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Wallapop, the ideal application to buy and sell second-hand items on the internet

Not long ago, most of the transactions carried out for the purchase and sale of products were physical, most of the time in predetermined establishments or in places agreed by the seller and buyer, a situation that made the trade of merchandise a complicated and a bit insecure work, because in many cases it was not possible to count on the certainty of obtaining good products at starting from small premises that sold used things.

Today, thanks to rise of new technologies, particularly the internet, many businesses and small companies have been able to find a magnificent meeting point to offer all kinds of articles and services, which can provide a greater trust to users, since through his electronic promotion on the webMany of these establishments may already have a rating or evaluation of users, with which they can already build a reputation that allows them to attract new customers based on the quality of their products and services.

However, despite the multiple benefits of the internet, it is always important to know how to navigate on reliable web pages, because nowadays there are numerous ways to deceive and defraud users, which is why you should always have knowledge of the internet site you are accessing and that the recommendations that are receive are true.

Once this is done, you can have greater certainty about the products and services that we plan to buy or sell. Precisely, one of the pages that has gained a lot of prestige in recent years is the Spanish startup named Wallapop, which arose as a result of the growing need of the online merchant community to buy and sell products of all kinds, but not only from the computer, but also that an application on our Smartphone could be used to buy and sell various items.

The interesting thing about this company is that it is based on a new geolocation system, which allows both seller and buyer to be located on the map, thus obtaining the closest possible address for the products and items that you want to buy or need to sell.

How did Wallapop come about?


The history of Wallapop It is that of a project that acquired success and growth very quickly, since it emerged in 2013 as a startup that sought to interconnect buyers and sellers of second-hand items, who were close to each other so that they could negotiate against to face easily and simply.

The application was devised by its future CEO and Co-founder, Agustín Gómez, who wanted to create a different and original concept in the world of second-hand buying and selling, which is why he integrated his popular geolocation system, which will be in charge of providing the distance and location of those people who sell what the user is looking for in specific, according to their own location.

Thanks to this new system, the application was gaining followers quickly and today it already maintains a leadership position over other similar web pages, such as "Segundamano" or "Milanuancios". Its rise has been so notorious that just in the first two years of its existence, it had already gone from a valuation of 0 euros to about 100 million euros valued.

How does Wallapop work?

Wallapop 2 hand

En wallapop you can buy and sell items of all kinds very easily. From fashion and accessories, to cars, electronics, sports and leisure items, furniture, books, movies, video game consoles, appliances, services and even real estate. Practically, for anything you can think of to buy or sell, you will find some kind of offer in this application.

The way to use Wallapop is very simple, Well, you only have to register on the website to create a profile that will allow you to use it to buy and sell items, through a kind of social network that puts at your disposal the closest people who have the product you are looking for for sale or who are interested in buying what you offer, depending on the case that arises.

It is in this section where you can chat to know all the details of the product and thus agree on an appointment to finalize the transaction.

Opinions on how Wallapop works

  • 26-year-old Rebeca Lara: With Wallapop I was finally able to obtain a really useful means of acquiring products and articles at a very good price, and the best of all is that I can operate on their website through the application that I have installed on my phone. With this novelty, I really feel that I can access this service in a totally portable way, because just by taking my phone, I can immediately start the search for any object from wherever I am.
  • 32-year-old Francisco Martínez: Now that I have many items that I want to sell, I have been able to find in this application the best option to renew my inventory, and now I can make room in my department, by selling many products that still work very well but I just don't use very often anymore at the moment. So it would be really a shame to throw all this away, but the truth is that I do need to make space for some things that I need right now. Thanks to Wallapop, now I can get rid of many things that I no longer use, but obtaining an economic return that will serve me very well to invest in other projects.
  • Ricardo Silva, 39 years old: Now that I downloaded the Wallapop application to my mobile phone, I was finally able to solve a big problem that I had had for several years, since I had already accumulated things in my house for some time, many of which I no longer even used but are still in perfect condition terms. For example, at this moment I already have up to three screens in my room, but I only used one, the others I have offered by Wallapop and I have already started receiving good offers for them. In the same way, I am also offering some furniture that I have changed in my living room, for which there are also people interested. In summary, thanks to this application I can already buy more new products for my home, because I sell the old ones, I get good money for those sales and with just a little more from my part, I can already make new things. That is why I really liked Wallapop.
  • 28-year-old Raúl Cárdenas: At Wallapop I can buy second-hand movies and video games at a very good price, items that come in almost the same condition as when they were new, and this is how I have been able to put together a good collection that otherwise would have been simply impossible.

Influence of wallapop for users

Wallapop sales

Wallapop has proven to be an excellent application in Spain for buying and selling second-hand items, capturing a wide variety of users in a very short time, since it only takes about 5 years of experience in the market at most.

Undoubtedly, its accelerated expansion is due to the ease of its application for anyone to use it, as well as the great benefits it has generated when communicate and contact people willing to buy or sell new and used products on the network.

With this application, these types of users have been able to find a virtual world that serves as a meeting point, to thus generate a new market of the future, dynamic and versatile, whose success has shown that the new technologies are the best way to access markets around the world At present, denoting such simplicity that with just a few clicks on our computer screen, in a short time our purchase comes to touch us at the door of our house, one of the great wonders of the internet without a doubt.

However, it is also important to mention some warning that you should always have with this type of service. This notice goes to both buyers and sellers. In the case of the former, what is suggested in this regard is that they always the information on the price of the product they offer you is collated, mainly with new items in different stores, because in some cases it is likely that they will offer you something pre-owned at almost the same price as the version fresh from the store, which is why it is also it is recommended to check the state in which the product is, Well, if it is not in good condition, it is preferable to buy it new.

Finally, for those who pretend sell items they no longer use, it is always highly advisable not to wear prices too low, Well, usually in this type of application, users who want to buy, tend to do all kinds of haggling that end up undercutting the item to the point that they barely pay you a small fraction of the price you had initially.

For this reason, it is important that they wear products, that even if they are used, are in perfect condition, so that a price can be negotiated that does it justice.

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  1.   Elena said

    Hello Customer dissatisfied with Wallapop, I have been a user and consumer for a long time with no problems until now. On February 5, they carried out the FREE POSTAGE promotion and I decided to make a purchase of a product € 30 item plus € 3 management fees. The seller receives the code that they send to make the shipment and when it reaches the post office they tell him that he cannot send it because the dimensions of the package do not appear properly. He tells me and I get in touch with Wallapop Support, after several messages of explanations about it that take a long time to respond, they tell me that they wash their hands and that I talk to the seller to fix the ad and that I buy it again without the benefit of the FREE POSTAGE that is no longer active. The free shipping promotion I took on was not limited to dimensions or weights, so the right thing to do is for them, who still have my money, to fix the shipping data so that the seller can complete the process and not ignore it. and hurt the transaction. Is this the adequate customer service that facilitates the management support that you pay when making purchases? sincerely disastrous. I trust that one day they will be the second-hand sales platform that they project at the moment they leave much to be desired. A very unhappy former client.