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E-commerce or electronic commerce is one of the great innovations in information technology that is moving the economy of various population sectors around the world. It consists of a number of various business activities, such as the distribution, sale, purchase, marketing and product placement services through the internet and the best example is the Corte Ingles customer service.

It is in this way that stores and sales establishments have evolved that previously could only be found in large squares and shopping centers such as The English Court, to be able to be found now on the screen of our computers, giving us the facility to find our favorite products just a click away.

Precisely, as part of these new commercial tools, arises El Corte Inglés, a Spanish distribution group which is made up of various companies that offer all kinds of products and services, through department stores that are registered on this platform.

Thus, entering the page of El Corte Ingles We will be able to access a vast number of businesses and establishments that offer all kinds of articles. Thus we can find, from a large selection of clothing, footwear and accessories, to electronic items and white goods, or we can even do grocery shopping.

With such a large sales line, it is normal that all kinds of doubts or questions arise around the multiple articles and services that can be obtained in El Corte Ingles, as well as it is possible that some complaints are raised due to the large number of purchasing and transaction processes that are generated daily on the platform. For this reason, this page has an efficient customer service system that provides advice, information and support to all clients who may present any doubt, complaint or suggestion with the management of the platform.

What does the English court Customer Service consist of?

Customer Support

In order to provide the means and tools to obtain information and process complaints and clarifications as quickly and easily as possible, Financial El Corte Inglés EFC, SA, has an efficient customer service system that has the obligation to answer all the doubts and questions that customers have in the different types of commerce that are handled on this platform.

Likewise, The English Court also has the primary function of dealing with complaints and / or claims that may arise, within a period of no more than two months, after the complaint has been duly formulated in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations for the Defense of the Client of Financiera El Corte Inglés EFC, SA

In the event that the client's main problem is not resolved, that there is any disagreement with the results offered, that more than two months have elapsed after the initial complaint and / or claim has been submitted, and provided that all lines have been used of service that this customer service center can offer, the claimant may go to the Claims Service of the Bank of Spain. However, it is likely that this last line of action does not have to be required, because due to the multiple solutions offered by the Corte Inglés Customer Service, claimants are unlikely to find a final solution with which they are satisfied.

Help line and information of the English Court

In order to receive more information, as well as more efficient advice, El Corte Inglés offers two main customer service lines, with the aim of providing a particular and more personalized help to clients and various users who make use of the platform. Thus, depending on the support and information required, assistance may be requested from two different service lines:

center of the english court

  • The first is focused exclusively on all issues related to the e-commerce service, so that users can buy and sell without any complications.

Customer service
900 373 111
At your disposal 365 days a year.

  • While the second is established to resolve general doubts about the structure and operations of the English Court, such as issues related to shopping centers and other group companies.

Customer service
901 122 122
At your disposal 365 days a year, during business hours.


Due to the large number of purchasing and sales processes that are handled in El Corte Inglés, its electronic commerce hotline offers support and information in each of the sections that have to do with the procedures for the sale of a product or service. , from the information on how to buy, to the moment in which we receive said purchase in our homes. Likewise, we can also advise on any doubt or irregularity that may arise from the beginning to the end of the transaction.

Thus, the information offered in this section is divided into the following aspects:

English court stores

  • How to buy: Where you will be given instructions to choose an item, add it to your shopping cart, and process the order with the payment method you prefer to enter. If you have any doubts about the process, it is also offered the possibility of buying almost any item on the platform by telephone, by calling the number: 902 22 44 11.
  • How to pay: Instructions for paying with credit or debit cards, gift cards or El Corte Inglés purchase cards will be displayed here. Likewise, it will also be possible to observe information on payments to months without interest and the way in which these can be made valid depending on the purchase amounts.
  • Shipping: In this item you can see everything related to shipping conditions, which will depend on different geographical areas, such as:
    -Peninsula Spain and the Balearic Islands
    -Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla
  • Guarantee and resolution of claims: This section is available to consult the information necessary to validate the guarantee of the articles with which there is a problem.
  • Returns: Here you can see the information to make the return of defective items or with which you are not satisfied. It is important to review this section to know the maximum terms for making returns, which will depend on the type of item in particular.
  • Market place: Information on shipping conditions, payment methods and returns with external sellers who offer their products through the Corte Inglés platform is shown here.
  • Customer data, security policy: This section shows us information about how our personal data is protected, as well as how to enter our information to open our account on the platform and access all its content.
  • Taxes: Here we will obtain the information related to the taxes that are applied to the prices of the products, which will be different for residents of the European Union and residents of non-EU countries.
  • Contact us: The contact information will be available here to receive advice with any questions or complaints that you have with the use of the platform.

