What does Twitter bring to ecommerce?

No one doubts that social networks have become a powerful weapon through which people are in contact and share news. But what some users are unaware of is that these services include supporting the interests of online stores or commerce. There are many networks that exist at the moment, and among the most relevant are  Facebook or Instagram and precisely what we are going to talk about in this article, which is Twitter.

Twitter is a social network that allows you to send plain text messages of short length, with a maximum of 280 characters (originally 140), called tweets or tweets, which are displayed on the user's home page. Users can subscribe to the tweets of other users and in any case it is a tool that can benefit the interests of a digital commerce company.

One of the reasons for using it for these purposes is that it is one of the networks with the largest number of users in the world. You can't forget that Twitter currently has an average of 300 over millions of users. This is a factor that you can take advantage of to ensure that your ecommerce penetrates a large part of society. Especially to the profile that your clients or users present through a clever commercial strategy that we are going to explain in this article.

Twitter and its relationship with digital commerce

Undoubtedly, this mass social network has become a simple, fast and direct way to reach potential consumers. In order to show your trademark, but also to spread the products, services or articles that you sell online. In this sense, the fact that the information in its contents is not as heavy as in other digital communication media can help you. To the point that users of this medium, with just a glance, can read a tweet and decide whether or not they are interested in its content. For this reason you have to take care of the information that you expose in this medium.

  • On the other hand, you cannot forget that Twitter is basically a social interaction network unlike others. Communication between users is more fluid and direct, and in this case it can benefit customer-company relationships. Through a series of characteristics that we expose you below:
  • It positions your commercial brand much better so that it is more known and valued among the general public. You can go as far as you want and that until a few years ago would have seemed really unattainable.
  • Another of his most relevant contributions is that you will be in contact with a social communication channel that is followed by many users or clients. And therefore you cannot waste its strength to reach more and more people from this very moment.

It can allow you to have a direct communication without resorting to other channels of information in what constitutes a very innovative resource that you have at hand and without costing you a single euro. So that in this way, you are in a position to optimize each of the operations or movements through this powerful and effective social network to defend your business interests within your own sector.

Know where it comes from

If you are going to use this social network to achieve your most immediate goals, you should know its peculiarities. Their actions are not the same as through other more traditional or conventional communication channels. In this sense, a little advice that can come in handy is that when you sell the products in an online store, you do not have a physical record of who the customers are since we cannot see them, so you have to make an effort to discover who they are in other ways.

Of course you should know, at least a little, what the profile of the client or user is like. To the point that it is always very practical visit other pages to see how they do it on twitter. Through the best profiles on this social network and that you can view without any problem from now on. This action can give you a fairly accurate idea of ​​what will be of interest to your followers, and it will also allow you to rescue some creative ideas used by your competition and that are working and that until now you may not have considered. Well, it is time to put this idea in motion so that the results do not take a long time.

Increase interest in your commercial brand

On the other hand, it may be that if you are new to Twitter or are looking to build an online presence, it is necessary to start by giving potential followers something with which they can feel linked to your brand. One of the best proposals basically consists of retweet interesting tweets of the best clients or users. So that in this way, you are in a position to better monitor hashtag trends and as a consequence of this action you can allow yourself to enter and appeal to potential followers through indirect interaction with them.

It is a very useful way to give visibility, not only to your commercial brand, but on the contrary and in addition to the products, services or items that you market at that precise moment. To the point that it improves the positioning since in this sense it is a process very similar to the branding of brands that in the end constantly seeks to position its brand in the minds of consumers. So that your message is much more receptive than before.

  • Another of its most frequent benefits are those that we are going to show you below so that you can value at this time if it is a good time to apply this important social network:
  • It offers you the possibility of reaching more people than through any other more conventional or traditional system.
  • It generates greater visibility than other media. In the sense that you cannot forget that Twitter is also a very important social network for Google. Remember to define your tweets with the best keywords if you want Google to index your profile and be in the top positions of the search engine. Besides, it is advisable to create ads with Twitter Ads to increase the visibility of your tweets.

Carrying out campaigns of all kinds. There is no doubt that with this social network of special relevance you will be in a position to create campaigns with great media impact. Use tools to choose the best format for your Twitter campaigns and create follow-up reports. With a very direct impact on the effects that you can create in your online store or commerce from now on.

Greater follow-up of your customers or users from that moment. All this thanks to the analytics that you can demand with the use of Twitter Analytics And that you can also consult on such important aspects, such as interaction and the number of followers. Above all, it is very useful in what refers to the medium and long term due to its favorable implications for building loyalty of a commercial brand from now on.

Increase the number of followers on a regular basis

While on the other hand, you can not forget that this social network gives us the possibility of create a network of followers of our brand. Counting on an attractive content for users, we will be able to attract a greater number of users, and achieve loyalty, creating in the end a powerful and suggestive network of followers.

But at the end of the day, these are some of the benefits that this powerful social network can offer you from now on. Although reserving some other surprises for the end, as in the following actions that we propose now.

  • You have excellent support that this social network has created for all users. You can take advantage of it without any economic cost on your part.
  • You will stay in touch with a lot more people than you initially think. Not surprisingly, this is a system that puts you in contact with many users or clients.
  • You can create your own network of followers little by little and so that the visibility of your commercial brand is increasing from all points of view.
  • Of course, information for customers requires different channels from the conventional ones and this may be one of them.

It is a service that is known all over the world and therefore you can attract more visitors from the beginning. Without wasting all the resources that it provides you for free. To the point that it will be worth importing them now.

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