How to return a product on Amazon?

return step by step amazon

Amazon has always been characterized by being a responsible company with its customers and suppliers, that's why it is placed in one of the best positions worldwide, in the e-commerce sector, they always have the best products, with very competitive prices and a guarantee of prompt delivery, and a reliable return in case their products do not meet your expectations.

Since the most important thing is that you take a good image of Amazon even if you do not end up spending your money there, perhaps sooner or later you need to buy something again through this means, in addition, resentment towards a company is the worst thing that can happen to it, it triggers bad comments, criticism and possible mistrust of the rest of the people in the brand, so Jeff Bezos' multinational company does not risk such an event, and always offer optimal and very simple conditions to return any product that has not met your needs.

If you received a product, and it is not what you expected, or perhaps you accidentally ordered something on Amazon, and you want to return it, you have arrived at the right place, here we will explain: How to return this product and receive a refund of your money or an exchange of it.

Step by step to return a product on Amazon

If you realized that what just arrived at your home was not what you were thinking would arrive, do not worry, the most demanded Electronic Commerce platform in the world, It has a very efficient return service, so that, depending on the seller and the warranty options, you can recover all of your investment or part of the money you paid.

To be able to return any product on Amazon, you should consider that the return period in this company is 30 days, upon receipt, so you will not be able to apply if more than this time has passed.

Remember that it is very important that you are totally convinced that the product is not what you needed, value what you actually expected to have it and if you really don't want it anymore, because you can regret it again later, consider that perhaps that product is from the last ones and you can no longer get an exchange, only the refund, so think twice before forwarding a product that has arrived at your home, Unless you are convinced that it is something you do not want and will not serve its intended purpose, it is time to begin the return process.

To start the process, you must open your browser, enter the Amazon website.

easy return from amazon

Then you have to access the platform with your account and password and you should go to the section that says My orders. It is in this part where you will look for the order in which the item you intend to return is located, they will be organized chronologically so it will not be difficult to locate it, once selected click where it says Give back or replace products, which will take you to another window.

In the next window, select from the drop-down icon, the reason that has led you to want to return the article, writing a comment in the text area is optional, but relevant in many cases to be more specific about the failure of the product, then click where it says Continue.

It depends which is the reason for your return selected previously, On the next screen you can claim a change in the item, whether it is size, color, or function, what you will have to do is send the product again, and after a short time you will be informed, you will receive the new product, waiting for your total satisfaction, if not, you can make the exchange or return again, do not be afraid to lose the opportunity to claim what belongs to you by right.

That is, a product like the one you saw in the images and description, on the web platform, Amazon's obligation is to send you what you are buying, Any error in this regard is the responsibility of the company and exempts you from responsibilities, so do not worry, you can return any product as many times as necessary, until your satisfaction is completed.

If you no longer want to know more about the said article, which has come to you, or you simply regretted buying it, you can also rclaim a full refund of your money. Select the option you need and click Continue.

You must bear in mind that in the event that the item was not sold by Amazon, but was purchased from a different store and shipped by Amazon, Your return request may have to be approved by the seller, so the process is not in the hands of Amazon and you just have to wait for their approval to get your refund or resend.

Request a refund of your purchase

If you have chosen to request your refund, it means that the product that has come to you has completely discouraged you from buying even another one with better appearance or with different conditions, it usually does not happen with the products that Amazon handles, but if you think it is the most appropriate, and we cannot do Nothing about it to improve your purchase, you will have the option to choose the method you prefer:

Either by means of a Amazon gift voucher, that will be credited to your account at the time they receive your returned product, or choose the traditional payment method, is an option that takes between 5 and 7 days to return the money once the item is received.

In the next window you will have to choose between the different return options available. There is the option that you, directly take it to the parcel or postal company that is indicated, you can also request that those of these companies come to pick it up at your home. Depending on the product you have bought and the seller, The operation will be free or you will be charged an amount depending on the alternative of delivery of the product.

