How to sell on Wallapop

How to sell on Wallapop

Surely you know why you have heard about it the Wallapop page, both on the web and in the application. It is a business in which it puts individuals in contact so that they can sell those products that they no longer want or need to others who can buy them at cheaper prices than if they bought them new. That is why many are encouraged to learn how to sell on Wallapop to be able to get an extra.

Wallapop's philosophy is based on giving a second life to those products that we have at home and that we no longer use. In addition to gaining space with the sale, they also earn some money, which helps the families' economy.

What is Wallapop

What is Wallapop

If you have not yet entered Wallapop or it only sounds familiar to you, you should know that it is a second-hand sales platform. However, those who work at Wallapop are not those who sell, but individuals who register on the platform to put their products on sale.

In it you can sell products of all kinds at the price you want. Sellers and buyers have a chat where they can talk to each other and agree on the price or meet to receive the product and Wallapop offers a guarantee on the product, or at least tries to.

The problem is that more and more people are entering to sell their products and that makes selling on Wallapop not as easy as you may be thinking (it will not be to hang the products and that in less than 24 hours they have bought them) .

However, there are some tricks that can help you.

How to sell on Wallapop

How to sell on Wallapop

If you have many things at home that you do not use and you want to give it another life, then we are going to help you know how to sell on Wallapop so that your items do not last long on the platform.

For that, the first thing you need is to register. We recommend that you fill out your profile as completely as possible because it will give buyers greater security when buying from you.

Once you have your complete profile, it is time to upload the first product. You have to choose the type of product you sell, if it is something you do not need, if it is a vehicle, if it is your services, if it is a job, if it is a property ...

We advise you to fill in the information of your product as well as possible, without lying, and making all the conditions clear so that later they are not misleading. I mean, be as specific as possible because that will make it sell faster. Of course, you will have to establish the price for which you sell it.

Do not forget to put photos, many, as many as you can, at different angles, sides and offering a 360 view of the product you sell for buyers to see.

Finally, you will have to set up your shipment. You should know that almost everything can be sent by Wallapop through its own service. East shipping is free, and ranges from 2 to 30 kilos. But if it weighs more than that then you have to go to an external courier.

Once you have completed the file, you will only have to upload it and, if you want, promote it (there it will cost you money). And wait for people to contact you.

Tricks to sell on Wallapop

How to earn money with the app

As we know that registering and putting products up for sale is something very simple, we have taken it further. But because we want to give you tricks that increase the visibility of your products and that, in this way, you can sell faster and better. What are you really looking for?

And is that Knowing how to sell on Wallapop is easy to teach, but how to do it successfully? That is already more complicated, unless you take into account the following:

Don't lose sight of your competition

This is very important because, before setting out to sell, you need to see how others who sell the same product as you do it (it is something very possible). That is, you have to see how long the item has been on sale, what they put in the description, how much it is sold for, etc.

You will have an idea of ​​what to do and what to do and not do.

Beware of prices

We are not going to warn you to set low prices so you can sell it or anything like that. We want to focus on the price you put.

And it is usual to round the prices. That is, ask for 10, 20, 50 euros for a product. Is it wrong? Not much less. But there is a problem.

And is that many people limit the price of products. For example, showing them products for less than 20 euros. What does it mean? Well, if you have given yours just 20 euros, you will not get those, but those who are looking for less than 25 euros, or 30 euros.

The best? It does as in stores, put 9,95 or 9,99 or similar, never round figures because in search engines you will lose views.

An optimized title

We know that you cannot put a super long title, but not a scarce one either. You have to optimize it so that, directly from the title, you attract attention and they click to see what you sell.

And how is that done? Then with precise titles, which provide data and information. Do not make users have to search for that information, the more "chewed" you give it, the better.

If possible, search for keywords, that is, words that users can search for something by. In this Google can help you. For example, if you sell a pair of sneakers, you can put that word into Google and see how it ends up. Choose the most appropriate to your product and put them. That will help you position better.

Use short texts

Although before we have told you to put the description as complete as possible, that does not mean that it is long. You have to put in the text all the information that should be known, but you have to make it attractive, creative, without tiring the user. For this, nothing like copywriting.

Photos increase the value of the product

If you take quality photos, what you are going to achieve is that they notice your product. You have to try that what you sell, even if it is second hand, seems to be like new. So clean it before taking photos And, yes, do not put filters on the images, because they will only distrust you.

Put between 6 and 8 photos, if possible only of the product.

Publish your articles on the best days

Do you know that there are days when it is better to publish? You are right. Specifically in Wallapop holidays and weekends work best (especially on Sundays).

In addition, at the beginning of the month and when the extra payments are received, it is much better to publish because they are sold before.

Beware of the Treasury

Unfortunately Hacienda is there to take a piece of the cake. And it is that when a product is sold with capital gain you have to include it in the tax base of savings.

Of course, only when the sale price is higher than the purchase price do you have to pay taxes. And this is something that does not usually happen in Wallapop, so there would be no problem.

Now that you know how to sell on Wallapop, do you dare to do it?

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