Each of these topics is organized in such a way that we can find specific assistance for particular doubts.

General Information

On the other hand, for more detailed information on general points, El Corte Inglés has a different helpline, which provides support and advice in each of the following aspects:

  • Shopping Centers: Directory and Services
  • El Corte Inglés card
  • Companies of the El Corte Inglés Group
  • How to work at El Corte Inglés

In this way, doubts can be channeled to more personalized and detailed service lines, in relation to the particular needs of customers.

How to contact customer service

English court customer service

To obtain information about the platform's purchasing service, or to have details about the status of the orders that are made, users can contact the telephone number: 900 373 111, which is available 365 days a year, or they can also write an email to the following address:, where you can receive a response as soon as possible.

Likewise, to obtain more general information on everything related to El Corte Inglés, customers can call the Customer Service telephone number: 901 122 122, from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m., and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m., as well as the email: will also be available for messages.

Contact information for complaints and / or claims

To receive personalized attention at the offices of the Financiera El Corte Inglés EFC, SA Customer Service, customers can go to the following address:

Owner: Mr. Enrique Estebaran Sánchez
C / Hermosilla, 112
28009 – Madrid

While to receive attention from the Claims Service of the Bank of Spain, the contact details are the following:

Bank of Spain
Claims Service
C / Alcala, 48
28014 – Madrid
Claims Service Virtual Office

In order to know the complete process around the formulation of complaints or claims, Financiera el Corte Inglés makes available to clients, in each of its offices in the entity, the text of the Regulation for the Defense of the Client, a tool that will allow them to raise complaints efficiently and with better results.

The Customer Service of Financiera el Corte Inglés It is designed to address any type of doubt that may arise, either about the transactions of the platform, its structure or the complaints that may be issued regarding its operation, as well as the products and services offered here. To obtain the best results from this tool, it is important to go to the correct service line, as in this way we can guarantee the solution of any doubt or clarification that you have regarding the use and management of the platform.

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  1.   Felipe said

    It is unfortunate, they do not report, good luck if they answer, and nothing happens here.
    Look at what things, 4 out of stock in a row as an excuse for an undelivered product.

  2.   Manuel Garcia Paradela placeholder image said

    It is a shame the customer service 17,01 euros for a consultation call of a wrong order by the English court, which said a real shame.

    1.    Mayte said

      Please do not claim that customer service works properly, 3 months to get in touch, after many calls, countless emails and three complaints.
      When I manage to contact and send all the information again, I am still waiting for the answer.

      It's a shame, we bought CI online because of the reliability it gave me and it has been a total failure.

  3.   Lourdes said

    Terrible customer service, what do you handle claims? Where? I've been waiting for an article for more than two months for which I have called more than 6 times where I get long and the answer is always the same (I'm going to complain), already tired I ask to speak to a person in charge, he apologizes and says do not worry tomorrow, I will call her without fail and inform her about that a week ago and nobody contacts me, now that if the purchase is charged from the first day to That if there is speed, I go to a physical store and they tell me if the purchase was online I cannot claim there, then let's see what I do, I will have to claim x the bank of Spain ??? WHERE IS THE ATTENTION OF WHICH IS SAID GREAT COMPANY EL CORTE INGLÉS

    1.    CS said

      I have been waiting for an order for a month and the same thing happens to me, calls that are useless do not know the status of the order or in other cases all operators are busy for hours. I sent an email more than 15 days ago with no response. Let's go a shame. I just put a claim on the web and the same thing will probably happen. Then they want to compete with any electricity trading platform ...

  4.   Mº Angeles Fernandez Thuillier. Card 600833 0112468442/026 said

    Why do you want me to leave my comment, to do the same thing that you have done with my three emails since December 26? Absolute silence. One phone call, answer: the operators are busy, we will call this same phone. I'm still waiting. They are the kings of silence.
    What I am very clear about is that I am not going to buy another appliance from that company. Customers are dismissed after the invoice has been collected. Or are you waiting for the Warranty on the Dryer and Dishwasher to expire?
    I accept the privacy terms, but more privacy than silence from you does not exist.

