you an excessive effort to start it from now on. Do not question it in any way.

Application update

There is nothing safer than carrying out a total update of the applications downloaded from the new technology platforms. Because in effect, if this task is not carried out, users are much more exposed to incidents of great severity in the news media. This is something very common and if you don't do it, you risk that your teams can be seen affected by viruses, malware and another series of problems that in the end will have a very serious impact on your business.

While on the other hand, this problem can be solved with some ease through some computer programs. In this sense, you cannot forget that in these cases it will be the tool itself that alerts you when a new version has been released, inviting you to update it. Therefore, it will be the one who alerts you to this problem with some ease. So that in this way you are fully prepared to continue with your business lines normally.

On the other hand, we can also find a large number of manuals that explain this type of action on the web. Without involving us any monetary expense as it happens with payment computer programs. Where you have to disburse a payment to acquire this product to ensure any technological device. From personal computers to mobile phones or tablets, to give just a few examples.

Go to secure pages

This is another is another of the strategies that must be undertaken to protect our business interests, in our store or online commerce. From this point of view, it should be noted that its great contribution to security lies in the fact that users must import a very demanding identification process. In the style of the so-called KYC which is so widely used by banks. It is also in charge of verifying our data with great rigor. So there are no last minute surprises.

It also stands out for storing customer data in an encrypted way to guarantee their operations. Like the data from credit or debit cards, it is not stored on the platform. This fact gives a lot of security so that they are not diverted to third parties. With an acknowledgment of the elaborate strategies, serves to protect all movements on web pages.

In order to ensure that the platform is completely 100% secure. This must be excellent news for users who want to register from now on.

Install SSL system

On the other hand, we cannot forget that the use of security certificates would not improve the security of the information that the user is looking for and therefore can get to loyalty knowing that you are in a safe and reliable site. Not only to view the contents, but on the contrary, to make payments for your purchases in stores or online commerce.

Well, on this aspect we must remember at this moment that this type of security certificates, what it does is encrypt the information that is sent through the web page, preventing someone who intercepts the traffic from decrypting the data sent, unless be that it also gets the encryption key.

For this reason, it is very important that a system of these characteristics be installed since it will solve more than one problem that can lead you to lose money in a way that is very unwanted for your interests in the company. As well as giving greater protection to all the users or clients that you have in your portfolio at any given time. Especially if you complement this measure with others that generate great efficiency in terms of their final results.

Go to a hosting that offers you more security

While on the other hand, no less important is the fact that in the end the main measure to make a website a secure environment is to have a reliable hosting service. Some providers have servers that lack the minimum computer security requirements, which can be very dangerous for both our business and its users.

Because you must bear in mind that not all hosting is the same. If not, on the contrary, there are small differences that can make you opt for one over others. It is a strategy that can be very useful from this moment on. Where the biggest problem lies in the fact of choosing the hosting that offers you the most confidence at the moment given the great offer that is generated from this class of companies linked to new technologies.

Because without a doubt the accommodation and the security measures that it has at the level of reliability in the database, are important details in security. Do not forget it from now on because it can be very useful and benefit from its most relevant benefits.

Make a security copy

This is another system that meets your expectations very effectively. From this point of view, do not forget that all the data within the digital environment can be lost in times of emergency, that is why making backup copies of your site periodically can help you solve some inconveniences.

To satisfy this long-awaited I wish nothing better than to carry out this action with great efficiency and from time to time. On the other hand, not developing it can lead you to very unwanted situations for all the parties that are part of this process. For which, you must prepare a calendar on the dates on which you must apply this protection system for your website. Since at the end of the day it can make you get out of some trouble.

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