Application of ecommerce in the sports sector

Electronic commerce is one of the areas to which companies allocate the greatest amount of effort and economic resources and whose incidence in business niches linked to sport is very relevant. In any case, in the sports sector, its progress has moderated in the last two years since it has reached a total turnover of 418 million euros, what does a 6 % more than in the previous quarter, according to the latest data provided by the National Markets and Competition Commission (Cnmc).

Within this general context, it should be noted that users who buy online go 5,8 times a month to sports ecommerce sites; a percentage that in the previous year was 4,9 and that is far from the general visits to buy, which are 54,5 times the monthly average. In the case of the multi-category, the frequency is 35 times a month and in the case of fashion, 15,5.

This leads us to analyze the segments where the world of sports can be adapted to digital stores or businesses. There are many options that exist and of course diverse nature, as we will see below. Being one of the most relevant business niches that are integrated into ecommerce at this precise moment.

Sports sector: sportswear

This is the first exhibition that the sector presents within the digital world and one of the most powerful that can be found at the moment. Due to the explosion of people who have opted for some activity related to physical exercise or any kind of sports, both individual or in teams. To the point that some of these commercial firms are at the top of the ranking with regard to online billing in Spain, according to the latest in the sector.

While on the other hand, it is also very relevant that due to the development of eCommerce, athletes simply access the purchase of all kinds of articles nationally and internationally through an Internet connection. To have in a few minutes your required items when buying sportswear.

With such diverse segments in online stores, such as footwear, sweatshirts, t-shirts and a wide range of accessories to practice sport from now on. With prices that are reduced compared to physical or conventional stores. Through electronic commerce that is reaching very considerable dimensions.

In online gyms

We cannot forget the importance of this physical activity in the development of ecommerce. Well, in this sense, it must be emphasized that and advantages To start an online gym there are various, such as those that we are going to provide you at the moment:

  • Longer hours that will ensure that the number of customers is greater every year.
  • The prices will be lower with respect to the rates of the traditional gyms, and with greater ease to make promotions.
  • The great utility in its facilities and that allow users to have from that moment a greater possibility in choosing the sports to practice.

While on the other hand, there is another factor that you may not have realized and that consists in perceiving that an audience segmented at this level will increase conversion and, therefore, sales. In other words, you will have greater visibility in your business than in conventional or traditional formats and this is a clear advantage for opting for a business with these characteristics.

Online sale of sporting goods

The increasing practice of sports has generated an increasing need to resort to more sporting goods than before. From an aspect, there is no doubt that this is another of the emerging business niches from now on. With a growth potential that is considered by industry analysts as very high. With a less infrastructure to start it up and that can be formalized from commercial approaches easier than in other business segments.

While on the other hand, it should also be noted that the online sale of sporting goods offers many business opportunities to new entrepreneurs. And among which the following stand out that we expose below:

All kinds of accessories for the maintenance and management of a good part of the sports activities. Both with regard to purely physical exercise and its correct administration.

The accessories in the wardrobe and that have reached a special pre-power in recent years in terms of the preferences of the users themselves. And they range from traditional sweatshirts to articles where to store sportswear from any sport.

A wide range of sports articles that have a special link with the management of these physical activities and that have emerged in recent years as a result of the needs of people who practice some kind of sports.

Advice on online purchases

The rise of fitness, running and similar sports that have become fashionable in recent years have been linked to the development of electronic commerce, having a great relationship with each other. There are many who dive into the web in search of the best prices on sportswear, sneakers, wristbands for taking the pulse or sports supplements. Stores may sell all these products or, as in most cases, they have specialized in one of them and even advise the most novice through their website or question forum.

To implement this kind of commercial strategies, it is true that a series of requirements must be met. Where it will be very important that you put something of your own will so that there are no relapses in the line of business that you have decided to undertake from now on. To the extent that this class of entrepreneurs in the sports sector is that you can see online commerce as a business opportunity to boost your professional career. With the following contributions that we mention below:

The prices are the best in the market, with very important discounts and discounts compared to the original rates that are launched from physical or more conventional stores.

The ease and convenience to make purchases from home or any other place where the user or customer is located. At any time of the day, even on weekends or at night.

Almost all payment methods enabled in Internet sales are supported. From traditional credit or debit cards to the most technologically advanced systems, such as electronic payments.

The flexibility to manage the process of these purchases and that can be individualized according to the needs of the users or customers themselves. With all the benefits of this kind of commercial performance.

The speed to dispose of these products, services or articles related to the sports sector. Because in fact, with just one click you have what you want in just 48 hours. Without this commercial operation having a negative effect on the balance of your savings account. If not, on the contrary, you will have significant discounts on the prices that are enabled from digital platforms.

With another series of values, among which the following stand out that we point out to you from now on:

  • Specialization
  • Sponsors of sport and healthy life
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Clear user experience
  • Effective and efficient procedures
  • Variety of brands and products
  • Focus on results and dynamism within the organization and the team
  • Decentralized leadership owned by each team member

Other considerations about online sports trading

While on the other hand, with a store or Internet commerce specialized in this special line of business it would be possible not only grow in terms of traffic volume it would also allow them to better return on investment. This is another aspect that you should take into account from now on.

Not surprisingly, one of the main objectives of this kind of online business is to increase sales in e-Commerce. But not only that, but also generate quality traffic to the web and publicize the commercial brand, among other aspects. Where it will also be necessary to assess that it is necessary above other considerations the fact of create a new structure highly granular shopping and search campaigns, robust enough to include all product lines and as relevant as possible.

And finally, and regarding the shopping network, different campaigns were created by priorities depending on the type of search (generic or longer tail, among some of the most relevant).

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