Mailchimp or Mailrelay?

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Since a time ago, email marketing has gained a lot of fame within digital marketing strategies. Because of this, there are different tools to use, some being better known than others. And this makes you have to compare them. Two of those tools are Mailchimp or Mailrelay, but do you know which is the best?

If you are going to get started in the world of email marketing but you have no idea what tool (program) to use to carry it out, then we are going to give you the keys.

What is needed to do email marketing

An email marketing program

In case you don't know, andhe email marketing is a communication strategy for your subscribers. The objective in this case is to send emails to a list of users who have previously subscribed to your website, mailing list, etc.

To work this strategy it is not useful to do with a normal mail, but it is necessary to program and create different email marketing lists. And all this must be done with a program.

Therefore, we could say that to do email marketing we need:

  • A mail (usually a "formal" one).
  • written mail (to make sequences in order to sell, build loyalty, communicate, etc.).
  • A program to work with those emails.

This last point is the most important because choosing the wrong mail server can cause them not to arrive, going to spam or worse. And that is where a series of programs that you can find, both free and paid, come in.

One of the best known is Mailchimp. It has its free version and also a paid version for when the subscriber lists are high. But also there is another competitor, MailRelay, which is gaining more and more ground. Which of the two is better? That is what we are going to see next.

What is Mailchimp


MailChimp defines itself as "the all-in-one marketing automation tool". It is an email service provider that was founded in 2001.

At first, it was a paid service, but eight years later put a free version for many to try the tool and be convinced of what it did.

If you see its logo, it is normal that you know what program we are referring to because it is the face of a chimpanzee (yes, it does not have much to do with the name of the company).

Why is it still the most used? Mainly because is the best known and most famous. Also no problem in any browser so you don't have to download or install anything on your computer.

However, it is not that easy to use. Being a great tool the truth is that its operation may not be as easy as with other programs.

What is Mail Relay?

mail relay logo

The same year that Mailchimp was born, Mailrelay was also launched as an email marketing web service. It was a competition from the first company, but With the advantage for many that it had servers in Europe and also had both free and paid plans. In fact, companies like Asus, TATA Motor, Save the Children... began to use it and it earned a great position in the email marketing ranking.

It has several advantages over its competitor, such as the fact that it is a spanish program (although it has a more English or American name), and that It is very easy to use, focused on what really matters, What is email marketing.

The fact that do not have any type of advertisingneither in the free version nor in the paid version, have a technical support that can be in Spanish and that it is one of the most used every time has made it present a battle both to Mailchimp and to many other email marketing software.

Its function is basic: automate emails to users in such a way that you can have several lists and emails prepared to be sent automatically, without having to pay attention to it.

Mailchimp or MailRelay?

At this point, you may be in a debate with yourself about whether Mailchimp or Mailrelay is better. Each of them has its pros and cons, and the truth is that There is no easy answer to decide which is the best email marketing tool. currently (especially since the decision would also include other software).

But we can compare some aspects to take into account. For example:


Both Mailchimp and Mailrelay offer support. Now, not always the same. In the case of Mailchimp, the support it gives you is only for payment accounts. This can be carried out, either by email or by chat; or, in the case of a Premium plan, by phone.

What's up with Mailrelay? well that too offers support but does not differentiate between free and paid accounts. He offers to contact all of them by email, chat or phone.


Believe it or not, the IP's are important to make sure that the emails are sent correctly, are received well and, above all, do not fall into the spam folder. What does each offer?

Mailchimp only offers shared IPs. For its part, Mailrelay has both shared and own (the latter at a cost).

Number of shipments

Based only on the free version, since it is surely the one that you will try before opting for one tool or another, you should know that in Mailchimp will only be able to send 12.000 emails per month. It seems like a lot, but when your list increases that number can fall rather short.

In the case of Mailrelay, the number of monthly shipments is 75.000 emails. And you can send as many emails as you want per day (in the case of Mailchimp you are limited).


In the free version of Mailchimp you will have company advertising, something that does not give a good image to your potential customers. On the contrary, in Mailrelay this does not happen, because they do not put any kind of advertising.

Confidential Information

Another important part of the Mailchimp versus Mailrelay trade-off is the database. That is, the subscribers you can have.

In the first case, the free version only leaves you 2000, which, in Mailrelay, would be 15000.

Also, something you may not know is that Mailchimp will count that subscriber double or triple based on the lists they're signed up for (in Mailrelay that does not happen).

European legislation

If you are concerned about the issue of legislation, private data in your database, etc., then there is no doubt that having software that complies with European data protection law is a point in your favor. And this is done by Mailrelay, not Mailchimp.

As you can see, deciding between Mailchimp or Mailrelay is not an easy decision. But since you have a free version, what you can do is try both and see which one you feel more comfortable working with to opt for it.

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