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Many times, when looking for a certain product that you want to obtain on the website of AliExpress, the search can become a complicated process, having to enter a specific combination of words or acronyms that allow find those brands you want to buy on the platform.

Reason why it is convenient know the details about how the trademark search works in AlieExpress, so that in this way they can find all the desired products without complications.

Why is it necessary to use acronyms on AliExpress?

To locate our favorite brands on AliExpress, It's fundamental search by means of acronyms, simply and simply Because a large part of the products that are offered on AliExpress are replicas.

That is, they are not original, which is why many of the sellers, or "sellers" that are registered on the page, they manage to advertise your products that are copies without breaking the rules and requirements set by AliExpress.

Since platform prohibits sellers from posting copies of recognized and already registered brands, regardless of whether they are good or bad quality replicas, as they are counterfeits and as such, violate the possession of intellectual property rights that the original brands do have.

In such a way that, in order not to violate the terms and rules of AliExpress, the sellers of the page use acronyms so that buyers can find their products pirates without posing a danger that they can be blocked by AliExpress.

How to distinguish between marking originals and copies on AliExpress?

One of the main concerns that may arise among the various buyers when using AliExpress services has to do with the possibility of making purchases of products that are copies when in fact you want to get the original.


This problem arises mainly when the buyer suddenly finds the mobile they have been wanting to buy, offered at a much lower price than what is normally found on other internet pages or sales establishments.

In this way, the concern immediately arises as to whether it is an original product or in good condition, since in AliExpress you can find a lot of Chinese brands that work as copies of the original brands of other countries or even other Chinese products but which are well known in the industry.

Therefore, it is vital that the buyer can differentiate between an authentic product and those that are counterfeits.

To do this, they propose four essential categories Around the brands that can be found in AliExpress, and which are the following:

  • Chinese brands
  • The white Chinese brands
  • Fake marks
  • And original western brands.

Recognized Chinese brands

They are those brands that in the course of recent years have managed to position themselves in the world market, gaining great prestige and recognition at an international level, so do not require imitations of other companies, as well as they do not hide their logo or their identity signs.

In this way, these are brands that today almost any buyer can recognize, ranging from technology sector like Xiaomi and Huawei, to manufacturers of watches like Megir and Shark.

The white Chinese brands

This type of product has a very special characteristic, because as its name suggests, it is about products that are not branded as such, or that they have it in a very hidden way, however despite this, it must be mentioned that it is not poor quality items, but have come directly from the manufacturer to the hands of the customer.

So they did not go through the westernization process in which logos are added and marketing is done in order to create the brand, with which they usually sell these products up to five times more expensive than their original price of production.

Our Chinese "white" brands are good quality products that do not have a brand that distinguishes them as such, but that work as well as those that are recognized worldwide.

In AliExpress you can find a large number of these items, especially fashion accessories, technological spare parts, household utensils, etc.

Fake marks

One of the most recurrent cases on the AliExpress shopping page is that of those sellers who offer items that are counterfeits of western brands most recognized.

In this regard, these do not pose any problem that buyers can be deceived when looking for an original product, since counterfeits are never offered under the guise of original brands, rather, they are offered to buyers who voluntarily intend to buy a counterfeit item.

As it is a action strictly prohibited by the platform, every day it is less common to find sellers who have fake products in their inventory.

Original western brands

Finally, we also have the case of products offered on AliExpress that are original, and that in some occasions, depending on the brand and the agreements that are had with the distributors and with the platform.

Some sellers offer products at fairly affordable prices for customers, despite being 100% original items, such as the Converse tennis shoes, which are a good example of original brands which are exhibited at a very good price on the platform.

How can you tell the replicas of the original products?

It is actually a very simple process, since if one looks at the price differences, the quantities are usually quite distant between the original brands and counterfeits, so it becomes very evident when you are not purchasing an original product.

