How Telegram works and some secrets you should know

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As for messaging platforms, there is no doubt that WhatsApp is the best known and used. However, Telegram has been stomping on it for a long time, with some aspects that improve the first time. However, how does Telegram work?

If you are thinking of switching to this messaging service, or you already have it but you have not yet taken full advantage of it, this guide may help you achieve it. Do you take a look?

What is Telegram

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La messaging platform Telegram was officially born on August 14, 2013. Two were its creators, Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov, brothers and Russians, who decided to create an app that had personalized, open, secure and optimized data to work with a lot of data.

At first it could only be used on Android and iOS but, a year later, it was managed to work on macOS, Windows, Linux, web browsers... In fact, although it wasn't translated at first, it didn't take long to do so and, specifically for Spanish, it was launched in February 2014.

To 2021 data, Telegram has a billion downloads.

How Telegram works

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Before knowing how Telegram works, you should take a look at everything that the application can offer you. And it is that It's not just for sending messages. (whether they are text, photos, videos, other files...) but it also allows you other functionalities such as:

  • Create groups of up to 200.000 people.
  • Create channels for unlimited audience.
  • Make voice calls or video calls.
  • Have voice chats in groups.
  • Create bots to respond.
  • Possibility of having animated Gifs, photo editor and stickers.
  • Send secret or self-destruct chats.
  • Explore groups.
  • Store data in the cloud.

For all this, which we already tell you that far surpasses whatsapp, is why many prefer it. But for that you have to know it thoroughly.

Install Telegram

If with what we have told you we have just convinced you to start using the application, the first step you should take is to go to Google Play or the App Store to search for Telegram and install the application on your mobile.

To register, what you will need is your mobile number only. It will also ask for permission to access your contact list. The latter is done in order to list the people who also have Telegram installed (and with whom you can start chats). In fact, when you give it permission, a notification will jump out to all the people who have you in their agenda and have the Telegram application to notify them that you have joined).

As soon as you enter you will see the screen in blue (because you will not have any message) but if you click on the three upper horizontal stripes (on the left) it will show you a very simple menu in which you will have:

  • New group.
  • Contacts.
  • Calls
  • People nearby.
  • Saved messages.
  • Adjustments
  • Invite friends.
  • Learn about Telegram.

How to send a message on Telegram

To send a message on Telegram it is as easy as clicking on the circle with a white pencil. Once you do, it will give you a new screen in which the contacts that have Telegram will appear but, above these, the options of new group, new secret chat or new channel.

Select the contact you want and the screen will automatically open for you to start chatting with that person. Oh, and best of all, if you write it wrong and send it, you can edit it to correct the mistakes.

Find channels or groups to join

As we have told you before, one of the peculiarities of Telegram is the fact that have groups and channels in which to gather a lot of people. Normally, these groups and/or channels are related to themes or hobbies. For example, email marketing, ecommerce, courses, etc.

And how to find them? For it, The best thing is the magnifying glass, there you can put keywords of what you are looking for and it will give you results in terms of channels, groups and profiles that may suit what you are looking for.

Another option you have is to search the Internet for groups and channels that are advertised and that may be what you are looking for.

Once you locate it, and depending on the group, it will let you enter and even read the posts that have been posted without even being a member. What interests you? Well, you have in the part where a button is written that says "JOIN" and when you press you will be part of that group or channel and, depending on how it is configured, it will let you write and interact with the other members.

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Channels or bot chats

Some groups also have bot channels. These are created in a I try to help since there may be the rules for groups, a search engine or have more actions.

Entering these channels is the same as in groups, except that in this case you have a series of commands that will activate the bot to respond to you.

Usually commands are always preceded by a forward slash (/) with the function (mostly in English, although it depends on how it's set up).

Use it as a "reminder"

One of the features that most attracts many is the ability to use Telegram to write to yourself. That is to say, that it serves as a notepad or to copy those messages that we do not want to lose.

Also to send us documents (from the PC to the mobile, for example). For it, Just go to the chat that you want to save a message, click and hold that message until it is highlighted and hit "forward". Once you do, it will appear who you want to forward it to but, above all, "Saved messages" will appear. That's where you chat with yourself.

In fact, if you want to write something to yourself, you only have to go to the main menu and to Saved Messages so that it comes out and you can write to yourself.

Write in bold, italics or monospace

This is something that WhatsApp can also be done. But to get it you need to know what the commands are.

  • **bold** make the text bold
  • __italics__ writes the text in italics
  • "`monospace"` writes the text in monospace

Account self-destruction

If you want to be proactive and you know that in 1 month, 2, 6 or a year you will no longer use Telegram, instead of having to create an alarm to delete your account, you can Allow it to crash or self-destruct if you don't use it.

In fact, you just have to go to Settings / Privacy / Security. In Advanced you will have a link to Delete my account if I am away and you will be able to establish a reasonable time so that, if that happens, it is deleted without you having to do anything.

Of course, there is much more of how Telegram works, but all this is learned through practice, so if you liked it, try downloading it and start tinkering to see everything it can do.

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