The 6 most common cyber attacks in an eCommerce

2525 To the point that they can generate certain incidents in its development as you will be able to verify in a moment. Where are we going to show you what are the most common ecommerce attacks and the best ways to prevent this serious problem.

You cannot forget that this type of fraud is especially dangerous in those ecommerce in which there is a greater customer contact or users. Because first of all you should know that a cyber attack is basically an attack, it is an attempt to expose, alter, destabilize, destroy, eliminate to obtain unauthorized access or use an asset.

Its effects can be truly devastating in the interests of the digital business, regardless of its nature and structure. There are various types of cyberattacks that are evolving and improving on a daily basis. Therefore, there is no other option but to be prepared and respond in the most effective way: using research and Technological advances. But to be able to face these threats, it is essential to know them in depth and know how to differentiate them.

Cyber ​​attacks: objectives

The objectives of the hackers or hackers They are more varied than you can imagine from the beginning. They can even have political or military interests in some of the most extreme cases, thus encompassing the concept of cyber warfare. But one of the most common purposes is the theft of information from companies, identity theft and the paralysis of computer networks. And of course they can be channeled through the digital or online store that you have launched.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that the consequences of a cyber attack can be very detrimental to your business interests. Especially if you take into account that these kinds of attacks are being renewed and new ways are explored to harm companies with the primary objective of appropriating your data. For this reason, it is vital to be clear about the most common types of basic cyberattacks and what they can lead to in a company.

Some of them are better known than others, but in all cases it can create more than one problem for you from now on. This is one of the reasons why it is very important to identify them, to at least take the preventive measures so that in this way you limit its repercussions. Because of course, there may come a time when they are certainly unsolvable and then it will be too late for the measures that you wanted to apply from now on.


The purpose of this malware is to infect a third-party computer to gather information contained in it and create a series of incidents very harmful to your interests in electronic commerce. That is, they are used to profit from the sale of sensitive information. They are very easy to introduce and in principle there are many users who are sensitive to this class of threats. From this point of view, their prevention is simpler than in the other threats since there are different products on the market to eliminate them from the beginning.

In any case, spyware constitutes a serious problem for your electronic commerce because it is based on the fact that a spyware is a malware that collects information from a computer and then transmits this information to an external entity without the knowledge or the consent of the owner of the computer. In this way, you can see yourself involved in a series of very problematic technical incidents for the defense of your interests.


Of course, this is one of the most dangerous since it affects advertising and for this reason you should be more sensitive in solutions that you have to give from these precise moments. Not surprisingly, this software used to display advertising is very focused on stealing data from users, but it can also affect companies. In this case, support is channeled through the information provided by customers or users.

You can recognize this incident because it shows or offers unwanted or misleading advertising, whether embedded in a web page through graphics, posters, floating windows, or during the installation of a program to the user. Its effects can also be very lethal and from this approach, there is no doubt that online stores or shops should avoid this scenario in all cases. So that in this way, they generate more trust among users or customers and continue to operate through the website in question.


Not because they are better known are they less dangerous. Not much less. If not, on the contrary, its technical incidents may believe you more than one problem from now on. In this sense, you should not forget that together with Trojans, worms are one of the most common Internet attacks. And therefore you have to identify it to eliminate it as soon as possible to operate with complete correction with the digital store.

While on the other hand, another aspect that you should know from now on is that which refers to its transmission. This process is done by replicating or what is the same, thus sending copies to other teams and thus promoting a rapid and dangerous extension of its effects. Fortunately for your interests, it is the threat that is best controlled due to its many solutions that are contemplated from the computer sector and network security.


Of course, another of the dangers that electronic businesses frequently face is this incidence, which is unfortunately on the rise in terms of its appearance. This is due to the fact that it spreads more easily in the other cases since it can spread through the e-mail of the users themselves and what is even worse, in a very fast and destructive way. With a common objective and that is none other than the desired theft of information by criminals or the main cybercriminals who access content through emails infected. It's really that simple and threatening.

On the other hand, this term that may be better known as identity theft, is a computer term that calls a model of computer abuse and that is committed through the use of a type of social engineering, characterized by trying to acquire confidential information fraudulently . It is another of the incidents that you have to prevent if you do not want that in the end they also end up affecting your business instrument. With the disadvantage that you will need more powerful solutions than in the other cases and that it may have a very strong monetary cost.


Ransomware (also known as rogueware or scareware) restricts access to your system and requires a ransom to be paid to remove the restriction. The most dangerous attacks have been caused by ransomware such as Cerber, Cryptolocker and Locky. Of course, it is obvious when your device has been infected with ransomware, as it will probably not be able to access your computer. While on the other hand, you have to know that it is necessary to make use of the ransomware removal tool of your antivirus software, which should search for and remove any ransomware attempts found on your computer.

The frequency of these types of attacks is increasing. What is achieved with them is to block the system of a company or institution, requesting a ransom in exchange for releasing it. The effects can be catastrophic, as the company in question is completely paralyzed. Large companies have suffered such attacks recently, generating considerable media hype. The positive side is that ransomware viruses, increasingly refined and focused on mobile devices, have become much more visible in society.


You are facing a significantly different threat and that has more to do with the volume of advertising in email. Traditionally, attacks from spammers target email accounts, but now it is also possible to find blog spam, instant messages, social networking sites like Facebook and mobile phones.

For one thing, your device receives unsolicited spam messages on a regular basis, often in large numbers. Senders of spam posing as businesses, friends, or family. While on the other hand, and regarding its elimination, it should be noted that you must configure a spam filter in your inbox and mark all suspicious messages as spam. Unsubscribe from spam newsletters and / or advertisements and blacklist repeat spammers.

As you have seen, there are many threats you have, and therefore you will have no choice but to correct them so that your commercial interests are not compromised.

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