    1.    Pink said

      Shameful telephone attention, there is no way to speak, I put my complaint to customer service and neither, I made an order and I received the shirt, discolored and there is no way to contact them, neither by phone, nor by email because nobody responds. Gentlemen if you can not guarantee customer service, eliminate the sale x web

  5.   Juan said

    Customer Service? what a shame !!!!!! Without mincing words, your problems are passed through the lining of your balls, sorry, your problems. I have had personal and work problems due to his inept ability to resolve incidents. I do not know how many times I have called, with the expense that this has caused me, I have sent countless emails, to this day they still do not solve anything. I'm sick of your "we'll forward your mail to the appropriate department, they'll get back to you," and a SHIT. I am so angry that if I had the person responsible for such a useless service in front of me, I don't know what would happen.
    And nothing happens, days, weeks, months go by and nothing happens. Now you, as an insignificant mortal that you are, stop paying something, or do not fulfill your obligations and you will see if they will attack you like hungry wolves.
    Maybe I could give up, forget about everything and let them do whatever they want, but it doesn't come off my dick, that's fine, I'll go as far as necessary.

    In short, customer service is rubbish, disgusting, chaff, crap, scum, slop, filth, etc.

  6.   sonia burgos said

    Good afternoon, I have collected an order that I enclose, I requested 1,5 kg of bananas for an amount 2,84 and you have given me 956 grams for an amount of 1.

    Therefore, they must refund the difference in the amount to my account or bring the missing bananas to my home.

    By the way, the service is a shame, you offer click & car that we go with the car and without getting off it, you put the balls in the trunk of the total purchase. LIE


    I will replicate this message to your customer service department.
    Thank you

  7.   Celia said

    I am writing to you because I do not know anything about an order that I made on April 10, the only thing they did is send me the order number and charge on April 15, they told me that they would communicate to me by email how the order was going And I still do not know anything, I would like you to tell me something please because I am not happy with the way they act, the order number is 2010180003979

    1.    Celia Pena Amador said

      I wait for an answer as quickly as possible,

  8.   Celia Pena Amador said


  9.   Suzanne said

    Unfortunately, the telephone service is terrible. Nothing to do with the excellent face-to-face service. I do not recommend online shopping at all, better to wait than to despair with your
    e-commerce and its impossible phone where the customer laughs.

  10.   carmen said


  11.   Justin said

    Shamefully impossible to contact them by phone or answer the emails. I bought a freezer and I've been asking for a solution for 15 days. Please give me back my money and of course I will cancel the El Corte Ingles card and I will never buy here again.

  12.   José said

    He Corte Inglés customer service does not EXIST.
    I have purchased a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. And I got the faulty keyboard, since several keys do not work.
    I have tried to communicate with customer service, in all the ways they offer you. AND NOTHING…
    In the end I had to buy another one in another online store.
    Spending twice for the same product.
    I hope they give me my money back. Since I don't want any change….
    It would be more, after having had to buy another.

  13.   MARIA MONTIEL said


    Due to a security breach in their computer system they have hacked the client account of El Corte Inglés, as soon as I detect it at approximately an hour I try to contact them to report this situation, and the dance of number of options begins to access according to what incident, staff who cannot help me and endless phone calls all paid from mobile line, in total more than 11 euros in calls and I have not yet received the email that they were supposed to send me with the incident number and the registration of cancellation of the purchase made fraudulently in addition to not having received any calls or communication on how to recover my account and also to be able to report to the police I need the confirmation email of the incident.


