What is content marketing

content marketing

Within marketing there are many specialties: social networks, sales funnels, SEO positioning ... Almost all of them are connected to each other, but one that has to do with the quality of what is offered to users, or customers, is the content area. More specifically, the content marketing But what is it?

If you want to know what content marketing is, why it is important and other aspects that you should know about this specialty, then we will tell you everything.

What is content marketing

What is content marketing

Content marketing is one that makes the phrase "content is king" its main premise. And we are talking about an aspect of marketing that focuses on offer quality content with which users and target audience fall in love and make your network grow. In other words, we can say that it is a marketing technique that helps you create, publish and share content of interest to your target audience. In this way, a greater connection between users is achieved and you create a community around those contents.

What are the objectives of content marketing?

Actually, the Content marketing has not only one goal but many and varied. The main one, and by which it is best known, is because it serves to inform users about a topic, such as news on a blog, a newspaper, or even a news item in an online store.

But the truth is that it can also easily serve to increase the conversion rate. That is, through that text you could get the user to do something, such as buying a product or taking them to a link to subscribe.

In addition, not only do you establish a relationship with the public, but you allow them to send you feedback, respond to you, ask you, etc. And that reinforces the relationship with the public. That is, you will have a greater reputation and you will also make the public feel informed and advised by you.

What types of content marketing exist

Something that not many know is that content marketing is not just blogging. Do you remember what we said that all marketing specialties had a connecting link? Well, content marketing is one of them.

And it is that the contents can be in many areas:

  • On social media: because you have to convey a message that connects with the public (this is where copywriting and storytelling are most important).
  • In the infographics: Because it is not only about making a summary, but about finding the specific words to make it understandable and also connect with the public.
  • On the blogs: it is the best known and it becomes a very powerful tool. Many are of the opinion that they are no longer useful, but they are really very wrong; Yes they do, and increasingly both for SEO and to form a community if you manage to offer quality content.
  • In podcast and videos: because they need a script. Do you think that all youtubers and podcasters start talking without having a script behind them? Well, you are wrong, they have it and it is based above all on content marketing since they have to know what they are going to say, how, when ... to generate a wake-up call for the user.

What advantages does it offer

content marketing advantages

Now that you know a little more about content marketing, you may need to know what its benefits are to start applying it. Among them, we can focus on four:

Increase notoriety and your reputation

Imagine you have a human resources blog. You have studied Work Sciences and you start to write about what you know. You don't invent anything and you do it by giving users valuable information.

After time, that blog is going to become an authority, because you give the necessary, truthful and useful information, something users are looking for.

Increase organic traffic

If we continue with that example, more and more people will come to your page to read you, to inquire and even to ask you questions in private or through the comments. If you also answer them, you will be making people visit you more and that makes Google interprets that your site is important.

What do you get out of it? Improve your positioning.

Increase the link with your audience

Before we said that users can ask you questions in private, in the comments, etc. truth? Well, that is generating a link with those users. Which it involves not only that they will follow you, but that they can recommend you. And we already know that word of mouth is still as effective or even more.

Increase your database

Because the more people keep coming to your blog, if you convince them, they will surely end up subscribing, so you can send your articles to more people and that affects all of the above.

How to do content marketing

How to do content marketing

Have we convinced you? Now is when the difficult thing comes: work on content marketing. It is not an easy task, that is, it is not enough to think about a topic, write an article, publish it and that's it. To wait for them to come. It doesn't really work like that.

First of all you have to investigate. That is, based on your business, you have to know what your target audience is looking for on the Internet, or rather on Google. Only then can you create useful content for them. Note that we did not say "quality". Because even if you write a great article, if it doesn't interest anyone, it won't do any good.

Once you do the research (which usually comes into play with SEO and keywords), the next thing you need to do is jump into writing. But do not write to write, but write the best article on the Internet.

At first they will not read you. Take it on. But if you continue in that line, Google will start to show interest in you. And that has an impact on customers and users reaching your page. And they read you. And they can subscribe.

Social networks, word of mouth, relationships with other pages… all this can also help to make content marketing take off.

Is it clearer to you what content marketing is? You have doubts? Then ask us.

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