The 5 most popular online payment platforms

online payment

Next we want to talk a little about the 5 most popular online payment platforms that currently exist and that can be used precisely to make payments without leaving home.

1.Google Wallet

Google Wallet

This is the Google's online payment service in which you can make money transfers and also make payments. Google recently announced that it will offer a physical card linked to users' accounts so they can use Google Wallet in retail stores.

Google Wallet is only available in the United States, where you can make online payments using your mobile. What the application does is save the credit and debit cards that are held to act as an intermediary between whoever pays and who receives the money. What difference is there with other payment platforms, since very few, since in this case your information (that is, your cards) will be in the cloud, safely, and they will not charge you any commission for using it.

Many may think that Google Wallet is like Google Pay, but the truth is that it is not. They are actually two totally different applications with different uses.

In this case, Google Wallet is actually, and as the name suggests, a wallet, which means that you can have a balance to send, or receive money from friends and family.

But, in the case of Google Pay, in reality this application is used to pay in stores, not in all, but in those that this payment is available through the app.

Of course, in order to use it, you will need to be registered with Google with an account of this company.

2 PayPal


Para muchos, the online payment platform par excellence, one of the most used around the world with more than 137 million active accounts in 193 countries and in 26 different currencies. With PayPal it is very easy to buy online without leaving home, it even has its own mobile application to manage all payments from the phone.

Despite the fact that many more payment platforms have appeared, PayPal is still one of the most used. Of course, it has some disadvantages (and reasons why many have switched to other platforms). And, as long as the payment is between friends, and in the same country, there is no commission, but when it comes to paying for a purchase or sending money outside the country, there is a commission that, sometimes, you must pay it both the sender and the recipient.

For this reason, many prefer to use another medium.

When it appeared, it was quite a novelty to be able to pay without having to give your bank or credit or debit card details, but only with your email is more than enough to manage the payment or the sending of money. Therefore, many use it.

Today, too has an application to manage payments through mobile and there are many online and eCommerce stores that, among their payment methods, is PayPal (although in many they make the customer support the commission for making the payment).

Another of the great advantages of PayPal is, without a doubt, its customer service support. And it is that, if the product that has been purchased is not received, or there has been an incident, or it is not what was expected, they can manage the return of the money. It takes a while, but as long as you are right, they end up giving you back what you paid.

3.Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments

It is a secure and easy-to-use online payment system, also very convenient for they need to receive money by using the Amazon API. Users can even send money through the Automated Clearing House system, essential if they have an Amazon account.

Amazon Payments, or better known now as Amazon Pay, somehow follows the Paypal base, where, instead of using an email or your bank details, what you must give is simply your Amazon account.

In other words, what you do is Amazon acts as an intermediary to be able to pay instantly on the page you want (and accept this payment method, of course).

As with Paypal, there are fees and costs. For example, if you register as a seller, there is a commission for each transaction that takes place (what many do is that it is the customer who pays it, either fully or partially).

Some consider that Amazon Payments is a PayPal clone, and the truth is that they are not badly misguided. But what you should keep in mind is that Amazon Pay reaches many more than PayPal since currently Amazon's own subscription allows the payment method for free, which is a plus.



It is one of the direct competitors of PayPal that allows users to transfer funds via email, mobile phone, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. What makes this service so attractive is that there are no charges for transfers below $ 10, while for transfers above this figure, the charge is only $ 0.25.

Another of the most popular online payment platforms that exist today is Dwolla, a competitor that, again, follows the very foundation of Paypal. And it is that in this case, this service stands out from the others in the fact that it is not necessary to use credit cards, an essential element in all those that we have spoken to you before.

It was born in 2008 in Des Moines, Iowa, in the United States, although its launch was in 2010.

What do you use then if not credit cards? Well, the bank account. The objective is not to have to depend on a credit card to operate on the Internet, but to have a tool that allows instant payment even though you do not have a card. And, as you know, if you pay by bank transfer, until the money is received they do not begin to prepare the order.

The only problem that you can see with Dwolla is that not many online businesses know about it or have used it as a payment method, so it can sometimes be difficult to use it.

5. Authotize.Net


This online payment platform works since 1996 and today there are more than 375.000 merchants billing more than $ 88 million in secure annual transactions using credit cards and electronic checks.

Authorize.Net has two different versions, on the one hand the free one, and on the other the paid version, which can be purchased from $ 25 per month. Among the features to highlight of this payment platform is the online payment processing, being able to pay with a credit card, as well as with electronic checks and even with mobile payments.

In addition, it offers a visual of monthly payments and money transfers and allows you to identify and manage transactions to establish if there are any that may be fraudulent or suspicious.

It has, as in the other platforms, a customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is mainly focused on companies, e-commerce stores, etc. since, among individuals, it is not as well known as others.

Of course, it has a problem that can make you opt for it, or not use it. And it is that among its devices is the computer, Apple and Android, but it is only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China and India. In addition, it is a platform available only in English. This already limits its function quite a bit and is the reason why in Spain, or in Europe in general, it is not so well known (despite being one of the oldest).

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