    1.    MARIA MONTIEL said


  14.   isabel altayo said

    Supercor on Calle General Oraa on the corner of Diego de Leon, gloves and gel are delivered at the entrance. Very good publicity because then an employee with a machine goes checking the stocks and without gloves reposition them. When asked why he does not use them, he replies that he has an allergy and is exempt from wearing them
    Question: Can't you do other work other than touching the merchandise?
    I continue and I see an alleged user without gloves opening the display cases and who speaks very familiarly with the aforementioned employee and goes to the checkout to pass the product.
    I ask the person who gives the gloves at the entrance if they are mandatory for everyone and the supposed user takes the hint and says that she is an employee ,,,,, all the more reason in my opinion for her to take the gloves. I ask the cashier if I can make a claim and they call the manager who does not appear several times over the public address system. I have to give up.
    THE OTHER EMPKEADA / client. It is unmistakable. : short shaved hair, strong build and tattooed arms
    I put on the mask
    And gloves from the beginning. I pledge respect to employees and cashiers

  15.   Maria Elisa Brea Guerra said

    I make all the claims of my predecessors, but now I am specifically referring to a printer that I bought on 09/05/2020 and they have been fighting for two days with which they deliver it to me and the last time today they tell me that cercedilla is not the competence of mrw and that therefore they have left it in the store. What is happening to me does not seem acceptable to me in addition to the two days delay in my house waiting for him to arrive and today I find that nobody knows anything, I say and maybe I am right that he from the store should have called me telling me the story. status of my order, because it has not done so and here I am without knowing anything. I call the phone 901122122 and like the one who hears rain that they will call me but they don't tell me in which month or in which week. Here I am still waiting for the call. If you look at my card you will see the purchase I make, I will be forced to change provider. I tried on your online shopping page to change the zip code and I did not leave it, I did not give it importance because other orders have come to me with the wrong code, but this time I must have found someone who does not verify anything. if they are so kind Please reply as soon as possible because otherwise I buy the printer elsewhere and when I get yours, I won't pick it up and have the delivery man return it. I need it to work and if not I will go to the unemployment queue with the millions of Spaniards who are unemployed, my son works at home.


    Contact with you is disastrous, to the point that I will NEVER buy from them online again, the first and disastrous

  17.   Adela Lazkano Goitia said

    I asked for a lounger that I don't like at all because it is very unstable, that was during confinement, I want to return it and there is no way, I call and they leave you on the phone as long as you want with a music and you hang up out of boredom, a shame I WANT TO RETURN LA TUMBONA, I want you to tell me something, what to pay we pay, if someone reads this comment I hope they call me, I am biting.

  18.   Guillem said

    I have been a client of El Corte Inglés for 46 years, I have never had problems, but for 8 months, everything is problems, poor attention in person and if it is by phone, the contempt is continuous, and the waiting times for them to attend you they always exceed 25 minutes.
    What I am clear about is that the workers are boycotting the company and the clients pay for that.

  19.   cristina said

    customer service is a scam by the English court. They don't pick up the phone at all, nobody answers. You can honestly save it. I've been calling for 45 minutes and there's no chance they'll pick up the phone. Putting the call with the Malaga switchboard, they pass me to the appliance department and… why ??? also for nothing, nobody answers, I have called at least 10 times. Nefarious English court service and its employees scratch their bellies or play Parcheesi during working hours. I've been waiting all morning for the refrigerator delivery and they haven't called or know anything yet. Of shame.

  20.   AHMAD ABOUKAMAR said

    Hello everyone,
    My complaint is of another nature since it is based on the fact that the English Court has placed me on the list of defaulters for a refund of 182,… euros without being the one who made the purchase or said refund, being the owner of the account and my EX-wife had another card from the same account, and just when we separated, she left me the PÚA even though the card and the account were in her name but being the account holder of the English court, I got splashed to me…. Causing damage to my image and my CREDIT at the level of banks and insurances that right now you cannot imagine the damage that all this has caused me, I cannot opt ​​for a credit card in any bank, nor an insurance they want to make me a policy of any type of insurance… .etc.
    When all my life my payment and credit history has been and continues to be flawless, that is why I am writing here to see if you help me put an end to that bleeding, thanking anti-hand for any kind of help from you, without further ado , regards.

  21.   Albert perez said

    Att nefarious customer service
    They do not answer the phone and do not return calls, impossible to know the delivery of a product and not when they will pick up the return of the other for delivery in terrible packaging conditions.
    The truth is that the experience with the e-commerce of El Corte Inglés is not to use it again, they are light years away from Amazon of those who boast that they want to be their compendia
    Their managers have a lot to learn, a lot ...
    From his terrible management, it is not surprising that they are closing centers, the next thing, the e-commerce channel, but, time to time
    I no longer buy in this store