Types of payment gateways

Types of payment gateways

Do you have an online business and do not know what kind of payment gateways to use? Here we leave you a search with the best catwalks.

New social networks

New social networks

Do you want to be aware of the new social networks that can replace the ones we know? Here we leave you a compilation.

How to put an ad in Thousand Ads

How to put an ad in Thousand Ads

Do you need to sell something? Find out how to place an ad on Thousand Ads, the page where more people advertise purchases and sales in Spain.

What is Wish

What is Wish

Do you want to buy cheap? Then you have to know what Wish is, a platform like Aliexpress where you can buy everything at low cost.

what is deferred payment

What is deferred payment

Find out what deferred payment is and how it can affect your eCommerce so that customers buy more products and spend more.

how it works postpone me

How it works Postpone me

Have you heard of Aplazame? Do you know how postpone me works? If you don't know and you have an online store, this interests you. A lot.

How to make money on TikTok

How to make money on TikTok

Do you make videos but don't know how to make money on TikTok? We give you the keys so that you can get an extra at the end of the month.

what is eCommerce

eCommerce: what is it

Do we really know what an eCommerce is? And the different types there are? Find out everything you need to know about this 'electronic commerce'

sale price

How to calculate the sale price

Do you have an eCommerce and don't know how to calculate the sale price? We explain everything you need to know to get it easily.

Live Instagram

Live Instagram

Have you tried Instagram Live? If you have an eCommerce this is a very useful tool to connect with your customers and users.



Have you ever wondered what leads are? Discover its definition as well as the keys to find them for your business.

types of marketing strategies

7 types of marketing strategies

Discover the types of marketing strategies that are used the most and how you can apply them for your business depending on the objective you have.

online advertising

Online advertising

Do you have an eCommerce but don't understand too much about online advertising? We give you the keys so that you know the types of online ads.

What is a CMS

What is a CMS

You don't know what a CMS is but have you heard this term several times? Find out what it is and why it is related to eCommerces.

Aliexpress, is it reliable?

Aliexpress, is it reliable?

If you have seen Aliexpress, you may have been wondering if it is reliable or not. Can you buy that product at a bargain price? Find out.

How to sell on Vinted

How to sell on Vinted

If you want to know how to sell in Vinted step by step here we give you the keys to help you have an extra at the end of the month.

How to dropship

How to dropship

Do you want to know how to dropship? We explain the concept to you and we give you the keys so that you understand how this business works.

buyer person

How to create a buyer persona

The buyer persona is something like a representation of who your ideal customer would be, but do you know how you can create it in your business?

pure players

The pure players

In this context, pure players are those businesses or companies that only need a connection to operate ...

Original business ideas

Original business ideas

Do you want to start a company and need original business ideas? Don't worry, here are some that may work.

How to delete an Instagram account

How to grow on Instagram

If you want to learn how to grow on Instagram to be an influencer of the social network, here are some keys to achieve it.

How to search for keywords

How to search for keywords

Knowing how to search for keywords is very important on the Internet since, in this way, you will be able to reach the target audience that your business has.

google adwords campaigns 1

Types of Adwords campaigns

Discover the types of Adwords campaigns to be able to obtain results based on your objectives: sell more, more web traffic ...

Alternatives to Woocommerce

Alternatives to Woocommerce

If Woocommerce is not what you were looking for, find the alternatives to this plugin through several options that we present to you.

how to promote an ecommerce

How to promote an ecommerce

Discover how to promote an ecommerce and make it reach users and they can become customers. We have ideas for you.

Mondial Relay

What is Mondial Relay

Discover what Mondial Relay is, the characteristics of this system and how you could use it to send a package to your home or at a point pack


What is WooCommerce

Discover what Woocommerce is and why so many web pages are opting for this system for their online store or ecommerce.

What is PayPal?

How to create a PayPal account

Paypal is a very popular payment method on the Internet. Learn more about it and how to create a Paypal account in a few minutes.

How to sell online: previous steps

How to sell on the Internet

If you want to know how to sell online, here we talk about the methods you can use to make your products arrive.

how to sell on amazon

How to sell on Amazon

Discover how to sell on Amazon step by step. From choosing the type of seller to what you must do to register with Amazon.

how to improve web loading speed

How to improve web loading speed

Find out how you can improve web loading speed on your site so that visitors don't leave because it takes too long to see each other.

Strategies in online sales

Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to make more sales online, many of which can be implemented immediately….

How does Shopify work?

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Canada that develops software for ...

Benefits of online shopping

It is becoming more and more common that many physical stores that now have online stores, have exclusive offers in ...

Do you help ecommerce? The most important

You can finance your ecommerce by requesting grants for entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to develop their professional activity in ecommerce. To face its first stage ...

How to buy online safely?

One of the most desired objectives for a good part of the clients or users is to make their purchases ...

What is voice commerce?

Another aspect that you should take into account from now on is that Voice Commerce is the transactional aspect of voice searches.

Buying a car from e-commerce

One of the sectors where electronic commerce is represented is through the fact of buying a car from digital channels.

Why invest in UX?

UX Design is a design philosophy that aims to create products that meet the specific needs of its end users.

Cryptocurrencies in ecommerce

Cryptocurrencies have become a financial asset that is on the rise, and how could it be otherwise also in digital commerce.

Consumer rights in online purchases

Consumers have a series of rights to their purchases that should govern these business processes. Also the rights of the consumer in purchases The rights of the consumer in online purchases are recognized and all this despite the fact that in some cases this reality may be ignored in relations with the consumer sector

all about geolocation

The future of geolocation

Explanation of everything related to geolocation, from what it is and how it works, to its uses in business and its future importance.

ways to add value to a business

How to add value to your business

Learn the ways of what it is and how to add value to your business. Explanation through examples and why sometimes it seems complicated.

Improve online reputation

Online reputation management

We tell you everything you need to know about Online Reputation Management to improve the image that customers have of you on the internet.

Aliexpress logo

Find brands on AliExpress

We leave you guidelines to search for brands and products in AliExpress, in addition to explaining the types of products that you can find in the ecommerce store

what is amazon

What is Amazon?

We are going to tell you the history of Amazon from its beginning until today, it is surprising and an example of e-commerce par excellence

paypal in prestashop

Set up PayPal in PrestaShop

We explain all the steps to follow to configure PayPal in PrestaShop for your ecommerce store in a simple and easy way.

amazon premiere

What is Amazon Premium?

This time we are going to explain the real advantages of being Amazon Premium, such as deliveries, and many other options Amazon photos, family, etc.

return step by step amazon

How to return a product on Amazon?

If you want to return an Amazon product, you have come to the right place, here we will explain: How to return an Amazon product effectively and quickly

product life phases

Life cycle of a product

Discover the different phases of the life cycle of a product in detail and seen from a commercial point of view.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business a free application for companies

What is WhatsApp Business? We show you the benefits of this new messaging app for companies completely free that will allow you to improve communication with your customers and increase their sales. Do you know how to use it? Discover it here!

unsubscribe on Facebook

How to unsubscribe from Facebook

How to unsubscribe from Facebook temporarily or permanently, either because we use it too much and it consumes all our time, causes us problems

data storage

What you should know about data storage

Create backup copies of your files and software on a storage device or a cloud hosting service, they will preserve and preserve this information automatically

online marketing agencies

Online marketing agencies

The marketing agency understands how to measure the return on investment, as well as the overall success of the marketing campaign.

email marketing

How to improve email marketing

Email marketing in ecommerce is important as it often results in a sale if the recipient clicks on the link that takes them to the company site