Cryptocurrencies in ecommerce

Cryptocurrencies have become a financial asset that is on the rise, and how could it be otherwise also in digital commerce.

paypal in prestashop

Set up PayPal in PrestaShop

We explain all the steps to follow to configure PayPal in PrestaShop for your ecommerce store in a simple and easy way.

European Companies Sell Online

16% Of European Companies Sell Online

Around one in six European companies employ at least ten people, sell products and services online, either through official websites or through applications during the past year.

Simplified VAT rules for online sellers

Simplified VAT rules for online sellers

The finance ministers of the European Union have agreed to simplify the rules on taxes for online sellers. In this way, instead of registering for VAT in each country of the European Union

Security in the payments you make

You make sure to offer the best security systems to your clients so that they can make their payments safely, it is important that you take security measures

Shopify Pay

Shopify Pay, another payment method

Entrepreneurs who base their business on shopify now have a new option to serve their customers' needs, and that option is called Shopify Pay.

pay later

Payment in installments in e-commerce

There is an option that little by little is also gaining ground, making it easier for customers to pay more comfortably with a payment in installments.