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When the Internet became popular and more and more households accessed online surveys, they became a way to make money. They are still maintained and it is true that you can get a pinch at the end of the month.

But which are the best? Can you really continue making money by answering online surveys? How much do you earn? All of that is what we are going to talk to you about below. Go for it?

Can you make money with online surveys?

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The easy, quick and direct answer is yes. It could be win. Now, the problem is that the profit from answering online surveys is not going to be great. In fact it never has been. Years ago they paid a maximum of 2 euros per survey (which lasted more than 30 minutes, sometimes even an hour). And actually? Well, the normal thing is that the amount is only a few cents per survey.

This implies that, to really be profitable in this way of making money, you would have to spend many hours filling out all the possible surveys. And here comes the problem, because On survey platforms you don't have infinite surveys to fill out. In fact, one day you can find three and the next day have none.

This makes it very difficult to get money through surveys. To give you an idea, many of the platforms advise how much you can earn per month or year by taking surveys (as long as your profile is attractive and they really give you all the possible ones). For example, In the case of Survey Junkie, they talk about $40 a month. In Swagbucks, although they say it is annual, the monthly profit is actually $152.

So, is it worth filling out online surveys?

Yes and no. If you don't have a job and have a lot of free time, you can get some money at the end of the month that doesn't hurt. You would have to do the surveys quickly and also the more you could per day, the better. But of course, they are worth it, not just a few cents (although it adds up from a few to a few).

The best way to earn some more decent money is be enrolled in various survey platforms so that every day you review and follow up on all of them to fill out all the available online surveys.

How much can you earn with online surveys

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We are not going to fool you, it is not that you are going to get a decent salary month after month with these platforms. But maybe a little extra at the end of the month if you dedicate time and effort to it.

In some cases Surveys do not give you money per se, but rather gifts or product samples. These are achieved through points that accumulate. You have an example in Nicequest, which for each survey they offer you, they give you a series of "shells" and these allow you to purchase a free online or physical product.

Therefore, we cannot give you an exact figure of money that you will get with the surveys. But we do recommend that you be on as many platforms as possible to have more options to take questionnaires that will cost you money.

Websites to do online surveys

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With all of the above clear, below we want to give you options for platforms to make money. This way you can get to know some and sign up for them to start generating a routine.


We started with a platform that rewards people who spend the most on surveys. And, for every 50 dollars generated, they will give you an extra 5 dollars for the loyalty you show.

Among the many online survey pages, this It is one of the most complete and strongest, which means having more opportunities to earn money. Now, not only do they have surveys, but there are also tasks like watching a video or clicking on a page that will give you money for it.

When withdrawing money, you can do so through Amazon gift cards, Payoneer cards, Skrill or PayPal.

King of prizes

Or the King of prices, if we translate it into Spanish. It is a fairly complete website, on par with the previous one, where in addition to online surveys you will also have other options to earn money.

Yes, You don't really earn money itself, but rather they use the "koins" that will give you points. When you accumulate enough, then you can request a transfer of those funds you have obtained to your account. Everything is done through PayPal or through gift cards.

Another extra it has is that you can participate in raffles to get more money in discount cards.

Swagbucks have some great offers

Similar to the previous one, due to the fact that you have online surveys, extra activities, raffles, exclusive discounts for those registered... this is it. It is one of the most popular and, if you notice, we have talked about it at the beginning of the article.

As you work on it you will earn "Swagbucks" which are points and when If you have enough, you can exchange them for cash or gift cards.


This is one of the best-known options and perhaps one of the first ones you trust. Here you only have surveys and discussion communities. As you participate you will earn money.

Perhaps the most characteristic thing about Toluna is being able to participate in product tests, where companies They send you the product, you try it and then you give your opinion. And in many cases you don't have to return it.


Another well-known survey website. In addition to those quizzes, you also have product tests, activities, and a community. It is where you are going to get the most amount (and therefore the most money).

With regards to theme that you are going to find in those surveys, you have technology, products, services, etc.

We are testers

Similar to all the previous ones, you will find surveys to fill out. But it has a key feature: that They do a prior survey to send you only those for which you are suitable. This implies that, if your profile is not very striking, in the end very few will reach you.

Do you know more websites, apps or platforms to do online surveys? You can leave them in the comments so that others are encouraged to enter.

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