How to delete an Instagram account


We currently have many social networks. What if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok ... If you have an agency or are a private individual, you may not be able to carry out all of them, and you need to prioritize some and eliminate others. But how to delete an Instagram account?

If you want to delete it, either temporarily, permanently, keeping the images, etc. here you will find the answer and the guides you need to do it. Go for it!

What is Instagram and why delete it

How to use Instagram Direct in an eCommerce

Instagram belongs to Facebook, now called Meta, as it happens with WhatsApp or with the social network that gave the company its name, Facebook.

At first it was born to compete with Pinterest, that is, it was a social network of images. However, over time it was consolidated and managed to attract a large audience that was tired of Facebook and saw on Instagram a better way to reach potential customers or friends.

Right now they live together (in fact, doing many things on Instagram requires a Facebook account) but why delete it?

There are many reasons to delete an account:

  • Why don't you use it. If it goes a long time without using it, in the end the interaction with the people you have as friends is lost, and that causes that, even if you return it, you may cost more.
  • Because you want to change the style. Imagine that you have an Instagram account for your Social Media business. But you have decided that you are going to dedicate yourself to SEO. It is better to remove the trace of your old business and open a new one so that you can focus on that new job from the beginning.
  • Because you have tired. Social networks are tiresome. Much. That's why there are times when you may want to completely disconnect.

Next we will give you the steps of the various ways that exist to delete an Instagram account.

Delete an Instagram account, how to do it?

How to use Instagram Direct in an eCommerce

The first thing you have to know is that it is very easy to register, that is, to register on Instagram. But when it comes to leaving it can be a big headache. So it is best to take into account the decision you want to make.

If you want to disconnect for a while, you can do so by deleting your Instagram account temporarily. What happens like this? Well, you will no longer appear on the network, even if they search for you, but everything you have in your profile will be preserved. Only, for the rest of the world, you are hidden.

Do you want to disappear completely? You can also do it, only in this case, the photos, comments, stories, videos ... will disappear completely. Including username.

Delete an Instagram account temporarily

Do you know that to delete an Instagram account you need a computer? Exactly, you cannot do it with your mobile, but you must have a desktop browser (or enable one on your mobile). What is clear is that from the application itself you will not be able to do it.

You have to enter this website: ''.

There, you have to specify the reason why you want to disable your account and you must enter your password to verify that it is you who really wants to do it. At that time, your profile will be disabled.

That is, no one will see or see the photos, comments ... that you have posted before disabling your account.

It can be a good option if you just want to take a break from the social network without being disturbed by anyone.

Delete an Instagram account completely

If you have made the decision to completely end your account on Instagram, and lose everything in it, then you have to go to this url ' '.

In it you will delete your account completely and forever. In other words, the photos, videos, or interactions that you have made will not exist. Not even your username. It will be as if you have never been on Instagram.

When you enter that page, it will ask you, if you were not already logged in, to enter with your username and password. Once you do, it will ask you to inform it of the reason why you want to deactivate your account.

It will ask you for your password again and a red button will appear. If you press it, you will completely delete your account and there will be no way to recover it. Mind you, it is not as immediate as you might think. Actually, it will give you a period of a few days. If in that time you enter your account, the final deletion is paralyzed, and then you would have to start all the steps again to do it.

It is insurance in case you change your mind a few days later and do not want to delete all the work that you have been able to do on the account.

How to reactivate your account

In the case of a permanent deletion, there is no way to reactivate the account, because no account really exists. But you might want to reactivate it when you have temporarily removed it.

But how to get active again? In this case, the way to reactivate it is by logging in, either on the computer or in the mobile application. With that, you could be active again.

Of course, if you delete it temporarily and after 10 minutes, or an hour, you want to recover it, it will not be possible; It is necessary to give a few hours for the process to activate and allow you to enter your account.

Is temporary or permanent erasure better?

Instagram advertising

In this case we cannot tell you which of the two is better because it will depend on the objectives you have. If you've decided to leave Instagram because you're tired, it might be a good idea to put the user on hold without losing it because you might want to come back at any time. And, unlike other social networks, Instagram does not delete the profile even if it spends months and months temporarily deleted.

Now, if you decide to delete it, either because you are not going to enter with it anymore, because you do not want to continue with the account, etc. the best thing would be to delete it, perhaps by making a backup copy of your profile so as not to lose the videos and images) and thus prevent that content from being in the Meta database.

Have you ever deleted your Instagram account? Was it easy to do it and come back after a while?

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