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history tuenti

Tuenti started 12 years ago, in 2006, year in which Zaryn Dentzel, founder of the company, decided to settle in Spain and develop this software, ahead of the time of the then growing Facebook that did not have the impact of today, at that time it housed one of the largest amounts of users in social networks at the time, kept everyone on the edge of the screen to review the news and photos of friends and acquaintances, if you were not in Tuenti, "you did not belong to society" as such, something similar to what Facebook represents today.

When the news, that Telefónica Movistar, would close Tuenti as a social network in 2016, It did not surprise anyone, it is evident that what became the number 1 social network among adolescents a few years ago is now a thing of the past, but perhaps many remember the publications they made, many of these marking crucial stages of their lives , will be explained later, How to recover photos from tuenti.

Tuenti's business as a virtual mobile operator, became the main source of income for the company, so they did not see the need for the continuity of the social network.

Tuenti was aimed at college twentysomethings, but of course many teenagers did accounts, although the age limit was 14 years, you can always lie on the forms to get an account, this is why it quickly became a form of communication , broadcasting and entertainment, reaching in 2009 to position itself as the most popular social network in the country, putting itself above Facebook, reaching 2010 million users in 10.

Its impact on the 15 to 20-year-old age segment exceeded 80% of the population. Facebook back then was a boring thing.

Tuenti was the initial social network, when they got bored of having seen everything, they switched to Twitter and Facebook.

Tuenti reached the top, But suddenly, their numbers stopped increasing exponentially, they stagnated in what they offered to their users. First Twitter, then Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ended up assassinating the Spanish social network.

Therefore, smelling that the end was approaching, the closure of Tuenti, it was a fact, in 2010 Dentzel and his team decided to sell the social network to Telefónica for 70 million euros.

Why did Telefónica buy a sinking ship?

tuenti closes

Well, what mainly mattered to Telefónica was its crew, or rather, Its user base, 10 million is not achieved overnight. So they turned the successful social network into a mobile virtual operator before people even forgot the name of the social network. Going through a transition that has never happened before, from being a social network to a communications network in which it offers voice and data rates, integrating some of the characteristics of the social network in a mobile app that offers many services at no cost.

The sale or closure of Tuenti was seen to come at a time when its advertising tools did not work.

Although Tuenti claimed to have 20 million users at some point, it does not even compare to the exorbitant amount of 2.000 million that Facebook has.

And what is left of Tuenti?

Today what remains is a telecommunications tool that many users do not even pay attention, has lost popularity and impact, and despite the fact that the social network had many users, those that were active could be less than half, so it has not been a good investment for Telefónica.

Tuenti now lets you make calls over WiFi, completely free, even if you are outside of Spain, you will only spend the data consumed by the call according to the normal rate that you have contracted with your mobile company.

How to recover the photos you had in Tuenti

In many of the user accounts they are still located, a large number of photographs with experiences, trips and friends. Do not risk losing all that in time and space, you can recover it with the method that we will teach you below.

There are several methods by which we can request our images stored on Tuenti servers. If you don't take this action, Within the period that has been estimated, that is, 1 year and 6 months, you will lose all your memories forever and permanently.

how to download photos tuenti

First, it can be done from the Tuenti mobile app. It is by far the best place to do it since this application has been updated and designed for this function, therefore, it is the most recommended. This same one, you can find it in the Play Store and AppStore application stores, completely free of charge. Do not forget that Tuenti has stopped being a social network and has become something completely different, so the appearance will be completely different from what you were used to, offering many options that have nothing to do with what you once knew like Tuenti, so you will need to pay attention to access your content.

The download of your files will not be done on the device on which we made the request directly. To be able to download the photos of Tuenti we must scroll through the menu, select the option that expressly says what you need, and indicate the destination to which you want this content to be sent.

You then install the latest version of the applicationOnly by this means can you request that all your photos uploaded in the different albums be sent to you.

You should login with your email and password and once inside, look for the option to download your photos, this is located in the section My profile> Photos.

You will have to write your email so that we can send you the download link that will contain all your photos stored in Tuenti.

Note that you will be able to download the photos that you have uploaded, as well as those in which you were tagged, as long as they have had the privacy option enabled

tuenti photos download

If you have not accessed your Tuenti account for many years, it is very likely that you will not remember the access data you used to have. Don't worry, you just have to click on the word that says: "You can not access your account?”And follow the steps to recover your password, to proceed later with the download.

Once you receive the download link, you can access it from your computer or where you want the file to be stored and download, now enjoy a time machine and live your past memories of a decade ago.

Although all is not lost for those of Tuenti, since the turnover grew by 25% to 21,1 million euros and they reduced losses by 33%, to 16 million. The company stopped having a negative impact on the Telefónica group, since before those of Tuenti rented the network for more than 16 million euros, a cost now saved by having acquired it.

The future plans that the company has, are aimed at the international expansion as a virtual mobile operator, with the support of Telefónica, which provides the infrastructure and network, as well as financing. At present Tuenti is available for Spain and in countries such as Peru, Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico, they plan to inaugurate a service aimed at the Latin American market to reach one million customers in all countries, as a goal, tripling its current number.

The future of Tuenti

Tuenti always gives people to talk about, since time immemorial, it had its rise and fall, in the last 15 years, it has become one of the most important instruments of social communication in the world, a means by which almost all of us share a large amount of experiences, moments, memories and we made many friends, although perhaps we lost some for the same reason, but in any case it marked a stage in our lives, so it is essential that you look for your memories and download them as soon as possible, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, as the old saying goes.

Everything seems to point out that those of Telefónica is in charge of repairing this boat and making it float again. It does not matter in what way, but the project is still standing, those of Tuenti do not give up to become extinct, facing one of the most difficult markets to access today, social networks, many have tried to face the giants of social communication and have perished, will Tuenti be one of these, or will it become a success story, with a great marketing campaign that can encourage users to re-subscribe and use it, even if it is directed to another segment of the population and for other purposes.

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