Shopify or PrestaShop, which platform is better for your ecommerce

pro Shopify or PrestaShop

Today, two of the most important platforms that exist to carry out the practice of E-commerce or electronic commerce. They are the web pages of Shopify or PrestaShop, the most important and used systems.

There are numerous discussions about which platform is the most convenient or the best to enter the world of E-commerce.

Both services offer excellent tools with the necessary characteristics so that we can start a commercial project with great possibilities of success.

However, according to the type of seller, each platform offers us unique and particular characteristics that will make it the ideal option to carry out our business online.

Next we are going to review the elements and main characteristics of these two platforms.

That we can weigh separately what will be the best option to enter the world of online sales.

Prestashop interface

Prestashop is an e-commerce platform which was launched in 2007. To become in a very short time one of the most popular on the market and one of the best solutions for E-commerce.

In such a way that today it has more than 165.000 online stores distributed around 195 different countries, and managed in more than 60 different languages.

Shopify or PrestaShop

Among its main features and benefits

  • Platform allows us to manage all the essential functions of an E-commerce, such as customer and purchase management, as well as catalog and payment management.
  • PrestaShop has a open source CMS system, Thanks to which it allows us to download, install and configure our online store completely free of charge.
  • Among its variety of functions, it allows us choose up to 1500 different templates, so that we can always have the most attractive design to offer our products.
  • It is a very flexible software for different users, and offers a low consumption of system resources where it is installed, and its management is 100% adjustable and customizable.

More features of PrestaShop

  • Among many of its advantages, it has functions that allow us to customize URLs, as well as optimizing labels and titles. Besides that we can also handle an intuitive interface that will always be easy and accessible to use.
  • For its correct operation. It only requires having a Apache 1.3 web server, or later, which will allow us to make the most of your system, which offers us up to 310 different functions.
  • Allows us manage effective use of the customer relationship, as well as advanced orders and statistics.
  • It also has the benefit of manage Marketing for your E-commercesuch as promotions and special operations.
  • To receive payments, PrestaShop makes the internationalization of the store possible. With which we can manage different elements of: VAT, currency, language and data.


Shopify is a Canadian company based in Ottawa, launched in 2004, with which you can process online payments and various point of sale systems.

It currently has more than 600.000 stores available using its platform. With more than a million active users and sales generated up to a total value of 63.000 million dollars. Which makes it one of the preferred platforms for entrepreneurs around the world.

cons Shopify or PrestaShop

Among its main features and benefits

  • Using this software allows us to manage our business in up to 100 different templates. Which is an excellent tool to always guarantee the most appropriate designs for the type of products being sold. Likewise, we can also use our own designs.
  • The control panel that it handles is quite complete and very worksl, which makes it possible at any time to create various offers or also add a new product very easily and efficiently.
  • El Shopify support service is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help and support us with any questions or concerns at all times. To request this service we have different forms of access. Either by calling the specialized team or sending an email where we indicate all our doubts.
  • Shopify makes it possible customize each element of the store in a very simple and practical way. In this way we can always guarantee that our online business does not present any type of complications. Since this platform also makes it possible to quickly create different blog entries.

More features of Shopify

  • Count with one highly qualified and well-trained staff, to guide the customer step by step. So you can customize your store without any hassle.
  • With Shopify, you can receive payments in up to 70 different currencies. In this way, we can make sales in the most commercial countries of the world, without worrying about how to carry out the respective exchange rates. And above all, without customers having to worry about these issues. Which will allow us to guarantee your satisfaction and loyalty to our business, having an excellent service, accessible forms of payment and the trust that the platform provides with its effective transaction methods.
  • La simple interface With the Shopify account, it makes it possible to manage products very easily, so that we can always upload photos, add new products, edit our inventory and many more procedures. Which will allow us to run our business as true professionals. In addition, it has the programming language "Liquid", exclusive to Shopify
  • Shopify has the ideal tools for managing online businesses, so that the status of all orders can always be tracked. For example, we can analyze the complete history of orders, in order to have the best possible relationship with customers and guide an appropriate marketing campaign.
  • Shopify offers a 14-day free trial period, enough so that we can take advantage of the best of this platform at no cost. And so we can make our decision without financial commitments, calmly and with all its benefits already studied during the trial period.

PrestaShop or Shopify

Choose the best e-commerce platform among Prestashop or Shopify it is a reflection that can become difficult if the aim is to be objective.

The reality is that for define the best option, the user must weight according to their own profile.

Which is the platform that offers you the ideal tools and provides you with the greatest advantages and benefits in relation to the use you intend to use it for.

Therefore, below we are going to carry out a comparative analysis between the two platforms, mentioning the pros and cons of each one in relation to its respective counterpart.

choose Shopify or PrestaShop

Pros and cons of PrestaShop or Shopify

For SEO purposes (search engine optimization), it is known that Shopify is less flexibleWhile PrestaShop facilitates a better positioning of e-commerce in search engines.

Thanks to its open source, PrestaShop allows easier modification and customization for templates than the one you can do with Shopify. That not only presents a greater difficulty to make modifications, but also, in certain occasions it is only possible to do it through applications that have an extra cost.

According to data provided by the GetApp site, Shopify offers an integration for up to 252 authorized marketing platforms, while for its part, PrestaShop barely integrates 54 of these platforms.

PrestaShop is free software, (you only have to pay a small amount for hosting), but in the case of Shopify, if it has a monthly cost that depends on the plan that is contracted.

Both PrestaShop and Shopify have an excellent support service for the customer. However in the case of Shopify, in addition to the telephone service, also has an integrated online chat to answer questions 24 hours a day.

When contracting the basic plans of Shopify, this charges a commission per transaction. While for sales, PrestaShop does not apply any type of charge.

Shopify or PrestaShop

We can say about PrestaShop or Shopify

After reviewing the main elements and features around two of the best and most used E-commerce platforms that exist today.

We can say that there is no clear winner, as it is clear that the best qualities of both software will be used by specific buyers and users.

Thus, while some will find easier and more flexible the use of PrestaShop, others will appreciate the most features and integration you can find with Shopify despite the initial investment it represents.

Both systems are ideal tools for entrepreneurs venturing into the world of e-commerce for the first time.

The truth is that the final decision on which one is better will ultimately depend on the particular objectives that you want to meet, whether in the short, medium or even long term. They will be essential when it comes to establish an online store, which can be quite a complicated business if you don't have the support of PrestaShop or Shopify.




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