Tips for making commercial reels

Tips for making commercial reels

Instagram has become a social network where people are no longer just looking for good photographs or showing the daily lives of influencers. It is also a communication and sales channel for companies, freelancers, businesses... Therefore, how about some tips for making commercial reels?

If you want your account to have followers and start uploading statistics with visits Since people follow you, perhaps what we are going to talk to you about can help you achieve it. How about you take a look?

Show your product from different perspectives

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One of the first tips for making commercial reels that we can give you has to do with your product. In this case we focus on the physical product, since services would have a more difficult time promoting themselves (although with a little creativity we already tell you that it can also be achieved).

The goal is that, when it comes to showing your product, you don't do it from just one perspective but from all of them. The objective is that people know the details of your product so that it seems like they have it in front of them and can touch it. And that is what you need to put in their minds.

Furthermore, what the different perspectives are going to achieve is that you create different visual effects that They will make the video have more life, dynamism and originality. As if it were a model, make your product desirable to others.

Don't sell, connect

One of the most common mistakes in the accounts of stores, businesses, companies, products or services is wanting to sell. We know that, and we know that is what you want to happen. But People are tired of everyone trying to sell them something everywhere they look.

So, when they see something like that, they run away to the opposite side. Well, when making reels, try not to fall into that trap. One of the tips for making commercial reels is to create videos that connect, not sell. And how is that done?

Imagine that you have some pills to eliminate a headache. You can talk about the times a headache incapacitates you, what you feel, how doing day-to-day tasks is exhausting and that only makes the headache worse.

And then, give your product as a solution. But not with the typical: buy it and try it, but rather giving the advantages of your product and letting the choice be up to the people, whether they want to continue with the headache or eliminate it at once from their daily lives.

Play background music

Another tip for making commercial reels that you can use is to add viral music to your videos. Is a technique that always helps, especially if there are songs that everyone is listening to and that you know, yes or yes, will make them see your reel.

Now, be careful with that because if you are promoting posts on Instagram to reach more accounts, the fact that you include music may disable it for this objective. That is, you will not be able to promote it. So be careful what you want to do with the reel once published, because if it has copyrighted music, they will either delete the publication or silence it. And, of course, you won't be able to use it to create ads on Instagram.

Impact from the beginning

The reason why Instagram is called Instagram

This is not as difficult to achieve as you may think. It's about capturing people in the first five seconds because, if they spend more, they may not finish watching your video.

The goal is to get people to stay and watch the entire reel. And, to do this, it is best to use a headline that attracts a lot of attention. Let's be more practical. Imagine that it is a video to promote your Instagram manager service. And you have made a reel with tricks to gain followers.

Well, instead of titling it like that, you could say: "the secret that no one tells you so that your subscriber list explodes."

That alone will attract attention. But be careful not to go too far or they will think you are a smoke-seller.

Another thing, when making the reels, always try to add subtitles because 85% of people watch them without audio (because they are on the street, at work, at home, etc.) and they don't have to always be there. with headphones on.

Basic information but engaging

Another problem that many businesses and eCommerce have is wanting to advertise a product and give all the information possible. The problem is that this information could be the technical sheet of the product or its description on the website (or another).

And of course, no one reads that, it's boring and doesn't engage. So, when creating commercial reels, Bet on the fact that they have basic information that is engaging. No copy and paste.

Commercial reels yes, but with people

It's okay to make product reels from time to time. But let it not be the norm. Followers like to see people participate in the reels, talk to the camera, and make it seem like they are interacting with you.

So try to record videos like this because they have a much larger audience when there are people than when you only show a product or a place.

For example, a reel of a product is fine. But one of a person teaching the product, talking about its benefits, advantages, how to apply it and what you are going to achieve with it is going to be much better.

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Lastly, we recommend that you create a slogan for your business. Something that Be catchy and always repeat in your publications. Because that will attract more attention, create a community around it and yes, also achieve more interaction.

We could leave you more tips for making commercial reels that will work for you depending on your business. But then we would never finish. Have any of your reels had a pull? What do you think it could have been due to? Do you have any more tricks you want to share?

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