E-commerce platforms

E-commerce platforms

It is typical to have a different sales experience than the rest of our colleagues, some friends think that local sales are the best when the market is growing instead of saturated.

While others claim that it is better to choose a market that is already developed and simply invest in new ideas or implementations to improve sales and return on investments. That is why we are going to study the types of e-commerce platforms of the current market.

What currently generates the most money?

It is certainly not food, the food business has become aspects that are manifested as franchises or as local tourist sites and occasional visits, in this way it happens with the other sectors of sale of goods or services, they are at the mercy of large corporations and national companies that spread exponentially without any problem or effort.

SEO, is the word that they sold us at all times when we tried to make our own brand or business prosper economically and popularly, positioning ourselves is the same as making ourselves a name with which people exchange a pleasant experience or even one that has caused them disgust or dissatisfaction.

La key to positioning In any type of business, it is the perspective from which we see our consumers and how they see us.

Businesses are 90% based on visual or physical communication, on digital marketing issues What does it mean for us? What behavior should we have? How do we want to be seen? Because the answer to all those questions is very difficult to answer if you plan to start a digital marketing company without an e-commerce platform.

Benefits of E-commerce platforms

Our E-commerce platforms, are that part of online business in which we, as a growing or developing business, can begin to recognize the public's response in a simple, simple, effective way and with continuous communication between the quantitative and economic aspects and the range qualitative probabilities that we can use to promote sales of our products.

E-commerce platforms

Our sales improvements It is not the same as selling a lot or offering too much, having the ability to supply a large number of customers can make us fall into the deception that we are making more money, when we are really exceeding the profitability of production, that is why a E-commerce platform, can help you with consumption statistics and economic performance graphs, so you will really know if your sales are generating profits or are simply large amounts in an occasional period.

The questions that arise for someone who, like you, is interested in knowing the benefits of E-commerce platforms, are very simple and correspond to the following:

E-commerce platforms

  • Economic resources. Within what this point encompasses, the key question would be, are we going to be directly related to the development of economic resources? Will we hire someone to carry them out?
  • Technical knowledge. If you do not know any of the procedures, we will have to hire an advisor or someone trained to perform this task.
  • The route of our project. If our catalog covers too many sub-spaces or internal multimedia content, how do we stabilize it so that it can be consulted without problems and in a simple way? It may be necessary to make multiple stores and establish who will be our affiliates, if there are any or if we will sell on our own.
  • The functionalities that are necessary. The online store works well thanks to its striking appearance, but also its ability to answer our questions regarding prices, availability and product quality, what good is such an attractive online store, but without functionality? In e-commerce, it is recommended to be aware of the advances to increase the functions without these becoming a matter of saturation of the store, we need to fulfill real needs so as not to fall into a trivial business that is not noticed among the competition.
  • The size of our store. It will be important to establish the amount of products we have available, their prices, promotions, points of sale, shipping costs, all based on the number of customers we hope to have, we cannot have such a large stock because it would not generate more than a expenditure, we must bear in mind the numbers and quantitative points of the production that we are going to have.
  • The support. The online community tends to pass judgments extremely quickly, so that not a single day goes by when incidents occur and support is necessary, either from your online store or from some customer complaints, to give them Follow up you should pay attention to what they really say and that your online store does not collapse.

Since we have very well established our objectives as a business that will soon have a presence in e-commerce, you must move on to the following. Pontreat an e-commerce platform It guarantees great benefits, not only to you but to your company or business.

E-commerce platforms

Advantages of E-commerce platforms

  • Free platforms, which do not generate any cost for joining as a user, but for certain functionalities.
  • Wide variety of templates, being one of the great attractions for many online stores, the templates include simple, modular models, whether customizable or even for mobile phones, imagine hundreds of people winding your online store from their smartphones with the right compatibility to run the best functions of the store and make it easy for them to buy products in just minutes.
  • Intuitive setupIn addition to being simple, they usually include administration panels and the appropriate appearance to facilitate browsing and online shopping.
  • They are normally intended for large catalogs. If you already have a large catalog of products in stock or under development, e-commerce platforms are what you need, a quick and easy way to make everyone know about your content, products, lines, ranges and special offers.
  • They are safe. The more reliable the better, it is an almost inherent law of the consumer, if they do not see an interface and functionalities developed in a practical, professional way or simply it is presented as an online store with many unstable functions, there will be no way for them to buy, distrust It is the # 1 factor that causes lost sales, so you need to find an e-commerce platform that is ideal for you and your sales business, without losing customers and investing in good quality.

