Everything you need to create your online store

create your online store

are you going to encourage create an online store? Do you know everything you need before riding it, during and after? What do you choose, Woocommerce, Prestashop interface, Shopify…?

Maybe and it doesn't sound like anything to you, but the truth is that, when creating your eCommerce, there are some aspects that you must take into account to avoid errors and problems when starting the store. We explain them to you.

What you should assess before creating your online store

What you should assess before creating your online store

To create an online store there are two essential things, to start with. One of the first is a domain, that is, the address of a web page that will be the name of your store.

For example, think that you are going to put your store "La despensa de Laura". You would have to go to a website that sells domains (Google, Name, or even through hosting companies that also offer domain sales) to:

  1. See if it's available.
  2. Buy it.

Our recommendation is that opt whenever you can for the .com. The .es is not bad either, but it will focus you only on Spain and it will be more difficult for them to know you internationally. But if you are only going to sell in this country, it is not a bad idea.

Another important point here is to see if there is any website, store, user... that uses that name. Because sometimes it will confuse people. Whenever possible it is better to use something that is not already used (and if possible, register the name).

The second essential thing is hosting. That is, where each and every one of the files that will make up your website will be hosted. And before you ask, no, they can't be on your computer.

There are many different hostings, and you can take both national and international. But being an online store, you have to focus on being adapted for it (if not, they can give you problems). In addition, there are some that are focused on the different eCommerce platforms. For example, a special hosting for Raiola PrestaShop.

Why did we notify you? Because if you achieve a hosting focused on the platform you are going to work on, it will be more efficient than a more general one. And of course, that implies that the choice of hosting is related to the type of platform you use, since there are several.

For example, the speed of your web page will depend on that hosting, but also the positioning. You have to make sure that you choose a quality hosting with guarantees.

In other words, do not choose the cheapest or free ones if they do not offer you a minimum of quality.

Another option, if you do not want to pay for hosting, is to use online store services, where instead of worrying about this, they give you all the tools so that you only have to deal with selling.

Steps to create your eCommerce

Steps to create your eCommerce

Now that you have the hosting and the domain, the following steps may be more or less easy depending on your experience or whether you have professionals on the subject. In this case, our recommendation to create your eCommerce is:

Choose a dropshipper

In case you don't know, the dropshipper is a kind of distributor or wholesaler. That is, a “warehouse” where the products that you sell are stored.

Actually, you could create two types of eCommerce: one where you have the products to sell (you will need a warehouse or a specific room); and another where you "contract" another company so that when you sell something, they send it.

The second option allows you to sell more products from different categories and not worry about shipping. In exchange, you have to share some benefits or pay a fee.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but the vast majority go for the dropshipper.

mount the web

The next step is perhaps the most complicated of all because involves building your online store. And here you not only have to design the home page, but also the products, contacts, purchase process, etc. And this can give you many headaches.

En general, you can use templates to save time and especially if you don't have the budget to have it designed by a professional. Another option is to create it from scratch, but we only recommend it if you have a team behind you, since any small mistake can ruin your website.

Steps to create your eCommerce

dump the information

Now that you have the template and everything is installed, You have to make the texts, both for the home page and for the products, contacts, blog, etc.

This requires time and above all a lot of research. First, because you have to focus on SEO, that is, the natural positioning to get customers to come to you.

But also because you have to make it attractive enough for them to navigate all over it.

For example, a mistake that many make is to use what distributors or catalogs have for products. Do the test, copy a small text and pass it through Google, you will realize that many online stores have the same thing.

If you innovate with this you win. Let's say you sell a mattress. You can say all the features it has, which in reality, will be the same as any store. But, what if instead of giving them cold like that, you made a little story in which you tell how comfortable and roomy it is, how firm or soft, or if you get hot sleeping in it.

Payment Methods

The next step you need to take is offer the maximum possible payments in your store. In other words, not just paying by card, but giving them more options: transfer, bizum, PayPal, cash on delivery... The more you give them, the better because you make that purchase more accessible and appetizing.

Beware of the legal situation

In case you don't know, it is not "legal" to sell products if you are not self-employed or a company. Therefore, to control the issue of civil liability, it is recommended that you create a limited company.

Our recommendation? Hire an agency that will take all the papers in order. Also insurance. And try to comply with all applicable laws so as not to earn a fine.


You already have everything, so now you just have to crank up the online strategy: advertising, creation of articles, management of social networks…

Success will not come to you overnight. But yes, within 1 to 3 years. If you do it right, you can end up with a good site and good sales at the end of the month.

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