How to get subscribers on YouTube

How to get subscribers on YouTube

One of the activities that practically all of us do on the Internet is to open a YouTube channel. Whether we are people, companies, online stores ... we all want to have a presence in that network that, more and more, is having a greater boom. But the next step is how to get subscribers on YouTube. What is the most difficult?

Having a YouTube channel is useless if people do not see the videos you post, and getting them, beyond your family and friends, can be complicated. But not impossible. We talk about some ways to get them.

YouTube channel, why bet on it?

YouTube channel, why bet on it?

If you notice, social networks are changing. In the beginning, what prevailed was the text. Then the images, the stickers in both text and image and, now, the videos.

Networks such as TikTok, Instagram ... are increasingly joining forces for visual content, and not just image content, but video content.

In addition, many influencers are famous for their videos, such as Rubius, Ibai Llanos, etc. which has made everyone jump to create a channel.

In the case of an eCommerce it is also feasible, because helps connect with the public. But it is not worth uploading any video, it is important to do editorial planning to be able to get the audience you are looking for and, above all, the subscribers on YouTube.

Ways to get subscribers on YouTube

Ways to get subscribers on YouTube

If you are just starting out, or it has been a while but you see that subscribers are not going up, and that you would like to reach more people, here are some ideas that can help you achieve them.

Run contests or sweepstakes

In this case, you can do it on your website, on all your social networks and, of course, on YouTube.

The conditions? That they become subscribers of your YouTube channel. Depending on the prize, and the audience that the contest and raffle have, you will get more. For example, you can boost it by investing some money in ads, which will give it more visibility.

At the beginning, it will work more if you give things away, but if the community starts to be more active then you could ask them to participate by proposing challenges, or by having them participate in your videos, which always usually works.

Do something unique

And by unique we mean different. Note that There are millions of channels, and it is true that you are not going to invent anything that is not already invented. But there will always be a way to do it.

In the case of an eCommerce, you have it a little more complicated, but surely you can make videos that have the essence of your brand, the way to sell, to inform, etc. This will make them recognize you.

An example, what if to sell a product you create a story with it? It would be a short one of just a minute, but it is so original that surely there are not many who have tried it. And yes, it is expensive. Or not, it depends on how you do it (right now it occurs to us to make paper puppets (the kind that when you move the leaves seem to move) and, for example, to throw a bow and attract the product you are selling.

Give an attractive design to your channel

Your YouTube channel is not just about videos. You have a homepage that you have to decorate to attract attention and, at the same time, to mark your style.

So you have to spend some time to get a professional appearance and, above all, that it identifies you, either as a person or as a company, brand, eCommerce ...

Copy the labels to your competition

Surely you have located one or more channels of the competition and you would like to become like them, and then overcome them. Well, how about we copy them? Not everything, but yes the way they tag their videos Because, that way, when someone searches for those words, not only will those of the competition appear, but also yours.

increase subscribers on YouTube

Baptize your subscribers

YouTube subscribers are your fan club, your legion, your creatures ... they are people who are interested in what you do and, to make them participate in the channel, you can choose a name.

In the case of eCommerce? Do not do it. But yes you should refer to certain subscribers, for example, those who ask you questions, because you will make them feel important, that they are proud because someone has named them and because they give the answer to the question they have asked live (or in another video).

Run paid campaigns

It is inevitable that, at some point in your channel, you have to invest money to launch it. If you expect to get many followers naturally, you have to arm yourself with patience and a long time, because it will take time to have them.

Thus, pay for campaigns on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Google it is a way of speeding up the process.

Now, keep in mind the following: we are looking for subscribers, but we do not enter into the quality or not quality of them. That will tell you the figures that remain after finishing a campaign (much later since many unsubscribe).

As We do not recommend you at all, it is wanting to inflate the numbers of subscribers by buying them because the only thing that will do is that you have foreigners, without profile, and that they are false. That shows, especially if you have 20000 subscribers and no one comments on you, or you only have 1-2 likes. You will not fool anyone but yourself. And the ego is very bad.

Collaborate with youtubers

If you are starting with the channel, have the collaboration of channels that are already more established It would be the ideal, because they will help you grow if they mention you. So try to get that.

Yes, it is possible that they will ask you for some remuneration, or in the case of a store that you give them things, but if you get results, it may not be so bad.

Don't forget about SEO YouTube

What do we mean by that? Well specifically to what titles, descriptions, tags, hashtags ... They have to go according to what people want, look for and follow. If you manage to do a good audit of your YouTube channel and manage to get the keywords of your sector, based on what is searched on YouTube, you will get your videos to appear in the searches.

As you can see, knowing how to get subscribers on YouTube is not difficult, since there are many topics on the Internet that tell you about it. But they all conclude on one thing: have a good channel design, be constant in the videos, position them on YouTube SEO and make contacts. If you get that, the channel will start to raise the numbers.

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