Amazon warehouses in Spain

Amazon warehouses

Amazon It is one of the fastest growing companies in recent years, and it is not surprising, since the services it offers add enormous value to the products it sells. But the fact that it is easy for the end user to simply view the products on a computer screen, and then be able to place the order, means a quite high demand for logistics capabilities.

In order to meet this logistical need, Amazon in Spain makes use of a series of warehouses that are strategically distributed to be able to manage the packaging of the products and make the shipments that will be in the hands of the end customer within a period of between 2 and 5 days. But Where are these Amazon warehouses in Spain and how does their logistics work??

Where are the Amazon warehouses in Spain?

amazon logistics

Illescas Warehouse

Let's start by talking about warehouse located in Illescas, in San Fernando de Henares, where one of the most important logistics centers in Spain is located. This warehouse is a pride for Amazonas it has the capacity to handle up to 182 orders in just 000 hours, a daunting task for logistics. This figure was reported by the page itself, which indicated that the day of greatest demand is December 24.

Getafe Warehouse

Another of the warehouses that Amazon has in Spain is located in Getafe, and it is in a strategic position to be able to satisfy the demand of the central region of Spain. However, thanks to Amazon's expansion strategy, a second logistics center will be installed in the same region, in the Polygon of the Gavilanes.

Madrid Center

Another of the Amazon warehouses in Spain It is located in Madrid, and is designed to be able to quickly meet the demand of the urban region. Its main function is to be able to deliver popular products quickly in the region. But it is not the only store of its style in Spain, another of the warehouses made for fast customer service is the one in Barcelona.

Barcelona, ​​El Prat

Another logistics center located near Barcelona is that of Prat de Llobregat, a warehouse that is close to the Barcelona airport, and that is therefore strategically located to be able to attend to orders that have to arrive by plane. Another of the outstanding characteristics of this warehouse is that it has highly sophisticated robotic technology.

Three centers in Martilles

Others 3 logistics centers that are important to mention are hammers, whose main product is the self-employed. The next is Castellbisbal, which is a logistics center that opened its doors in 2016. And finally, we will mention Seville, the logistics center of the capital Andalusia, and this warehouse was built specifically to serve this community.

Operation of the logistics of Amazon warehouses in Spain

Speaking of a day with high demand for products through Amazon, the online platform handles approximately 35 orders per second. Which means there is a lot of work to do to ensure that the package reaches the customer in a satisfactory manner. And part of the success of the amazon logistics it is found in the automation of the various processes.

Amazon warehouses

The main theory under which it is planned Amazon logistics is that of organized chaos, a premise that indicates that it is not necessary for the articles to be organized in such a way that all the similar ones are in the same position.

By contrast, robots are in charge of organizing orders using algorithms in which the premise is that the product must be in an accessible position. The first advantage that this type of warehouse presents is that the chances of confusing the product are minimal, since it is not surrounded by similar products, but different ones.

And another advantage that the logistics system This automated process is that the robots are responsible for transporting the product from its storage location to the hands of the worker in charge of packing the product, this automated process saves approximately 1,2 kilometers of travel per worker, which would be used only for be able to find the location of the product.

Robot operation

The first point is that for this ordered chaos to exist, the software has a geolocation and tagging system, which allows knowing the exact location of each of the different products within the warehouse. And this also allows it to be known when one of these products is moving, and thus following the trajectory of the product.

Although it is a human employee who decides where the new products that arrive at the warehouse are placed, this new position must be indicated to the robot when scan the product code at the location In which it is found. In this way, when we order the product, the robot will be able to deliver it without any major problem.

Now, once the product has been placed at the point of use, the human operator will be in charge of packaging the product. This means that the package is now ready to ship. Now this is placed on a conveyor belt where other automated filters take care of classify the different packages according to their weight, size and other characteristics, to now be able to classify them by parcel company that will be in charge of taking the product to the end user.

Fulfillment from Amazon warehouses available to everyone

Amazon warehouse location

One of the topics that most interests all those who want sell your products on the Amazon platform, is that Amazon has its warehouse doors open. Thanks to this any seller can sign up for Amazon logistics and so you can send your products to their warehouses, so that when an order for this product is received, the shipment is made directly using the Amazon logistics services.

The fact that Amazon takes care of the delivery management of the products offers many advantages, among them that the customer will receive the direct attention of one of the most prepared and best equipped companies in the world.

Advantages of Amazon logistics

Another advantage of doing use of Amazon logistics is that you can get three badges that will make customers prefer the products of your store, because thanks to the badges of Prime, Powered by Amazon and Buy Box, customers will have preference to buy your products.

Another of the main advantages of making use of these Amazon logistics services, is that, by delegating logistics, you can focus on the other operations of your business, trusting that logistics is in excellent hands. In addition to offering better service to the end customer, Amazon will also manage customer service.

And as a last advantage of making use of the logistics systems with which the Amazon warehouses in Spain is that there is a flexible payment model. This means that Amazon adapts to your needs as a seller, so that there are no subscription fees, or any type of contract that commits you to make mandatory payments. Rather, it is paid according to the logistics management services that are used.

All of the above shows us why Amazon is one of the largest online stores in the world, Well, the logistical philosophies and premises allow us to offer a lot in a short time, and although the investment in development has taken a long time, without the slightest doubt it was worth it, and thanks to this it is that users can enjoy practically all the products we can imagine. , and all at the door of our homes and in the comfort of our home.

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