Disadvantages of E-commerce platforms

Some disadvantages of e-commerce platforms They are the following and despite being contradictory, there really are these types of drawbacks that we must keep in mind when we get an e-commerce platform, so as not to fall into the same mistakes as many other online stores:

  • The cost can be high. Even when the internet seems like a free place, the act of selling a product in a select and safe space can cause us a higher expense than what we have contemplated, in addition to the fact that the quality of the platform is sometimes directly proportional to the amount of money. that is invested in it, is what encourages developers to constantly update it.
  • The functionalities. They may not be enough and even get in the way, we don't need as many features or we need more, most do not have enough features according to opinions.
  • The optimal space. The spaces in the cloud are like the apartments, more and more expensive, there is a periodic rent and we simply cannot afford to pay too much for a space that we may occupy or that may not be enough for us.
  • The difficulty of handling large catalogs. Although this is one of the benefits that many e-commerce platforms have, many others ignore the ability to process large sales catalogs, so you have to select those products that are sold the most and not offer the entire line that you already have. you have, this can be favorable if you expect to spend less because the lower-priced e-commerce platforms are those that support a smaller product catalog, while if you wait to establish a large catalog, you may be disappointed with the capabilities of the low-cost platforms or free.
  • Additional assistance. Some packages to establish the behavior and systems of the store, can be too complicated to use. Don't you know them? Better not even try it, you will have to get professional assistance or an advisor to handle these types of configuration packages for your online store, so if you do not have a low-cost advisor or want to save money, we recommend choosing an intuitive platform and easy to set up.

The need for a e-commerce platformIt comes directly from the experience we can all have with an online store, nobody wants delays, nobody wants strange charges on their credit card.

The consumer does not trust the internet enough to enter their password in every online store they see, so the competition is fierce and is, in a way, wild.

Positioning ourselves as a value business implies making important economic decisions and investments that are necessary, e-commerce platforms are that tool that will help you stabilize your sales and improve them gradually.

Some of the best e-commerce platforms today

X Cart

This is one of the online platforms responsible for creating and improving number of online stores currently, some of the positive aspects of X-Cart are:

X Cart

  • Technical support with a large number of languages ​​available.
  • It remains open source, free.

Some of the negative aspects of X-Cart are:

  • Direct customer access is not a free option, an additional fee must be paid.
  • The "Premium" plan rate is considered to be somewhat high, being up to $ 495, it is not a very competitive price at the moment.

Open Source Magento

It is positioned as one of the free e-commerce platforms, most popular in the world, these are the positive aspects of Magento Open Source:

Open Source Magento

  • It is a completely free e-commerce platform, open source, with the possibility of improving that version with a paid option.
  • Its list of functions is vast and sufficient, you don't need to look any further.
  • This platform allows you to create profiles with languages ​​that are adjusted according to the region in which the client is located.

Some of the disadvantages of the Magento Open Source e-commerce platform are:

  • The interface becomes sufficient with all the functions, however, it becomes clumsy and not efficient, perhaps it is one of the most ambivalent points for this platform.
  • There is an implicit monetary investment in having to hire developers or technical staff to carry out maintenance and customization functions, the platform itself is very complex for someone who does not have a background in the field of digital development.


This online trading platform offers the opportunity to manage your online store almost like child's play, let's see its advantages:


  • The easy and simple administration of your product, you simply save the investment of technical support or additional help.
  • An aesthetic, amazing and beautiful visual interface for establishing online trading sites.

The most important thing for an online platform these days should be to stay, PrestaShop Does it? Let's look at the downsides of this digital trading platform:

  • Despite its great simplicity, it has few functions, perhaps compared to its competition, it does not have competitive functions in the numerical aspect.
  • Hidden extensions exist as reasons to spend more and more, being the same extensions offered by those that have a higher cost.

Jigo Shop

Despite comparisons with other online trading platforms, Jigo Shop remains a differentiated platform, let's see its advantages:

Jigo Shop

  • Categorized as the easiest online trading platform to use, especially for users with little or no experience, ideal for growing businesses and strong e-commerce competition.
  • The wide selection of themes available to the client and all for the same rate (free).

Jigo Shop, has intriguing benefits, which makes the downsides that this platform has to offer more questionable:

  • Will we leave customer service behind? Unfortunately that is not an option, but having no option for customer service is what it implies.
  • The initial characteristics are not enough, they reaffirm the inclination towards an inexperienced type of developer who only requires the elementary without aspiring to an improvement or at least not without paying.


Despite not being related to one of the greats of the online commerce platforms, WP eCommerce, it lags behind to be compared and to be behind the best, however, it is still a very good option as an open source online trading platform, let's see the advantages it offers:


  • Most of the best features of an online trading platform have them, even the most competitive ones.
  • It remains among the best dedicated online trading platforms for an entry audience, meaning that it does not require technical assistance or at least complicated maintenance.

The clear downsides to this online platform can be daunting, let's look at a bit of that:

  • It lacks add-ons and improvements.
  • There are not enough WordPress themes for WP eCommerce.


Considered by many as the best open source online trading platform. WooCommerce is the competitor with which everyone wants to be compared, it is positioned as one of the best options, let's know some of its advantages:


  • The complement can be download for free, this is something that guarantees the entry of many customers since many stores only need this to function properly.
  • It connects easily and efficiently to all the major payment gateways currently available.

With these online trading platforms it must have been clear that many of the advantages may have an ambivalence being an advantage for some, but a great disadvantage for others, identifying the ideal online trading platform for us is now our duty.

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