What and who are the most prominent influencers in Spain

dulceida influencer from spain

What is an influencer? How can it help my business? What is engagement? What advantages does it bring to e-commerce? What does it take to be an influencer? How good is it to work as an influencer? How to become an influencer?

Too many questions? I'm more We answer it right here!

If you are an Internet user, whether full-time or leisure, you have surely heard the word influencer More than once, it is normal not to know what it means, with so many Internet terms, Internet users invent a new one every day, so it is impossible to keep up. But "influencer" is not a trivial term that can be taken lightly because even in business it is good to have this kind of cover and communication with the netizen world.

What is an influencer?

Well, we bet you've met at least one person in your life who has told you "I have a blog", "I make YouTube videos", "I do makeup, hairstyle, fashion tutorials, etc."

If so, you could meet an influencer, therefore, an influencer is that person who, due to their digital multimedia content or because of your work on any occasion or because of the internet has gone viral or it has become the voice of a movement or even of a small, medium or large stratum of the Internet user population.

It is possible to know about them even if you do not usually go online, such is the case of sports brands, sugar drinks, fashion, makeup and among others that occupy the participation of one or more influencers to promote your brand or product.

Let's remember the Marketing Mix.

The Marketing Mix is ​​made up of 4 fundamental P's to carry out this strategy (marketing), one of these P's is "Promotion" and another important one that interests us here is the "Plaza" or place where the sale and production of the product is carried out until the hands of the consumer.

An influencer becomes that figure in social networks and throughout the network that ends up giving the final touches to the image of your product, thus giving rise to comments such as “I want those shoes Kortajarena I was using in that commercial ”,“ I would like to have the same smartphone that Sarah Escudero".

influencers spain man

All the products and opinions that an influencer has or promotes become points of reference, so that as an entrepreneur it is not convenient for you to have a bad opinion of one of those young people who so boldly sometimes called "good for nothing" it turns out that they never were, nor will they be, influencers are here to generate opinion points.

Although it seems redundant, it is necessary to make it clear that influencer is the same as saying “influential"For this same reason people or followers tend to follow the opinions, behaviors or ideals of these influencers. If you are not familiar with the world of the internet, you may be thinking"they manipulate the opinion and point of view of all their followers", The answer to that is intermediate"Yes and no”, Followers tend to follow an influencer because his ideals, behavior and charisma are empathetic to them, in the same way that the polar bear from Coca-Cola made us wait for Christmas to see him there in a container.

Influencers are prone to falling from the top for producing an idea or comment that their followers find offensive, out of place or not according to the empathy that they used to follow in that figure.

So we talk about empathy.

This is exactly what being an influencer, to please people, to share ideas and empathize with the public to achieve greater acceptance. It has happened before that influencers lose large contracts, sponsorships and other privileges due to an action, opinion or image that did not favor the companies they represented.


It is not a concept derived from Influencers theme, it was actually coined by Marketing. Engagement is the commitment that a consumer or user has with the brand, that interaction they have in their daily life and how this completely changes the consumer's buying behavior.

Engagement can represent in our current topic, How many blogs of this influencer are read per day? How much activity does this influencer generate in his followers? Can this influencer make a group of people show a preference for a product or service? Of course they can, by presenting their opinions, which will eventually be turned into a “go-ahead” or give the brand a bona fide brand.

Do we want to be ahead in E-commerce?

Commerce on the internet it becomes fierce, That's how it is! Every day that your product-service passes, it stops being the novelty and becomes a memory of a consumer who exchanged our offer for another. Influencers are very important when we do not want something to go out of style, for example, we have these influencers here in Spain who are internationally recognized, influencers like Chiara Ferragni who has an approximate of more than 5 million followers on Instagram.

influencers women

Now, we imagine that the magnitude of this influential is not yet understood but imagine more than 5 million people sitting at home, work or transport admiring their personal computer, their cell phone and the first thing they see when checking their favorite social network it is your product; a bag, a boot, a bracelet, a hat, some sunglasses, reading glasses, a makeup, a nail art, some cute earrings, 5 million people admiring your product with the approval of an influencer that those 5 million people aspire to be, admire, respect and sometimes love. Influencers do not generate customers most of the time, but they always generate products with stable consumption.

To be an influencer You might think that it is difficult to become famous, but with so many people on the internet we know that there will always be someone who can follow your ideas, ideals and opinions.

Really to become An influencer is required to have a certain charisma, even as an influencer you are a seller, because you are selling your image, your way of speaking and your charisma with which you communicate ideas. It is discouraging to know that there are influencers who draw so much attention to a topic that if someone tried to enter into an opinion on that topic, they could be accused of being a "copycat" and there is no worse media bad reputation than that generated in the networks.

That is why it is important to be yourself, be original, show a new approach and a new way of seeing, commenting on and admiring the things in which you are interested. Become an influencer It is not impossible Like anything we want to sell, it involves marketing that is equal to a strategy, an analysis and a study of what you are responsible for as an influencer.

Spanish companies, no, not just big corporations! All companies, medium, small and large, are looking for the right image to make their product a "trending topic" or also known as a topic of the moment. Only in 2018 95% of companies in Spain are increasing their budget for influencers, what does this tell us? A good image, market analysis and other strategies are not enough, as we said before, being influential means being empathetic.

An empathetic company quickly gains followers, but how could the company become empathetic among so many competitors wanting to sympathize with their consumers? With a friendly face, a familiar and familiar face, that everyone knows and accepts as an icon of youth, representation and recognition.

Example with a fashion influencer:

example influencers

Dulceida. Behind that pseudonym is Aida Domenech, a 28-year-old young man from Barcelona who with his personality and passion for fashion has managed to position himself as one of the most important influencers in Spain. Just being in 2009 when Aida started with a fashion blog that catapulted her 7 years later to be a figure of success and a point of reference as an influencer in fashion in Spain.

Example with an influencer on YouTube:

influencers spain youtube

YouTube, more than just a platform for online videos and free audiovisual content. It has become a social network where the influencers are the superstars, among those superstars there is one in particular from Spain. Rubius, born in the town of Mijas 27 years ago, began from 2006 to share audiovisual content until 2012 where Boomerang Live would raise his popularity through the skies and would turn him into a young man who makes recordings about video games mainly and his unmatched humor that has all his subscribers and followers loyal to his content .

Influencers have been pointed out as a trend that encourages immaturity and lack of judgment within the new generations, However, judgment and maturity are matters that fall within the most personal issues of the general public, blaming a market trend for the immaturity of a generation is counterproductive, since they claim that the maturity of a generation depends solely on the media.

The truth is that the influencers, as we said before, They are here to stay and make the world of buying, selling and consuming fierce competition, a contest to know which influencer can be more empathetic and how this favors the economy of a company or a philanthropic cause.

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