For example, when you see that Nike Roshe are offered on AliExpress for $ 25, there is no doubt that they are fake.

brands on aliexpress

Similarly, when one looks at a Louis Vuitton bag for $ 45, it is also obvious that it cannot be an original product, because although buying on AliExpress is cheap, the truth is that sellers would have to lose their judgment by offering original items well below their normal price.

It is worth mentioning that the platform launched a new function some time ago so that users sellers can include an icon on their products to ensure that what they sell is authentic, since Said logo means the item is supervised by AliExpress team, which works as an additional guarantee for the buyer.

AliExpress guarantee in case of counterfeiting

Although at this point it is very difficult for a store to place counterfeit products to its customers, passing them off as originals, the truth is that this scenario can still happen, which is why AliExpress, thanks to the authenticity guarantee that you have created, in the event that the seller misleads his customer with a fake product.

aliexpress warranty

The platform guarantees a full refund of the amount of your purchase, Also including the shipping costs that have been made.

It is worth highlighting the fact that in this type of situation, AliExpress always fails in favor of users and even, despite the return of their money, it allows its customers to keep the product for which they made the complaint.

In the case that good quality products are sought at affordable prices, but that are not necessarily original, and because many sellers are changing the way of selling to advertise their replicas without being detected by the platform, what is being done it is agree catalog sales with customers.

This method works as follows:

The seller e-mails buyers a catalog of your articles and after the purchase is made by email or WhatsApp, the order send you the AliExpress link to make the payment, not without first leaving the warning that no comment, doubt or clarification is issued on the platform, and that payment is only made to avoid any type of penalty from AliExpress.

The possibility of issuing any clarification is offered by other means and access channels, between the seller and the buyer, for these cases.

Search words on AliExpress

In order to carry out the search for all kinds of products and articles that are exhibited by different means of access on AliExpress.

AliExpress Brands

The traditional way to carry out these searches is by use of word combinations or the use of acronyms that allow us to carry out these searches.

Below is a table with the words that must be entered to perform the Search for different big-name brands on AliExpress page.


Abercrombie & Fitch: AF, Abercr Ombie, AF Brand, Fitch Brand.
Adidas: Adey, addas, adi, adids, shampooers.
Addicted: Spanish boxer, addicted boxer.
Military Aeronautics: Military Aeronautics.
Aeropostal: Aero.
Akrapovic (motorcycle exhaust pipes): Motorcycle Exhaust Akrapovic.
Alexander Mcqueen: mcqueen skull, mcq.
Alpinestars: A stars.
American Eagle: AE.
Arai (motorcycle helmets): Arai
Armani: AR.
Arnette: Arnette sunglasses
Asics: ASKS, with this you can also find basketball shoes from other brands.


Balenciaga: Enciaga, Veevan.
Belstaff: Gangster Jacket, Tom cruise jacket, BSF.
Bershka: BSK.
Billabong: billabong
Bimba & Lola: Bimba
Bulgari: BVG / BV.
Burberry: Bur, berry.


Calvin Klein: CK, CK, maybe you're looking for cheap underpants
Camel: Camete, camel.
Soccer jerseys: soccer jersey or maybe you are looking for cheap soccer jerseys
Carolina Herrera: CH, HC.
Cartier: luxury watch
Cassio: Cassio
Chanel: CC / Double c.
Citizen: AT, BR, COT.
Converse: Conver, converse.
Crocs: Clogs.


Daniel Wellington: DW watch, Wellington.
Desigual: sunflower, buterfly, Desigual Spain, Desigual Spanish.
Diesel: Die, Dies, Dsl, Diezel, italian jeans.
Dior: Diorissimo, DI * R
Disney: Mickey mouse.
Dolce & Gabbana: Dolce clothes.
Dr. Martens: Martin.
Dsquared: d2 Jeans, d jeans brand, d Squared, DSQ, D2.


Ecko: rino clothes.
Emporio Armani: AX, EA, AR, AOR.


