Shein expands its catalog with clothing for curvies

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Shein is one of the few brands that thinks about curvy women. When looking for large sizes in clothes that are not for old people or that do not make you feel ashamed because of having a size outside the "normality" that society sets, This online store is one of those that offers the most variety. Especially since Shein expands its catalog with clothing for curvies every so often.

Youthful, fresh, dynamic clothing that you can feel good in. This is how we could characterize curvy eCommerce clothing. How about we talk to you more about it?

Where to find clothes for curves on Shein

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If you have a larger size than what stores usually carry, you don't have many options to renew your wardrobe. Because everything that falls outside of an M or an L is already frowned upon in society. Therefore, you have to go to other options, such as Shein.

If you go to their website you will see that You can access curvy clothes in a very simple way. On the one hand, through the menu that appears just below its logo. There you will see Categories, News... and, between home and kitchen, and men's fashion, is the Curvy section.

A few months ago this was not the case, but curvy clothing was like a subsection within women's clothing or men's clothing. In fact, we have browsed that curvy section and have not been able to find clothing for plus size men, also because they are not considered "curvy", a term focused only on plus size women.

For them, you would have to access the Men's Fashion category and there go to the large sizes subsection for men.

What clothes for curvies does Shein sell?

woman on the road with curvy clothes

We have told you before that Shein is expanding its catalog with clothing for curvies. And it is a reality, because It has gone from being just a subsection to having a lot of prominence in its online store.

Since you can buy at Shein in Spain, the clothing catalog has been increasing in all sections, but in the curvy part it is true that there were fewer options. Thousands, but less than in women's clothing.

Due to the company's sales results, it has gotten the message and has taken steps to provide the curvy category with more gender and new features to satisfy the demand it is having for this type of clothing.

Thus, we can find dresses, pants, t-shirts, underwear, coats, swimsuits, sleepwear, lingerie (something that is not easily found), sportswear, sweaters...

The best of all is that, not because you have to buy large sizes, the price is exorbitant, but quite the opposite; They are very affordable prices for the pockets, with some exceptions, which, together with the offers and discounts they always give, makes them irresistible.

What is the quality of Shein clothing like?

One of the doubts that you may have when buying clothes at Shein, whether for curvy or normal sizes, is about their quality. And the truth is that, Due to the opinions on certain products, as well as in general, the quality of the clothing is not bad.

Of course, everything will depend on the product itself. Some do have bad opinions regarding its usefulness. That is to say, They complain that their clothes don't last long before they start to fade or pill, especially in pants, t-shirts and sweaters. But that doesn't mean they are of poor quality.

Considering the price paid for clothing, You cannot expect them to sell high quality, but rather average. Furthermore, right now the type of model that governs society is that of make, use and throw away, and fashion and trends are so changing that things are manufactured almost to be used and thrown away, that do not last too long, favoring at the same time the fact of buying more (something that always benefits stores).

But in terms of quality, it is not bad, quite the opposite, for the price you buy it has a quite adequate quality and sometimes even better than buying large size brand clothing (which after a few uses you already have to throw it away despite having paid a lot of money for it).

Price of curvy clothes on Shein

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Another point to take into account as a benefit of buying at Shein, despite the controversies that exist about the company and the treatment it gives to its workers, is the price of the clothing. In any curvy or plus size clothing store the prices are quite high. However, the same does not happen in Shein.

It is true that some clothes are expensive, but these are usually related to party dresses or special events. Everyday clothing is quite affordable. Furthermore, the fact that it always has offers or that you can get succulent discounts (like three items of clothing for only 19 euros) makes you pay attention to everything it brings, and although many times in the search engine or when showing you clothes models are repeated, This is happening less and less due to the brand's expansion of curvy clothing.

If you take a look at the price of small size and curvy clothing you will notice that there is hardly any increase, something that is always positive because having a few extra kilos does not mean you have to pay more.

In fact, for fifty euros you can buy several items of clothing to renew the wardrobe in your closet and use them every day without having to repeat models. Which makes purchases in this eCommerce or in its application very affordable.

Now that Shein is expanding its catalog with clothing for curvies, would you dare to take a look to see what they have? Have you ever bought in eCommerce? What do you think of the quality?

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