How to put an ad in Thousand Ads

How to put an ad in Thousand Ads

thousand ads It is one of the best known pages in Spain for being the place where you can sell and buy many items. Normally they are the individuals who put them, for example to water or sell pets, for services, second-hand products, etc. But how to put an ad in Thousand Ads?

If you have something you want to sell or give away and you need to publicize it as much as possible, we are going to teach you point by point how you have to do it.

What is Thousand Ads

What is Thousand Ads

A Thousand Announcements, also known as Milanuncios, is actually a classified ads website. To do this, it allows you to insert ads by users (individuals, companies, freelancers...) in order to buy, sell, offer employment or services, etc.

It has many categories in which to frame the ad, so it has a fairly high display (in fact, at the SEO level, it usually appears in the first results of Google).

It was created in 2005 by Ricardo Garcia who, without hardly doing anything, managed to build a web within her that everyone flocked to. To the point of swallowing another website that had the same objective, secondhand .es.

Currently, Thousand Ads is the most searched website for classified ads on Google in Spain.

What you must take into account to place an ad

What you must take into account to place an ad

Many times a product is not sold or goes unnoticed because you have not really used the page well to sell it. Perhaps it is because of the text, because of the photos (or not photos) or for other reasons. And it is that, to sell, you need to reach people, and in Thousand Ads it is no different.

So, if you want to have an ad in Thousand Ads that makes an impact and that, within five minutes of being placed, they call you or send you messages, you have to do the following:

Quality photos

Really you don't have to put one. But if you put them, they must be of quality and, if possible, in quantity.

For example, if you are giving away a puppy, take photos of the puppy in various places and from various points of view. If you have his parents, do them, so they can get an idea of ​​what he will be like when he grows up, and try that all of them offer the best view of the dog.

The same thing happens in a product. If you want to sell it you have to expose it to the maximum because that way people will get an idea of ​​what you are selling and if it catches their attention.

A good headline

It can be "dog gift". But what if we put something like “This is the friend who will never steal your food or get mad at you? It is striking, especially if you put one of the puppy with an angelic look as the main photo.

A headline gets people to click on the ad, and it is just the first step that we want you to do, that you see the ad. For this reason, sometimes you don't have to be so direct, especially in sections where almost all the ads are the same. If you want to stand out, you have to stand out from the norm.

Yes, it is difficult, but not impossible. This is called "copywriting", which is persuasive writing, and with it you can sell anything.

a good text

in a thousand ads Texts such as: xxx gift for not being able to serve him proliferate; I sell xxx to xx euros.

But how is the article? How is the character of the animal? What hobbies do you have? Is the product second-hand or third-hand?

There are many questions left unanswered. And that has a problem: that they're going to pester you for every one of those questions and then it's possible that no one wants what you advertise.

So, why not put everything you need to know from the beginning so that, if someone is really interested, they can write to you or call you? You don't waste time and you don't waste it on other people either.

Following the example that we have been setting. You give away a puppy. Say if he was the first of the litter, if he is a glutton, if he has any characteristic spots, if he is more docile or adventurous, if he has been with his mother all this time, if he already eats alone, if he is vaccinated... All those things, and many more that we can think of, potential customers will ask.

So don't put something terse and tell how it came to life. A little story may seem silly to you, but you are looking for a home for that pet, or for a product. And it better be a place where they really appreciate it.


Mail, WhatsApp, phone... They are the usual ones, so if you can, and want, put all three. This way you are more accessible for them to contact you.

How to put an ad in Thousand Ads

Now that we've got everything up and running, it's time for you to learn how to put an ad on Thousand Ads. And the price it has.

Let's start with the price. It costs… zero euros. It is a website where placing an ad costs nothing. Another thing is that you want to sponsor it or have it displayed much more than the free ones, yes. But if you don't need that for putting it they won't charge you anything.

And what are the steps to do it? Take note:

  • You have to go to the official page of milanuncios.
  • Once there, you must locate the button that says «publish». You also have it available at the top of the page, a yellow button that says + Publish.
  • Choose which category you think your ad fits into. It is where you can take a little longer because it has so many that sometimes it is confusing to find the one you want.
  • The next thing it will ask you is to put your location. Here it is not demanding, so you only have to specify from which town or city you place the ad.
  • Choose whether what you are going to do is buy something (or request a service) or sell (or offer services).
  • Fill in the data and click next. At that moment it will ask you to add the photos (they are optional but we repeat that it is convenient to put them).
  • Finally you review and publish.

And that's it!

you will only have wait for people to see your ad and contact those who are interested.

See how easy it is to put an ad on Mil Ads?

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