Fjäll räven kanken: Kanken Backpack.
Fox: Fox racing.
Franklin Marshall: franklin clothes.
Free People: Free People Women, Hippie Boho
Furla: Furly Candy.


G-star Raw: gs, gstar, raw.
Gas Monkey Garage: Gas Monkey.
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand: GGDB.
Gucci: GG, GG Men, GG Women, GG Bag, GG Shoes, GG Belt, GG Sunglasses.
Guess: Guess, GS.


Hackett: Hacket.
Hawkers: Sunglasses hawkers.
Heelys: Roller skate shoes for kids.
H&M: H * M.
Heuer: TOH / Tag Watch.
Hollister: HCO, hollistes, hollistants.
Hugo Boss: HB.
Hunter: Rain Waterproof Boots, Rain Boots, Wellies.


Isabel Marant: Isabel Shoes.
Issey Miyake: Issey Miyake.


Jeffrey Campbell: Jeffrey Shoes, Campbell Shoes.


Kayne west: Kayne shoes.
Kenzo: Kenz.
Kiini (bikinis): Kiini
Kipling: Kipling, Kip, Kappling, Kiple, Kipple, Kipled, KP.


La Martina: La Martina.
Lacoste: Crocodile, croc.
Lee: Lee
Levis: Lev, levs.
Loewe: Loe we.
Longchamp bags: Long Champagne Bag.
Louboutin: Red Bottom Shoes, L0UB0RTIN.
Louis Vuitton: LV, Louis Bag.


MAC Cosmetics: Mc.
Handle: Mng.
Manolo Blahnik: Manolos.
Marc Jacobs: MJ.
Massimo Dutti: Massimo, mossimo md, dutti.
Merrell: Merrells.
Michael Kors: MK, kors, Michaeled
Miss Sixty: Miss 60, Miss Jeans
Mizuno: MZ.
Moncler: Monclearing, Monclear.
Mont Blanc: Mont.
Moschino: McDonalds, Moschi, Milan Bolsa.
Mulberry: Mulb bag, Berry Bags, Mulbe Leather Bag.


Naked Palettes: NK, Naked palettes
New Balance: N shoes.
Nike: NK.


Oakley: Okly, O Sunglasses.


Pandora: Pandora Charms, 925 sterling silver.
Paul & Shark: Paul shark.
Philipp Plein: Philpp, philippe, philipp.
Prada: Pra, prad, prd.
Puma: PUMA, Pu ma.
Purificacion Garcia: pg.


QuikSilver: Quick Silver, QS.


Ralph Lauren: horse, RL, Polo, big pony.
Ray Ban: RB.
Breitlin watches: bentley watch.
Reebok: Reebok Shoes.
Rizoma (motorcycle accessories): rizoma motorcycle.
Rolex: Role.


Seiko: SOK.
Superdry: Osaka
Shoei (helmets): Shoei.
Skechers: Skechers Shoes.
Spy + glasses: Ken Block.
Stone: Stone jacket, Stoneisland


Tiffany & Co .: Tif, Tiff, Tiffany, Tiffani.
Timberland: timber.
Tissot: Ti7 WATCH.
Tommy Hilfiger: Tommis.
Tous:, bear, teddy bear, tou.
Troy Lee Designs: TLD designs.


Ugg: australian boots.
Urban Decay: UD, urban cosmetics, ud cosmetics.


Valentino: Val.
Vans: Vansing, Canvas sneakers, Canvans, Vns.
Victoria's Secret: VS, Victoria.


Wonderbra: Push up bra


Yves Saint Lauren: YSL.


Christian Louboutin Shoes: Christian Shoes, CL Shoes
Zara: Zar, za.

As you can see, this list is quite long and includes a wide repertoire of articles and products that can be found in the AliExprees platform.

In the end, it will be up to the buyer to decide on the big range of possibilities that you have at your fingertips, however thanks to this combination of words and acronymsYou can already save yourself a good deal of time and avoid the hassle of not finding your favorite products on the page.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.

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