Advantages and disadvantages of mobile advertising in an eCommerce

Mobile advertising is that campaign whose main objective is to launch actions or programs of advertising content and that allows users to get in greater contact with the target audience. One of the factors that characterizes this advertising model is that it is eminently interactive formats that are developed through through any technological device (laptops, mobile phones, tablets or other technological instruments).

Its application is very interesting for companies in the digital sector to communicate with their customers, suppliers or other social agents. To the point that it can become a powerful tool for attract a greater number of customers or simply to sell your products, services or items. From this general perspective, it is the opportune moment to verify the advantages and disadvantages of mobile advertising in an eCommerce or electronic commerce. Because it will depend on many factors, as we can see later.

The benefits of mobile advertising in an eCommerce can be very effective if they are channeled through a well-defined commercial strategy. Where the needs of the users are taken into account, but also of the social media where the messages will appear. Where it will be necessary to take into account, according to different studies on digital marketing, that most of the consumers access a website from multiple devices and they use multiple screens sequentially.

Mobile advertising classes

Before highlighting its advantages and disadvantages, it will be necessary for you to know the types of mobile advertising that you have on hand to promote your professional activity through the Internet.

Display: these are the formats that you can include on the website on your mobile or other technological tools. With a wide range of proposals that you have at the moment, and among which the following stand out:

  • Banners.
  • videos.
  • Text links.

Without forgetting that in recent years other formats for mobile browsing have been emerging from mobiles and that require further technical development.

  • Mobile messaging: SMS and MMS. Of course, it is an advertising type that is now more outdated, but that fulfills an objective in the so-called mobile messaging.
  • Bluetooth: It is not a very technologically advanced advertising model, but at least it works through an advertising server of these characteristics.
  • advergaming: we are facing a more sophisticated system for launching advertising messages that is supported by video games and therefore will not affect your business on the Internet.

Advantages of mobile advertising in an eCommerce

Not everything is black and white in this kind of advertising. But first of all we are going to analyze the benefits that this would have on your store or virtual business. You will see that there are more than you thought from an initial approach. So that from now on you are in a position to take advantage of this trend in the development of your digital business. Knowing at all times that you will have to differentiate what mobile advertising is from what it is not. Because it will be one of the keys to developing a rational and balanced work strategy.

Immediacy: this advertising strategy gives you a greater penetration potential among the target audience. This is because technological terminals with these characteristics offer you the opportunity to instantly reach other people or companies. Much more than through conventional or traditional channels.

Social interactivity: It is not possible that through this system you can interact with the other part of the process. That is, with your clients who can also forward to their contacts or share them on social networks. If advertising is combined with social networks, the effects can be duplicated with some ease if you carry out a strategy to achieve a previously defined goal.

Return of investment: It is not only necessary to assess the commercial component of this advertising system. But also the economic one and in this sense, the cost per impact can be more profitable than through other more static advertising media. So that in this way, both commercial brands and advertisers themselves benefit. And since you yourself as the owner of a digital domain.

Other contributions of mobile advertising

In any case, there are other benefits to using this kind of advertising and that you should not forget when facing your advertising campaign. Where one of the most relevant is the one derived from the fact that you can adjust to a greater number of scenarios. Through a advertising that is less static and can even be much more attractive to your customers or users. Not surprisingly, it is a trend that has been on the rise in recent years to adapt to all technological devices. According to several marketing studies, they point out that this is an upward habit on the part of different user profiles around the world.

Another of his most relevant contributions is directly linked to the purchases themselves. Where, online purchases in the last twelve months have grown just over 40% through these devices and this is a trend that continues to grow in the last quarter of 2018. To the point of showing that e-businesses that want to remain competitive must adapt their line of business to mobile usability.

Another favorable point to opt for this advertising model resides in the fact that it is a resource that plays in favor of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the sector because they can reach their recipients at the right moment when they are going to make their decisions. . Therefore, it is a more timely advertising and closer to the user that can influence an increase in the online shopping. As in the following assessments that we expose below:

  • It is an advertisement more sensitive to be visited.
  • Su functionality  It is more than proven through several studies.
  • Se they conform to tastes and needs of the new user profiles.
  • Allows achieve the objectives in a much shorter time.

Disadvantages of mobile advertising in an eCommerce

While on the contrary, this kind of advertising brings a series of disadvantages that you need to assess from this moment to define your marketing strategy in the digital commerce or store that you own. From this general context, one of its biggest disadvantages lies in the fact that you will have to vary the management in your professional business. To the point where you even have to make some tweaks to the design to the website of your property.

But so that you have clearer notions of how this advertising model can harm you, we are going to list other negative elements of mobile betting in electronic commerce.

  • La competition is much higher and therefore you will need much more competitive content so that the audience is interested in the end.
  • La distrust by a good part of the users who want to see the product or articles before buying it online.
  • La resistance or complexity to be sold some products or articles through these channels in their marketing.
  • It may be an operation that can get more expensive if all expenses are included in its management and among which those generated by its shipment stand out.
  • It is a management model in which we will have to accept prior access to your geolocation.
  • Requires more information for its correct implementation. This is because sometimes, there are more profitable systems for one or another operating system. Because of course those coming from Android, IOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone 8 are not the same. To cite just a few examples.

The adaptation costs It is another of the brakes on mobile advertising. This can be explained for the simple reason that any campaign requires a mobile adaptation. And as a consequence of this action, a disbursement that we will have to face in our digital commerce.

In some cases, do not forget that it may be the case that limit the attention span of the user and this fact can affect a lower profitability in this class of media to generate income on the website of the online store.

As you may have seen, there are a series of lights and shadows in the application of mobile advertising in an eCommerce. You will have to put both factors on the same scale and come to the conclusion if it will be worth choosing this alternative on your website. Not in all cases there will be the same answer and everything will depend on your type of business, your objectives and the strategies to promote it from now on.

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