MissCar, the car sharing app only for women


It is increasingly common to save on trips. And when you share a car, the savings are significant. That's why companies like Blablacar and the like came out. However, there is one that, if you are women, will catch your attention. Is about MissCar, the car sharing app only for women.

Want to know more about her? How does it work and what ratings does it have? Then take a look at the following information we have compiled. Shall we start?

What is MissCar

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As we told you before, MissCar is actually a car sharing application. However, it can only be done between girls. In this way, in a way there is greater comfort when going with women and you can travel from one city to another, saving on the trip and enjoying the experience.

MissCar is formed by a group of entrepreneurs who found a "weakness" in what was offered on the market and they specialized to solve this by providing an alternative that offers more comfort and security to a group such as women. And one of the keys to this app is to guarantee that all the profiles on the platform are verified and therefore all the women who travel together have a completed identity validation system.

But when did MissCar originate? This company and application is of Andalusian origin. It was created by a group of young people (both men and women) in El Puerto. Its objective is to provide the opportunity for women to take shared trips, enjoying the experience and feeling comfortable traveling with people of the same sex.

How MissCar works

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The way MissCar works is very similar to other applications. In this case We have two profiles, that of the driver and that of the passenger.

In both it is It is necessary to register on the platform or app and verify your identity through your DNI. Only then will you be able to follow the process and access to take trips or publish the ones you take.

In the case of driver Once verified, you just have to publish the trip, the itinerary you are going to take, the date and time and how much you charge for each place. In addition, you can establish automatic acceptance (so that when your place is reserved it is automatically confirmed) or manual acceptance (so you can choose who will travel with you.

The app itself offers an ideal payment estimate for each passenger, so it recommends charging 0,04 euros per kilometer and per passenger. If your vehicle is one of those that consumes the most fuel, then you can go up to 0,08 euros per kilometer.

Each person who wants to travel where you are going will reserve the place and pay through the application. Your role in this case will be to talk to your passengers to determine a pick-up point and time.

Once the trip has been completed, the passengers' payment is unlocked within 24 hours and is transferred to your account. In addition, both the driver and the passengers can value the experience and, the more opinions you have, and they are positive, the more confidence you have and therefore the easier it is to fill the seats in the car to travel and share expenses.

If you are a passenger, the operation is similar. In this case you have to search for the destination, date and time and from the results you must choose the one that best suits you or that you think will be best. You must reserve a spot in the car and either it is confirmed automatically or you have to wait for the driver to approve your profile to have a spot.

Once it does, you can contact the driver through the internal chat or by phone to arrange a time and place to pick you up. Keep in mind that he will not go site by site picking up his passengers, normally there will be a meeting point to pick up everyone.

Payment for that space is made through the application, with a bank card (through MANGOPAY).

Once the trip is over you can rate the experience with the driver. And at the same time she can also value you.

Security measures

One of the keys to MissCar that stands out from other car sharing applications is undoubtedly the security measures it has stipulated. So, In addition to verifying the identity of all profiles (using the DNI), it is also necessary:

  • A mobile validation.
  • A complete profile with name, surname, age, photo, biography, experience and opinions.

Reservations are not allowed for more than one place per trip, hence, although you may want to reserve several for two or more people in the family, each one would have to have their own profile in the app.

What opinions does the application have?

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Aside from everything we can tell you, the truth is that the important thing is whether the application really works well or not. And for this we wanted to see what opinions they have of the app in the Google Play Store for Android and in the App Store for iPhone. But We have found that the links on the web do not lead anywhere. We have not found the application by searching manually either.

So we've gone to social media. In the case of Facebook, they have not published since November 2023, the same as on Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. In the case of Twitter the account does not exist.

And although we have wanted to look for more current news, from December 2023 or 2024, the truth is that we have not found anything. The last news we had about this was that it had a presence in Mexico, where they had just arrived. (in November 2023). A few months earlier, the company had been nominated for best international mobility startup at the MOVE event held in London in June. Right there, the founder and CEO of the company, José Antonio Herreros, was one of the invited speakers.

So really We do not know if it is still operating or the company has closed.

MissCar is the blablacar for women, did you know it? Maybe now you see it in a different way.

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