You will access the Amazon Returns center

Amazon product return

When you have completed this process, Amazon will provide you with a file with the labels that you will have to print, cut and paste on the package that you are going to send. One of these labels you have to place on the inside of the package, and the other you will have to stick it on the outside of the package.

Then it only remains to take it to the parcel or post office that has been assigned to you, if it is the option you have selected, or just wait if you have requested to be picked up directly at your home.

As soon as Amazon receives your package, you will be paid the amount that corresponds to you within the previously mentioned period.

Amazon is today one of the most used online stores worldwide, and clearly one of the most popular in all of Spain, where it has not been operating for so long, but has already broken several records and has expanded its logistics center where dozens of employees work.

The company created by Jeff Bezos offers multiple advantages when buying from it, since it offers the possibility of buying anything, and of course returning it easily and without spending anything, if you do not agree with what you expected from the product that has arrived.

We remind you that the return period is maximum 30 days, although there are certain times in the year, in which this period tends to double. To cite an example, in last Christmas season, Amazon extended the return period on its products, above 60 days, so that everyone had the confidence and certainty to buy without thinking that they have a short time to make probable returns on sales.

For example, if the item you requested arrived broken or does not turn on, if it arrived in a color that you did not expect, or if you want to return some shoes that did not fit., you will have the option of requesting that others send you with the necessary size. Or you realized that the material and the quality of the product were not what you expected, all is not lost, you can still receive a refund of what you have paid for that product, once it reaches the Amazon offices. Any of these options will not reflect any extra cost to your pocket.

Only in the case that the item has not been sold by Amazon, the process will depend on the seller, where Amazon will function only as a parcel intermediary.

If you want to request a change, the estimated time will be short since Amazon cares about the quality of delivery and service to its customers, so your satisfaction in the purchase is the most important thing.

Try to choose wisely how you want to return the product, now that you know the different ways to do it, you can have a wiser decision when choosing the return method for the product of our choice.

From acquiring a product exchange to a full refund of your money, with Amazon you will have no problem receiving what you need just when it is necessary.

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  1.   Delia diaz said

    Well, I have not found a way to come to my home to pick it up.
    I do not understand the truth. Just as they bring it, they should send for the return.
    There are 2 tf of atc. Customer service that are not. And there is no way to communicate with amazon. So ATC sucks. And Amazon too.
    Because I ordered several things in Decatlon and I received them before Anazon and paid for the items I ordered. No shipping gadgets or anything at all.
    Big difference ... of course.
    I am very unhappy with amazon.

    1.    María said

      So they don't collect returns? what nose and then what do we do ???????

  2.   Carmen said

    Sorry I can't be brief; I need a long explanation:
    - Because of my age I have difficulties to cope with the tangle of successive keystrokes that are necessary to make the purchase well.
    - Surely by mistake I made a purchase whose order was repeated every month. And that was not what I wanted.
    - When I received the third or fourth I rejected it and thanks to that they contacted me, because otherwise it was not possible: It was a labyrinth in which in all attempts I lost myself: The only solution was to reject the request. Whenever I tried it by their methods, they proposed one of their three or four possible answers and the one that affected me was never among them. For me it was a real labyrinth, a "mousetrap" that made me more and more angry. They should open a different way of answering …… Really annoying, and frustrating. It's like talking to the wall.

  3.   Ezequiel Puig Farran said

    The package did not reach my hands, those of seur took it back

  4.   Rafael Fernandez Bellido placeholder image said

    Amazon is the worst, worst, worst, there is. They have the nerve of having replaced a customer service with a sign of apology for the coronavirus. I have been trying to communicate with her for almost two months, without succeeding despite trying dozens of different ways. Returns are a practical joke and a catalog of lies. I have been two months waiting for two accepted returns to be collected, of objects that have already arrived spoiled from before unpacking them. I will try in the future to speak as badly as I can of this company. And of course I will advise anyone who bought in any other way.

  5.   María said

    I chose to have them pick it up, but time has passed and they haven't done it and I don't know what to do